What is Shareaza?

Shareaza is an innovative file-sharing program, connecting to four separate Peer-to-Peer networks simultaneously and offering access to hundreds of thousands of different users all from a single program. Plus it’s completely free and spyware-free!

Shareaza stands out as an exception in that it truly delivers on its multi-network promises.


Shareaza is a free peer-to-peer (P2P) software application which enables you to easily download any type of file from popular P2P networks such as Gnutella, G2, eDonkey/eMule and BitTorrent. The software connects to four individual P2P networks for file transfer – these include Gnutella, G2, eDonkey/eMule and BitTorrent.

G2 provides support and assistance through its built-in chat client and IRC server, while its multi-network search engine increases chances of file recovery by searching all connected networks simultaneously and sharing results through G2. Furthermore, its interface has been tailored with new users in mind to keep its interface simple and intuitive.

Searching for files provides the user with information such as file size, date of creation, ratings, comments and more. Search results are displayed in the main window along with a list of users who shared this file. Furthermore, preview audio/video files before downloading them as well as delete downloaded corrupted files if necessary.

This software includes basic content filters such as forced child and adult pornographic filters that can be extended with user-defined filters. There are also options to block specific IP addresses or client names for protecting user privacy.

Redesign of Download Core Provides Intelligence

There are also many other features in this software, such as a home tab that shows all your downloaded files’ statuses, a library organizer for organizing and managing files, more stability and compatibility, power user features, an automated upgrade system and much more. Best of all – the software is completely free and does not display ads or pop-ups or install any third party products!

The software offers two user modes; the first provides an intuitive GUI that’s suitable for beginners; while its second allows advanced users to adjust various settings more freely.


Shareaza is one of the world’s leading and efficient P2P file sharing programs, used to download media files across popular network protocols like Gnutella, Edonkey/eMule and BitTorrent. Furthermore, its extensive swarming technology ensures it offers some of the fastest download speeds available; plus it detects and clears files that have been downloaded with errors to save users both time and hassle.

Shareaza utilizes four P2P networks (eDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and its own G2) to search for music, movies and other files, giving you greater selection than many other P2P programs. In addition, Shareaza has proven itself a very stable program; unlike many programs that claim multi-network capabilities without actually fulfilling them.

This program boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is well laid out. The entire design of the software focuses on speed and efficiency; one example being its size: it only takes up a minimal amount of system resources. Furthermore, there’s even an inbuilt media player so that you can preview your music or videos before downloading, as well as chat with other users! Its small footprint also makes this an attractive feature!

Once it starts up, however, you’ll be amazed by its efficiency and effectiveness. Downloads come quickly while the program offers plenty of settings and customizations. Customizable with multiple skins available if the default one doesn’t suit, this program is also extremely safe as it contains no spyware or adware. Michael Stokes, the original developer of Shareaza software, passed it onto a group of volunteers to continue its development and is completely free to use without advertisements or third party products. This makes Shareaza an excellent option for those seeking file-sharing programs without incurring unnecessary expenses while not dealing with ads or privacy concerns associated with freeware applications.


Shareaza was released for public use in 2002 with connections to Gnutella (LimeWire’s original file sharing network), eDonkey 2000, BitTorrent and a modified Gnutella2 protocol. Shareaza differs from many other p2p programs because it does not contain ads or third-party software; its interface is user-friendly with customizable skins available for selection and it also comes equipped with its own chat client and supports various media formats.

Shareaza users can connect to any of the four networks and search all four simultaneously from a single window. Furthermore, Shareaza’s hashing capability enables clients to locate sources for specific files across all networks – providing more download locations for that file than ever before!

Shareaza uses sophisticated file-hashing to avoid downloading corrupted files, giving it one of the highest download speeds among p2p clients. Furthermore, its multi-tab search functionality enables it to display multiple search results simultaneously and features a media player enabling previewing songs, movies, pictures or any other files before they’re actually downloaded.


Shareaza is an advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) software application, supporting Gnutella2, eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent network protocols. Offering rich file collections across multiple networks in one software application – Shareaza allows for seamless file sharing from various P2P networks!

This software features an easy and user-friendly interface, making it effortless to navigate. Customizable features allow it to meet almost any need; various skins can be applied and widgets made for display information in the main window such as search results, download queues or upload status.

Filters based on hash can be extended by users and help reduce the chance of downloading corrupted or digital rights managed files. Shareaza also features an IRC client for connecting with other Shareaza users via chat channels in multiple languages – these channels can be joined using a Java applet provided on its official website.

Apart from supporting various network protocols, uTorrent also comes equipped with an inbuilt media player capable of playing audio and video files. Unlike some P2P software solutions, its media player bypasses corruption to merge multiple file chunks into previewable videos without corrupting. Furthermore, its multimedia format support includes CD-quality WAV and FLAC audio formats, MPEG-4 DivX & XviD videos with various codec options and can even automatically convert incoming clips to playable formats or output them directly.

Additional important features include the ability to create playlists and search methods such as filename, size or date. Furthermore, this application manages a list of folders and subfolders to track downloaded files as well as detect duplicate files automatically remove duplicates as well as track changes made in its library.

Shareaza stands out from other P2P programs by being designed with speed and intuitive use in mind, offering a wealth of features yet rarely utilized by its users. Multilingual support, an ad-free experience, wide file support options and multi-language support make Shareaza an indispensable companion on any PC.

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