What Is Start Menu X?

Start Menu X does more than reveal hidden programs alphabetically; it also offers the option of folding groups and performing shutdown tasks or automating them via timer.

Tidy Start Menu allows you to create virtual groups (which may even convert real folder groups created within it) while this program also enables you to choose the location and size of its Start button.


Start Menu X is an alternative to Windows’ system menu that allows users to customize its appearance and functionality, offering program grouping features or simply offering an efficient way to launch programs. Ideal for professionals as well as casual users.

Example of such is creating a folder to hold all programs together so they’re easier to find and access, or resizing tiles and menu items to suit your desktop better aesthetically – right-click a tile or folder and select Resize; choose between small, medium, wide or large sizes before assigning custom backgrounds for further personalization of menu and tiles.

Another useful feature is the ability to rename groups in the All Programs view and move programs between groups, which is especially useful when you have a large list of programs to manage and organize better. Furthermore, you can easily rearrange folder contents to make them more easily accessible or remove programs you no longer use.

Resizing folder icons in the All Apps view allows you to organize apps according to their function and reduce clutter in this section. Furthermore, hidden folders that you don’t wish to see can also be hidden and assigned a default application if needed.

Pro Version allows users to resize and add tabs (if desired), as well as set background colors for menu, taskbar and action center. Resizing Start button resembling light or dark themes. Reassigning hotkeys to trigger several shutdown tasks like switch user, log off, sleep hibernate restart or lock can also be accomplished depending on settings selected; configuration files for use across devices can either be saved in JSON format for easy synchronization, or as separate files with device specific configurations saved as JSON files for each device type.


Professional users tend to have hundreds of programs installed on their computers, and require software solutions that allow them to quickly find, launch, and switch between them with minimal clicks and scrolling. Start Menu X is specifically designed to accomplish this purpose – helping users locate the required software without searching through lengthy files and folders.

This application offers many features that set it apart from the default system menu, including replacing or adding a Start button, working with shutdown timers to set automatic actions, changing system menu sizes (any scaling factor for any DPI), internal document searches and organizing favorite programs into virtual groups.

Another useful feature of the program is its capability of displaying folders alphabetically and allowing users to quickly select an application by hovering for several seconds over a particular folder. By making full use of visual memory and significantly speeding up program launching, this utility saves both time and energy when it comes to program launching.

Start Menu X provides an easy way to modify how the tool operates by providing various keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. Furthermore, this program lets you bypass the Start screen at startup, disable Windows key/Shift keys as well as hot corners in one fell swoop, as well as many more features.

Additionally, this program features a custom functions and scripts configuration section in which you can set up various custom functions and scripts – for instance sending text messages when pressing Win key or shortcut key is simple! In addition, its built-in timer lets you set periodic notifications regarding battery charge level or PC shutdown date/time.

Start Menu X is an invaluable program that can help users boost their productivity. Packed with useful features and an engaging interface, it stands as a viable alternative to the default system menu.


Users who take pride in customizing their menu will find this an easy and straightforward solution to ensure that their preferences will remain intact in case they need to reinstall Windows or their account becomes compromised. By creating a backup file, they can restore their menu’s original settings easily.

Although Windows 10’s revamp of its Start menu offers greater flexibility than in earlier versions, some features remain missing, such as being able to pin modern app live tiles directly. To get around this limitation, some users have devised an ingenious workaround by creating a folder on the desktop with a file named to correspond with user preference which can later be retrieved later from its location – all without altering their OS version or build. This method works across all versions and builds of Windows so users can maintain their Start menu preferences regardless of which version or build they’re running.

However, this process can be time-consuming and error prone when managing multiple computers or changing users. To make things simpler and more straightforward when dealing with Windows 10, there is now an easier and more straightforward solution – Start Menu X by OrdinarySoft available free for download from Sordum website is an easier and more streamlined way of backing up and restoring Start menu in Windows 10. With its user-friendly interface it makes the entire process as painless as possible.

The program offers an impressive array of customization options to meet every user’s individual needs, from adding or removing folders and applications to completely changing its structure and adding tabs (Pro version only). Users can select whether to view all system folders or just a subset; change their sizes/positions; add an eye-pleasing search field; enable or disable keyboard shortcuts, among other customizations.

To return the Classic Start menu and prevent potential sources of confusion and distraction, the right side can be removed entirely from the menu by using this app’s option to toggle right side off completely. Furthermore, users have additional links beyond basic Shutdown, Restart, Sleep commands that allow them to create custom commands such as “Restart in two hours” or “Lock my PC” (“Shutdown and Lock” in earlier versions of Windows). Below is a full list of options and configuration available within this application.

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