What is Viber?

Viber stands out from other instant messaging applications by using your phone number as its account identifier, making the app compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

The app stands out from its competition by offering many unique features: stickers, public chats, self-destructing messages and end-to-end encryption. Access these functions through the meatball menu at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Free voice and video calls

Each month, hundreds of millions of people connect with family and friends through Viber for messaging, voice calls and video calls at high quality. All one-on-one chats and personal calls as well as group conversations are protected with built-in end-to-end encryption technology for maximum privacy and protection. Viber calls and messages can be made free of charge; however calling abroad may incur data charges depending on your mobile operator plan.

Viber stands out from competing messaging apps by not requiring its users to register with a phone number of their own and only asking permission to access your contacts. Viber scans your contact list and highlights anyone using Viber, adding a small icon next to their name as it detects people using Viber itself and showing the total calls, texts and media exchanged between each contact and yourself.

Viber provides more than just calls and chats; its feature set also includes stickers, multimedia sharing, group chats, communities and direct marketing. Available on iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux with access via the internet; Viber is operated by Rakuten Inc of Japan with headquarters located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

Once you download and install Viber on your mobile device, your contact lists will automatically sync up with it and allow the app to view them all. Adding new people is just a matter of granting it permission to view them and scanning their Viber username or QR code – no hassle needed! For those whose friends haven’t installed yet, inviting them can be done via text or direct link and their invitation will appear on their home screens once downloaded.

Once you click on a contact’s name, the option for free calling will appear. To initiate voice or video calling from this list of contacts, either tap their image or phone icon; alternatively you can minimize call screen by dragging it towards a corner of your screen using your finger; to return full screen mode simply open app again from home screen.

Viber stands out among mobile VoIP solutions by allowing its users to make free calls between Viber users. Furthermore, you can call those outside your own circle via Viber Out at $5.99/month; unfortunately it cannot reach landlines or mobile phones that don’t support VoIP technology.

Free text messaging

Viber, the free messaging and calling app, boasts all of the hallmark features of instant messenger: with over one billion global users worldwide, voice and video calls, stickers, group chats and end-to-end encryption. Its home screen lists all active conversations so it is simple to click through to whatever conversation interests you or to start one yourself.

Viber also offers text messaging features to keep in touch with friends and family members (such as parents). This is a great way of staying in contact and staying informed.

Viber’s broadcast list feature allows you to easily send out updates and reminders to multiple recipients at once, as well as spread specific messages to as many customers as possible.

As with other popular messaging apps, all your one-on-one chats with Viber users are encrypted by default, meaning your messages will be transmitted as encrypted text that the other phone translates to plain text – making Viber an excellent choice for sending sensitive information such as passwords securely to someone you trust.

Viber goes beyond simply encrypting texts by also deleting your messages once read, so no one else can view your conversations from before. Furthermore, individual messages can even be set with self-destruct timers so they automatically delete after a specified amount of time – or you can choose to hide them entirely from your list.

Viber’s security protocols are robust, and they strive to continuously enhance them. Viber can identify and patch vulnerabilities as soon as they appear, working with external parties to help pinpoint any possible exploits before they can be exploited by third-parties. Furthermore, they do not share their backend systems for spam detection, community moderation or language translation with anyone (they believe sharing would be counter-productive).

LiveAgent integrates seamlessly with Viber to let you view all incoming messages at one place and track agent performance and customer satisfaction in real time.

Free media messages

Viber stands out from other instant messaging apps by using your mobile phone number as its unique identity. It has amassed billions of users worldwide and its software runs on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Available for free software application use worldwide with features including voice calls and videos calls for free, text messages, stickers social channels communities as well as end-to-end encryption security – Viber offers something to fit everyone!

Viber can help businesses communicate with both customers and employees more efficiently. Their Business account allows businesses to send bulk texts for free up to 50 users at once; all messages sent through it will be moderated before reaching its recipient(s). In addition, Viber offers analytics tools so they can monitor how effective campaigns have been.

Viber offers an extensive collection of stickers and emoticons to bring life and clarity to any conversation with friends, family or clients alike. Use of emojis can bring any conversation alive while helping convey messages effectively; there’s even an augmented reality lens feature to add even more fun and immersiveness!

Viber makes it easy to stay in touch with family and friends by sharing photos, videos, GIFs and animations across devices – add personalization with filters, captions and animations! Staying in contact is never easier with Viber; simply pick any device to start communicating!

The service also comes equipped with a built-in social channel that enables you to chat with groups of up to 250 people simultaneously. Use polls and quizzes, @mentions, reactions or polls and quizzes for extra flair during conversations; polls can even be set off when typing isn’t your forte! And for when audio messages are more appropriate – all this from one service.

Viber offers many advantages, so it may seem strange that it hasn’t become more widely adopted than some other instant messaging services. One possible reason could be its requirement of a phone number which can pose difficulty for some individuals and its inability to support multiple device connections via one Viber ID.

Viber should also not be seen as an ideal venue for illegal activities. Advertizing gambling, sports betting, microloans and other shady financial services on Viber is prohibited as well as publishing or sending materials that promote discrimination, discredit competitors or incite aggression.

Free calling abroad

Viber is a messaging and calling app which provides free voice and video calls between users as well as low rates to landlines and mobiles in many countries. Similar to WhatsApp and Skype, its features include the ability to send media files such as photos. Users can download it onto their smartphones or tablets or use it via their web browser on computers running Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as Mac OS X systems and laptops.

Viber allows you to call abroad for free using either Wi-Fi or your cellular data plan, but before making a call it’s always wise to check your mobile data usage if your plan doesn’t allow unlimited data usage during calls. Also be sure that your Viber Out credit has enough minutes in case they run out midway during business calls and require payment as normal mobile calls instead.

Viber offers both domestic and international calling features – with Viber-to-Viber calls always free, and “Viber Out”, an international calling feature which allows users to call landlines or mobiles in other countries at an affordable flat rate depending on the country of destination – perfect for travelers keeping in touch while traveling abroad! You can select either a 30-day calling plan or monthly subscription option when using this feature.

The company recently announced that all fees associated with calls made from landlines and mobiles in seven countries affected by President Donald Trump’s travel ban will be waived, helping people remain connected during this difficult period. Furthermore, free text and video messaging services will continue for those living within these regions.

Viber is an accessible, user-friendly application for calling internationally for free and using internet connections as a voice and video call service. Viber uses secure encrypted connections to protect user privacy. Available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone devices, Mac OS X computers and Linux computers alike.

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