What Is Telegram?


Telegram is a free messaging and voice call app with an emphasis on security, privacy and customization that has become popular with a range of groups – such as marginalized populations and political activists.

Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the same brothers responsible for creating VK in Russia, created it out of concerns over government spying on social networks.

It’s free

Telegram is a free messaging and voice calling app with many useful features, such as supporting multiple platforms and allowing users to create groups of up to 200,000 members; sharing files of any type; end-to-end encryption for chats except group voice calls which do not. Furthermore, this application provides delete messages sent by other users across devices.

To use Telegram, first create an account with username and password – you can do this either through its website or app itself. Having done that, you can begin sending messages and making audio or video calls – even adding bots for an enhanced experience! You can upload photos directly from your camera/gallery, customize wallpaper to personalize the experience further still!

Edit a message after sending it if necessary – for instance if an accidental message went to an incorrect person or you have changed your mind about what has been written. Simply long press any message you’ve written and select “Edit.” Additionally, editing your own avatar adds another nice feature.

Telegram features include the ability to pin messages and search words/phrases using hashtags, as well as a download manager which lets you view all your downloaded files and manage them, including pausing or prioritizing a file before downloading, as well as choosing where you would like it stored. Additionally, you have access to select where your downloaded files should go to be saved on the phone.

Apps such as WhatsApp are often used by conspiracy theorists and hate groups as a platform to organize. While WhatsApp can provide excellent messaging services, some might prefer not using it to discuss politics or sensitive material.

It’s secure

Telegram is one of the most acclaimed messaging apps for smartphones, offering group chats with up to 200,000 participants and video calls with 1,000 people at once. Customizable options like night mode, emojis and colors can easily be applied by groups, channels or private chats as notifications can also be easily customized easily for each group or channel – in addition to supporting bots for bot-powered messaging as well as custom sticker creation capabilities.

Telegram may have a great reputation for security, yet its shortcomings remain undisputable. Technology experts have pointed out that its encryption method remains untested and insecure; furthermore, many interactions on Telegram other than secret chats do not use end-to-end encryption (E2EE), meaning anyone with access to its server could read users’ conversations.

Telegram’s functionality also presents potential security concerns when users create and join bots that read messages and respond automatically, collect user information or process payments for businesses. Although these features add another level of convenience and efficiency, misuse could present security threats.

Telegram remains an ideal option for those seeking greater privacy while sending messages, as you can take extra measures to protect both privacy and security, such as setting two-factor authentication (2FA). You can achieve this by clicking Menu then Settings before going into Privacy and Security tab and turning Two Step Verification ON (by going Menu, selecting Settings then Privacy & Security Tab then Two-Step Verification ON).

Telegram’s encryption and other security measures have made it vulnerable to numerous cyber attacks that result in data breaches and can result in unwarranted access to user’s accounts. Terrorists and extremists also utilize Telegram for communicating among themselves and encouraging violence; on some occasions Telegram has even given user data over to authorities.

Another major concern with Telegram is that it stores user data such as IP addresses and device details for up to one year; their privacy policy states this as essential for proper functioning of their service.

It’s easy to use

Telegram is a messaging app with an emphasis on privacy. Through encryption and cloud technology, all your messages remain safe from prying eyes – you alone have access to them! In addition to secure messaging capabilities, this user-friendly messaging platform also features the capability of sending and receiving large files – ideal for personal as well as professional use alike! Its user-friendly interface makes Telegram an accessible option even for newcomers.

End-to-end encryption, its signature feature, is designed to keep outsiders from hearing your conversations without permission from both participants. This provides protection from governments, hackers and others trying to listen in on conversations that occur between you and someone else. Other security features include file sharing for up to 200,000 people at once as well as being able to find contacts by username. You can even share photos and videos of any size or type.

As soon as you first use Telegram, it collects basic contact details – including your name, email address and phone number – stored on your phone. Telegram uses this data to notify you when one of your contacts begins using its services as well as display their names within its app; it does not share this data with third-parties.

While data is collected and stored on servers globally, its encryption keys are strategically distributed among multiple jurisdictions – making it more difficult for governments to force Telegram to hand over your information; although, this doesn’t make the system completely foolproof as access may still be possible in some circumstances.

Telegram stands out from its competition in several ways, yet lacks features found in other messaging apps such as being unable to use different phone numbers when signing up and being unable to delete accounts as easily when not needed, unlike some apps do. Telegram offers many features that set it apart, yet has some notable gaps compared to its competition – for example not allowing multiple phone numbers when signing up is an inconvenience for many users, or being unable to delete your account when no longer needed when ceasing its usage is another drawback when using it as opposed to similar apps that do allow this capability – however.

One unique aspect of DocuSign is the ability to organize various topics into folders for easier organization and sifting through them when working in teams. Another cool feature is adding animated stickers directly onto images and videos by tapping on the sticker icon; just be aware that any media converted into GIFs might suffer quality losses in conversion.

It’s customizable

Telegram stands out from other messaging apps with its range of features that set it apart, from instant messaging and file sending/sharing, audio/video calling, group chats/broadcast channels for large audiences as well as private connection encryption with E2E encryption ensuring messages stay safe while its ease of use and customization with themes make Telegram an appealing messaging app choice.

Slow Mode is another convenient feature that lets admins limit how often each member can post in an interval, helping to prevent spam and keep discussions flowing smoothly. To activate it, go into the group settings and select “Slow Mode”.

Telegram’s latest update brings customizable wallpaper options into individual chats. Choose an image from your gallery or upload your own. Adjust text size and the color theme according to your personal preferences – or share your theme with other users!

Telegram now features a video editor to allow users to edit videos before sending them, offering tools that allow you to adjust colors, contrast, saturation and exposure before blurring or dimming and adding an RGB curve if needed. It’s an invaluable asset for anyone needing more control of their images!

Another useful feature is Telegram’s ability to let users erase messages sent by other people, across all devices. While some may consider this controversial, it provides a handy way of keeping communications private and is particularly beneficial if using group chats or communicating with someone who uses Telegram more than you.

If you’re looking to customize Telegram further, its new feature set makes it easier than ever. Some key upgrades include an improved interface for creating groups without adding members; reduced taps needed to initiate Send When Online; improved animation when sliding into dynamic islands on iPhones; as well as the ability to keep an eye on active sessions across both Android and iOS.

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