What is RaiDrive?


RaiDrive is an open-source tool designed to synchronize cloud storage solutions and access them as mapped network drives. It’s compatible with popular cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive (Team Drive, Photos), while supporting lesser-known services like Backblaze and MEGA as well.

Features of Cloud Drive Manager Pro include compatibility with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and mounting multiple cloud drives simultaneously; media file playback without downloading them to local machines is also a handy feature.

It’s free

RaiDrive is a free and open source cloud storage management software. It enables you to mount supported cloud services as Windows network drives and then work with them directly in Explorer just like they were local file system drives – editing and saving files instantly, copying and moving them, etc.

Once the program has been installed, it will display a list of cloud storage services you can synchronize with. Here, you can select which service to synchronize with and click “OK”; each connected service will appear as a network drive with an icon to indicate its type.

RaiDrive can connect to major cloud storage providers like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox as well as niche services like Backblaze and MEGA. In addition to supporting WebDAV servers for WebDAV/SFTP/FTP storage solutions as well as media players that stream music or videos directly from the cloud. In addition, RaiDrive synchronizes multiple accounts from each provider, making it ideal for anyone switching between professional and personal storage needs.

It’s open-source

RaiDrive is a free and open-source cloud storage software which enables users to easily access their preferred cloud services as if they were local network drives. It’s compatible with several major cloud providers including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Wasabi Backblaze and pCloud and FTP locations as well as multiple accounts from each provider – perfect for managing professional and personal data simultaneously! Unfortunately it does not offer as many features as premium alternatives such as CloudMounter or NetDrive do, yet.

RaiDrive allows users to connect all their cloud and NAS files directly to Windows Explorer for easier use. Users can connect up to 12 separate connections to various cloud, NAS, FTP/SFTP services – more than enough for most people – which they can choose whether or not to automatically connect at startup; they can also configure other settings directly through RaiDrive’s interface, including WebDAV support as well as SSL/TLS connections for FTP/SFTP over SSL/TLS services and file formats such as WebDAV support as well. Available across Windows Mac & Linux and providing multiple accounts support without native support for multiple accounts such as OneDrive or Google Drive which do not natively support for multiple accounts simultaneously allowing access simultaneously!

It’s compatible with Google Drive

RaiDrive goes beyond compatibility with Google Drive by offering seamless synchronization across a number of other cloud storage solutions – FTP/SFTP connections as well as more mainstream services such as Dropbox/OneDrive/AWS are supported, plus real-time synchronization for real-time file management within File Explorer is offered so it’s easier for you to access and manage files.

RaiDrive stands out from its competition by being compatible with both macOS and Windows, making it ideal for anyone who needs to manage multiple accounts from the same provider at the same time. Furthermore, this lightweight app only needs minimal system resources in order to operate successfully; however, some may find its drawbacks dissuasive.

Although there are other cloud storage managers on the market, few offer RaiDrive’s ease of use and advanced features, like supporting multiple accounts from one provider or providing subscription-free trials – two factors to keep in mind when choosing a program to meet your storage needs. It may be worth your while comparing options before selecting one; there may even be cheaper alternatives which offer similar functionality at less expense.

It’s compatible with Dropbox

RaiDrive is a free program that makes mounting cloud storage solutions as mapped drives on your computer easy, providing seamless access to files and folders like any other folder on your PC. Furthermore, RaiDrive syncs your files both ways so any updates made to any file on either side are updated instantly.

This program supports several popular cloud services, such as Dropbox and OneDrive, as well as less common options such as Backblaze and MEGA. Furthermore, SFTP and WebDAV file transfer protocols are supported as well as streaming media directly from the cloud without first downloading them first.

RaiDrive boasts an excellent suite of features, however its lack of free trial and higher pricing compared to some alternatives may put off budget-minded users. Still, if you want an easy and comprehensive tool for cloud storage management, RaiDrive may be worth giving a try.

To begin using this program, just click “Add” on its window bar and choose your Dropbox account. Once connected, all of your files and folders will appear in File Explorer for easy viewing. Furthermore, multiple accounts from one provider can be selected at once; you can select whether each mount as read-only or writable based on their individual options.

It’s compatible with OneDrive

RaiDrive is a free program that makes cloud storage accounts accessible without needing to open their browser or depend on synchronization, making accessing data simpler than ever with any application. Compatible with popular cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox as well as niche options such as Backblaze and MEGA as well as WebDAV and SFTP file transfer protocols.

This intuitive program features an easy-to-use interface and connects automatically with your cloud storage service. Furthermore, if multiple users share one account, making the program read-only could save space while keeping files safe from unwanted access.

RaiDrive provides an online installer for Windows computers that is free and easily available at its website. Once downloaded, simply click “Install” to begin the installation process and open up RaiDrive directly from your desktop PC or add additional drives by selecting their cloud storage solution under “Add.”

It’s compatible with WebDAV

RaiDrive is a free program that makes accessing cloud storage solutions or NAS easy through Windows Explorer. Once the drive has been mapped, it appears as any other drive in your file manager and can easily be accessed. RaiDrive works with many popular cloud providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA Backblaze etc – plus WebDAV/SFTP too!

This program can be easily downloaded from GitHub and is user-friendly, boasting features like an attractive interface and support for various protocols – not to mention its support for Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR devices as well! With such user-friendly design and functionality make this an attractive option among computer users.

Before using RaiDrive, it’s necessary to grant it access to your account. This enables the program to read your basic profile information and sign you in automatically – you can do this by going into your Microsoft Account settings and selecting Apps and services in More privacy settings. After giving permission, RaiDrive is ready for use immediately – plus its open-source nature makes adding even more features easier in the future!

It’s compatible with SFTP

RaiDrive is an application that enables users to easily connect to multiple cloud storage and NAS devices at once, and mount each account as a network drive on the desktop computer – perfect for businesses that rely on multiple accounts for different aspects of work and personal data storage.

RaiDrive allows users to connect to multiple cloud services and NAS devices, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Backblaze, Wasabi and WebDAV as well as supporting SFTP and FTP protocols. Furthermore, this program features an intuitive user experience for added convenience.

RaiDrive stands out from the competition by being free to download and use, yet still providing comprehensive file-level security with its central management features. Furthermore, this program synchronizes files across local folders so you can access your information from any device easily.

To use RaiDrive, first create a Microsoft account and authorize its access to your profile information – this can be done by clicking “Edit” under Apps and services in More privacy settings. Once signed in, RaiDrive will display your contents as drives on Windows Explorer.

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