What is Unlocker?


Unlocker is an application designed to assist Windows PC users in moving, deleting, and renaming files on their machines as well as stopping processes which might cause their computers to freeze.

When encountering the “Access Denied File in Use” error while trying to delete or move a file, this software by Cedrick “Nitch” Collomb can help. Compatible with most versions of Windows, this program works very effectively.

Free to download

Unlocker is a free utility designed to remove file locking protections and make them available for deletion, renaming and moving. Additionally, it terminates processes using any given file, making it easier to get rid of malware files that have proven difficult to delete otherwise. Developed by French programmer Cedrick ‘Nitch’ Collomb this application features a user-friendly interface designed to work alongside Windows Explorer as well as programs blocking access to specific files.

Unlocker is easy to install and compatible with all versions of Windows. However, during its setup process it attempts to lure you in by offering to install Wajam (a toolbar unrelated to Unlocker). We strongly advise declining this offer unless you are willing to allow such items on your computer.

Once installed, this tool will make its way into your primary right-click menu and can be used whenever a file that can’t be deleted due to error messages such as “cannot delete folder: It is being used by another person or program” becomes inaccessible due to another person accessing it or another program relying upon it. Simply choose from its list to unlock it so it can be renamed or moved as necessary.

Unlocker is a straightforward user interface program with impressively efficient results. Once you access its primary menu, Unlocker makes quick work of unlocking all your file rebels quickly. For faster results, batch mode may also be employed by running it in multiple instances simultaneously.

No one needs this utility on an everyday basis, but it can be invaluable in an emergency file manipulation situation. Fast, safe and user-friendly – download for free either from CNET or directly from its developer! Just watch out for any offers of additional toolbars or junkware as this is how many websites and software companies make their money these days.

Simple to use

Unlocker is a free program developed by French programmer Cedrick ‘Nitch” Collomb and designed to identify and disable locking protection in files on Microsoft Windows computers. Additionally, Unlocker terminates processes using files, forcing them out so you can delete, rename or move them as you please. Unlocker’s simple and efficient interface make it an excellent tool that almost every person will eventually require for at least some purpose; its quick action allowing access to locked files quickly.

This program is easy and straightforward, not requiring any additional software to use. Once launched, it scans all hard drive locations for locked files that could be in use by processes locked onto them, providing information needed for deletion, renaming or moving as well as disabling folder locks allowing access to all their contents without issues.

Unlocker Assistant is another program like Unlocker Manager that sits in your system tray bar and automatically launches when you try to delete or rename files that have been locked by some process. It can also help unlock screen locks and FRP on Samsung devices – and provides a free trial before you commit to buying its full version.

This tool stands out because of how quickly it works – in just a few clicks! Very user-friendly, this program works seamlessly with Android phones of all varieties – from Samsung FRP lock bypassing to Google verification bypass and more! Available both for PCs and Macs alike with free trials available so that you can test out before purchasing its full version.

This tool can even assist in unlocking Sony Ericsson devices, and works across most mobile operating systems. It’s fast and reliable; even if you forget your password it can unlock it – plus if the phone screen has become damaged it may still unlock it for use!

Works with all versions of Windows

When trying to delete, move, or rename files on a Windows computer, error messages with “Cannot delete file: It is being used by another program” may appear. This problem arises when an application locks the file so only one person at a time can manipulate it at the same time. Unlocker is an easy solution which unlocks files to prevent error messages from popping up – use this simple software application today to keep files unlocked!

Unlocker is a free program available for Windows computers to download and use. You can use it to unlock any file on your system without error messages popping up when trying to modify them; plus it shows which processes are hogging up space allowing you to kill or unload them as necessary.

Simple File Unlock is designed for users of all experience levels and comes equipped with an intuitive user interface for fast, convenient unlocking of files. Furthermore, its Windows Explorer context menu integration further simplifies use. Whether it be to unlock any folder on your system or even stubborn files which refuse to delete; Simple File Unlock makes the task of unlocking quick and convenient.

However, Unlocker should only be used by experienced users as it could pose potential threats to your operating system. Furthermore, running it in safe mode and backing up data prior to using this tool are strongly advised. Furthermore, remember that uninstalling Unlocker from your PC could leave behind registry entries; so a professional should handle this task if at all possible.

Some users may find the software slow in unlocking and locking files, but it remains an excellent way to solve error messages that appear when trying to access locked files on Windows computers. Plus, its simplicity makes it ideal for beginners – no need for extra hardware or drivers, plus an user-friendly interface make this tool suitable.

No installation required

Unlocker is a free program designed to unlock files on your PC in order to move, rename or delete them without using Windows’ default file locking technology. Simply right click any file you’d like to delete and select “Unlocker”. Unlocker will go straight to work to remove it without any further input from you!

Cedrick Collomb created The Unlocker program to address a vexing Windows problem: during program execution, Windows may lock files to protect their integrity from being altered; this process should stop corrupted files from becoming accessible to users; but, occasionally a bug in a program could leave behind an open lock after stopping using it – leaving behind stubborn files on your hard drive that refuse to go away!

Unlocker stands out among similar programs by killing multiple processes simultaneously and supporting all applications instead of only supporting certain ones, making it an ideal tool for killing malware, fixing startup issues and clearing out unnecessary junk from a system.

Unlocker stands out as an extremely handy utility because it can be easily accessed from any file or folder’s context menu, making it accessible in case errors arise and saving you from having to restart your computer for resolution. Furthermore, its quick execution doesn’t consume excessive memory usage, enabling its use on different types of computers.

Safe to use, as long as no system-critical processes are accidentally killed, this lightweight program makes a great alternative to more feature-laden programs like 12Ghosts Wash which may become unstable over time. Furthermore, you can use it to kill processes not currently in use or close unnecessary tabs on browser windows.

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