What is the Kindle App?

Kindle App

Amazon’s Kindle App is an ebook reader designed for all devices – it works on PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones alike and can be easily downloaded for free on Windows, macOS or Linux computers, or mobile phones running Android OS or iOS OS.

Download books directly into the Kindle App and they’ll remain stored in your library even when offline. Plus, you can organize them into Collections!


The Kindle App enables any Android phone or tablet to become an ebook reader, offering many of the same features found in Amazon ereaders such as Whispersync technology that saves and syncs reading across devices. You can find new books to read via Amazon’s storefront located just one tap away on your home screen; in addition, keep track of progress while discussing it with friends using Goodreads community built right into the app itself.

As soon as you open the Kindle app, the first thing you’ll notice is its new minimalist home page with larger book covers that make browsing your collection simpler. Furthermore, new features have been introduced such as adding and managing collections; unlike folders, collections allow for greater organization by author, title or download date as well as keeping track of what book you are currently reading so it is easier to locate later.

Once you start reading with the Kindle App, simply swipe your finger across your fingerpad to turn pages. A menu at the top of your screen allows you to control basic elements such as font size, brightness, margins and Sephia mode (black background with white font to reduce eye strain), along with other features like X-Ray which lets you see inside books and Word Wise which gives short definitions as you read along.

The Kindle App can also be used to read PDF and DOC files, although its flexibility is more limited than with mobi files. Still, its convenience makes it ideal for those who have numerous documents they’d like to read but don’t wish to download all at once. You can use Send to Kindle to send documents directly into the cloud where they can then be accessed either through their Kindle device or app later. In addition to documents being stored there’s also bookmarks and notes storage so you never lose your spot when coming back into a chapter or section again!


Kindle series e-readers and the Kindle App allow users to easily browse, purchase, download and read digital books, magazines and newspapers on tablets, phones, computers and Amazon’s Echo home device. Android, iOS, Windows devices as well as Apple iPhones and iPads can use the Kindle App, while subscription to Kindle Unlimited (Amazon’s book subscription service) will allow accessing content through Amazon’s store or subscription services such as Kindle Unlimited are supported as well.

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon subscription program offering access to over 3 Million titles, including bestsellers and popular series. In addition, Audible books and magazine subscriptions are also included as part of this subscription service. However, unlike Spotify or Netflix subscription services that may only be accessible from an Amazon account via an app like the Kindle Fire or Keyboard are no longer eligible for use with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon often provides discounts for longer subscription terms; keep an eye out for deals! While some may confuse Kindle Unlimited with Prime Membership, which does include some Kindle books as part of Prime Reading program rather than through Kindle Unlimited.

Comparable to purchasing the same number of ebook best-sellers at retail prices, Kindle Unlimited can save customers over $120 annually; actual savings depend on individual book costs and other factors.

In addition to e-books, the Kindle App also allows customers to purchase and read digital comics and magazines. Even with these newer features, its main draw is still reading books: its QWERTY keyboard supports handwriting recognition while the touchscreen touchscreen Kindle Touch model has one as well as Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity and supports Amazon Store as well as Wikipedia; experimental Web browsing can only be done over Wi-Fi connectivity.

Amazon began offering special pricing on the Kindle App as an incentive to new users in late 2013. They have also integrated Kindle Unlimited into their Prime subscription plan to give members access to even more titles without an additional subscription cost.

Downloading books

Kindle is high-end software designed to let you access Amazon ebooks on many different devices, from computers and tablets, all the way up to smartphones. You can even use it with books from other sources as long as they conform to one of its formats (AZW or MOBI). This app makes for an excellent alternative to spending hundreds on dedicated ereaders since it works across devices for free download!

Once you’ve downloaded the Kindle app, you can immediately begin reading books stored in the cloud – making them easy to locate even when offline. Plus, there’s even an option to get a free sample before deciding whether or not to purchase one! Simply look out for editions displaying a “Read for $0.00” button!

Save articles to the Kindle app for reading without distracting features like social media sharing panels and banners, making this feature particularly helpful when reading lengthy articles on-the-go or when time does not permit completion at once.

While reading an e-book on your Kindle app, use the Notes and Highlights buttons to mark pages as you read. Your notes and highlights can then be annotated via web browser when tapping on the notebook icon in the top row – the app then automatically uploads all your annotated highlights and notes into its central repository which can be found under Library in the app.

To transfer books from PC or Mac devices, log into your Amazon account and hover your cursor over your account name (don’t click it), revealing a drop-down menu with various content options; choose “Content & Devices,” then “Kindle Compatible Files,” where a list of recently uploaded Kindle-compatible files should appear – right-click any cover image and choose ‘More Actions” before “Download and Transfer via USB.”


If you are having issues with the Kindle App, there are various strategies for troubleshooting available to you. Restarting your device often resolves minor bugs. If that does not work, reinstalling may help clear any lingering problems; otherwise you can contact Amazon support to assist in solving the issue.

Kindle is an internet-based mobile application, meaning it depends on a consistent connection in order to function optimally. If your connection becomes unstable, the app may take longer to open or may even refuse to start at all; you could try switching networks or wifi hotspots as this may provide additional relief.

One possible cause of the Kindle App not working could be limited storage space on your phone, which in turn affects other apps and its overall performance. You could try deleting certain applications to free up space, or use an uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller to clear away all files associated with the Kindle App and allow a fresh start for it.

Other causes for the nonfunctioning Kindle App include corrupted cache data or an outdated version of the application, both of which can affect any digital device and can usually be fixed by updating to a more recent software version.

Undergoing a hard reset on your Kindle may help to address some issues, but should only be performed with care and caution. As this process will erase your Amazon account information, only do it if nothing else has worked and all personal data must be erased from it completely. Furthermore, consult a professional before performing this procedure as it could damage the device further.

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