What Is Uninstall Tool?

Uninstall Tool is a free program that makes uninstalling programs from your computer quick and painless, as well as finding any remaining files or registry entries that Microsoft’s Add/Remove Programs tool may have missed.

This portable program is both fast and light; you can even sort programs by size! Plus, you can manage apps that start up automatically on the system startup.


Most applications come bundled with their own uninstall tools to facilitate users in uninstalling them from a computer. Running this tool typically launches a wizard that leads you through the removal process. Unfortunately, these built-in uninstallers often leave behind traces that must be manually cleaned up using other means – typically through system registry entries created when installing or updating software, running applications or simply starting up your PC.

Many programs feature standalone installers to make installation or updating simpler and offer similar functionality as their built-in uninstallers. When these fail, these dedicated installers may also be used manually for removal; however, this may take more time and manual input from you than usual.

ZSoft Uninstaller, for instance, is capable of uninstalling programs from Windows computers by scanning for lingering files and registry entries that the built-in uninstallers couldn’t locate. Furthermore, this tool helps improve operating systems by clearing away unnecessary files, folders and duplicated data – as well as optimizing Windows startup procedures – for an optimal system experience. As it’s portable and less than 50 KB in size it is suitable for use across a range of versions from the most modern to older systems alike.

Geek Uninstaller is another free program that makes for fast and straightforward uninstallation of programs from an operating system. Its user-friendly interface is modern yet clean, allowing it to run seamlessly on Windows from XP to Vista versions alike. Geek Uninstaller can forcefully delete programs while clearing away their remnants, manage startup procedures, display hidden applications for deletion, create multi-column lists of installed software installations and export their contents as a text file – among many other capabilities!

Microsoft’s Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter may also help. Simply launching this tool through a web browser on your computer opens a wizard that identifies and helps fix the program that’s causing issues.

Installation Tracing

Uninstall Tool features an intuitive, modern user interface that makes it simple and straightforward for anyone to use and understand. Its tracing feature can help monitor any program installation on your system by taking snapshots before and after program installation to help Uninstall Tool recognize all files, folders and registry entries associated with each program in question and remove them efficiently.

Beginning the tracing process can be accomplished either by selecting an installation file from a list or by launching the installer itself. Our software will monitor program installation, and when complete a Revo AppBar will appear either horizontally at the top of your screen or as a small, floating window. When finished tracing is complete you can stop logging by clicking on its floppy disk icon within either Revo AppBar or Trace Programs module and close or discontinue program/log monitoring altogether.

If you want to use the Tracing feature, make sure you do not launch any additional programs during its execution, as they could interfere with its effectiveness. Also avoid restarting your computer during tracing; if prompted during installation of a program to reboot, decline that request as this can cause your tracing data loss and result in its collapse.

IObit’s Wise Program Uninstaller is an efficient and speedy uninstallation program with several handy features. The deep scan mode searches for leftover files such as broken shortcuts or caches created during program updates; programs left traces in browser extensions/plugins may also be found here; it even includes a shredder for purging junk files and startup management capabilities to choose which programs start running as soon as Windows boots up!

This free application provides an effective alternative to Microsoft’s Add/Remove Programs applet, working faster and featuring several useful features not found within their tools, including quick sorting functions, an integrated search utility and automatic backup option for program registry backup. Furthermore, this tool can uninstall stubborn installations of America Online such as its Toolbar, Companion and Update Utility as well as other programs which leave behind unwanted traces on your PC.

Leftovers Removal

Installing software on a Windows computer leaves behind files, folders, and registry entries that you no longer require after uninstalling it. These unused leftover files can take up valuable hard drive space, reduce system performance, or cause errors; fortunately, there are multiple methods for completely eliminating software leftovers.

One approach to uninstalling software involves using a special tool which scans for and deletes files, folders and registry entries associated with the program you uninstalled. Another strategy involves manually scanning and cleaning system folders (Program Files, AppData and Temp) as well as the Windows Registry to remove software remnants. When doing either approach it is recommended that a backup copy be created before attempting this method; doing this could protect against damage due to accidentally deleting an entry or key from being accidentally deleted from it.

Uninstall Tool will protect you from leaving behind any traces of unneeded programs by conducting a deep scan for leftover items across both your system file structure and Windows Registry. Furthermore, it offers real-time monitoring to make sure new installations are successfully removed completely and permanently.

If you’re having difficulty uninstalling any program using the standard uninstaller, Forced Uninstall may be your answer. A window will appear where you can enter a program name or point to files/folders related to it before searching both built-in uninstallers of said application and for logs created by it.

Make it a habit to clear out program remnants regularly on your Windows computer to ensure it remains running efficiently and smoothly. For optimal results, perform a complete system backup prior to uninstalling using Uninstall Tool or any other uninstaller to ensure you don’t lose any files or settings that you may require; alternatively if unsure how, seek advice from an expert for assistance.


If a program will not uninstall using Windows’ built-in methods, using an uninstallation tool like Uninstall Tool could help solve your issues. Uninstall Tool performs a deep scan to identify files and registry entries left by an uninstalled program and deletes them, often fixing any outstanding issues with uninstallation.

This tool features an easy and user-friendly user interface, making it an excellent replacement for the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs applet. Furthermore, it boasts features not found in its counterpart, as well as being an advanced forced uninstaller that works significantly faster. In fact, it can remove applications which were missed by standard uninstallation and track installation of new programs, so any remnants are easily deleted once installed on your system.

The program comes equipped with other useful tools, including a startup manager to keep an eye on which programs start up automatically with Windows, cleaning and optimizing your computer for improved efficiency, as well as detecting or fixing missing or corrupted Windows updates which might cause system issues; also finding and uninstalling duplicate files as well as deleting temporary ones that you no longer require.

Additionally, it can help clean out files and folders that have become inactive on your computer, freeing up space for more important applications while making navigation simpler. Furthermore, managing and controlling applications provides another great way of keeping desktop clutter-free.

The program is free to download and use, though the Pro version offers additional tools. These include a system analyzer to locate and delete unwanted files as well as performing deep scans that locate those no longer in use; malware removal tools; registry cleaner for protecting and cleaning up Registry from corruption; monitoring for changes on system as well as alerting when critical ones need to be made – plus monitoring system changes themselves so as not to miss critical changes that need attention; plus an AV cleaner and antivirus tool all combined into one!

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