What Is Uninstall Tool?

Uninstall Tool was designed to surpass Windows’ native uninstaller in terms of providing complete app removal. Furthermore, its startup manager helps manage which programs load at system startup in order to enhance PC performance and boot time.

CleanUp Software removes remnant files by running the uninstaller that comes with each application and then searching the computer for leftovers. It can even analyze incomplete uninstallations to detect any traces left behind.


This program does a better job at uninstalling software than Windows’ Add/Remove Programs, removing more leftover files, registry entries, and remnants than its built-in uninstaller does. Furthermore, it includes a startup manager so you can control which programs start up when your system does so it is an invaluable asset for anyone who often installs or uninstalls programs. It’s an invaluable asset for anyone who regularly adds and removes programs.

CCleaner is best-known as a free system cleaner and junk file removal program, but it also does an outstanding job at uninstalling software. You can use its search and delete features to track down and delete association files and registry entries related to programs before using its Quiet Uninstall option to completely erase them without showing a user interface.

Another useful feature of this program is its capability of tracking software installations (i.e., recording which files were added, modified, or deleted during installation), so when uninstalling programs later all changes can be reversed; thus allowing you to completely uninstall them from your system and recover any disk space lost due to their installation.

Search and delete files or folders associated with a software, change its uninstall path, rename its display name or registry key as needed and even create a backup of the Registry before making changes – especially helpful if you regularly install and uninstall software! – and even create backup copies before making any adjustments – ideal for users who frequently switch between software titles!

Finally, this software can help perform bulk program uninstalls by scanning for applications not listed in Windows Registry and deleting their associated files, shortcuts, COM objects, and registry keys. There is also an option to force uninstall an individual program even if its signature uninstaller doesn’t detect it; all while being fully portable and less than 50KB in size. You can use it on any PC running any version of Windows from 11 through 98 without issue; plus it even deletes Windows updates – making for an excellent and useful software!


Most software comes with its own uninstaller file to detect and delete all traces left by a new application or game upon installation. Unfortunately, however, some programs do not create their own uninstallers and cannot be deleted using Windows’ Add/Remove Programs utility; therefore, 3rd party products such as Uninstall Manager could help uninstall such programs more efficiently.

The Uninstaller Utility in this package provides a straightforward means of uninstalling programs and games on PCs, including Microsoft Store apps (also known as Universal Windows Platform apps or Metro apps) as well as old versions of Java that may threaten system stability.

When running this tool, it automatically scans for existing installations on your system and displays them with an icon in the Apps list. It also displays how many traces were left behind after each installation process was completed; from here you can select one or more items and click ‘Uninstall Traces of Selected Items’ to begin uninstalling it; notification will be given once complete. If a program depends upon other programs to function, these dependencies are displayed so you can choose whether or not to uninstall them as well.

Clean Up Program is a small, free utility designed to remove software leftovers from your PC. With it you can uninstall both regular programs and Windows updates as well as any traces left by other uninstall utilities, manage startup programs, delete files and modify Registry easily – portable software compatible with all versions of Windows from 11 through 98!

Another small and free software application available as a ZIP archive that’s very straightforward and straightforward is Easy Uninstall, an intuitive uninstallation program that comes complete with various uninstallation features like force uninstallation, scanning for leftover files to delete as well as system restore points. Furthermore, this program monitors changes made during program installations before re-analyzing your system to detect obsolete or invalid entries that couldn’t be removed with other methods.


Most applications come equipped with built-in uninstallers to remove them from your system, yet some programs fail to fully uninstall themselves, leaving behind leftover files, registry entries or other remnants that could negatively impact system performance and even lead to instability or security concerns. Uninstall Tool is a reliable program designed specifically to eliminate these unnecessary software components from your PC.

Uninstall Tool features an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for anyone to work with it. Users can sort installed programs based on various criteria, view details about each tool installed, monitor changes to the registry and view a list of programs started at startup time – as well as create policy patches to protect networks against unauthorised software installation.

The program is free to download and use; however, for optimal results it should be installed into a write-protected location such as C:Program Files on Windows or /usr/local/bin on macOS as it requires elevated permission in order to uninstall.NET SDKs and runtimes.

An advanced uninstalling engine is integrated into this program to identify and delete all traces of an application you select. It can scan both file system and Registry to search for and remove any associated files, shortcuts, COM objects or other elements belonging to it; additionally it can delete its entry from startup lists along with associated startup items.

The tool offers various additional features, including a trace mode to monitor processes and files created by selected programs, the ability to detect and remove unnecessary Registry entries that no longer apply, cleaning up startup lists and optimizing registry for improved system stability and performance, among many others.

IObit Uninstaller 13 supports multiple simultaneous uninstallation of programs – especially useful when dealing with bundleware programs. Furthermore, IObit Uninstaller 13 automatically updates itself so as to remain stable and functional – meaning faster computer performance and lighter computer weight with every removal! It supports Windows 10, supports Microsoft updates automatically to maintain stability as well as its automatic update mechanism for program stability. IObit Uninstaller can quickly uninstall unwanted applications with all associated files quickly to ensure a faster computer experience!


The Program Install Uninstall Troubleshooter is an automated utility that runs whenever you try to install or uninstall programs in Windows 11 and 10. It helps identify issues preventing software from installing or updating, or prevent programs from being uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs (formerly Programs and Features) in Control Panel. In order to use it effectively, however, you must log on as an administrator with administrative privileges on both machines being troubled; you can save this troubleshooter onto a USB flash drive or CD and then run it when in trouble on either machine experiencing difficulties.

Microsoft provides an online troubleshooter tool. After downloading it, users must agree to its terms of use before clicking “OK.” When opening it up, a page checks your Java version and may ask you if you want to update it; alternatively, download and run it under an administrator account on an additional computer before transferring back over.

Once you agree to the terms and click OK, the tool will begin its analysis of your computer. When complete, it will provide you with a list of repairs you can perform before selecting one that applies specifically to your situation and clicking next. After performing the repair it will then perform it and display a report once complete.

As part of the repair process, this tool will create a backup copy of your registry and other system files; should any repairs fail during this attempt, these backup copies can be restored from within Windows Explorer or via FTP. When finished with its repairs, this tool will reanalyze your computer to determine any necessary additional repairs that might need to be performed and will recheck for potential problems after performing them again.

After performing some repairs, the tool will report that it can uninstall or update a program successfully. If it was unable to identify the cause of any issue it will give feedback on and close out of it. For additional details click “View Detailed Information,” this will open a separate window with more detailed information regarding your issue and may help when reaching out for Adobe technical support assistance with it.

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