What is Viber?


Viber (formerly Rakuten Viber) offers global messaging and calling features, adhering to top encryption standards to keep personal conversations secure from prying eyes.

Viber also features a community feature to connect users who share similar interests. Messages sent into these communities self-destruct and can’t be forwarded or screenshotted, creating an authentic experience and helping create lasting friendships.

Free voice and video calls

Viber is a free messaging app that enables users to make voice and video calls, send text messages and photos, GIFs and stickers; users can share location updates as well as photos and videos with each other; it even features call recording/playback features for ease.

Viber stands out from similar messaging apps like WhatsApp by including additional features that make it more appealing. These features include group messaging, high-quality calls and voice and video recording; as well as its built-in security feature that protects user privacy; plus both its mobile version and desktop client provide easier accessibility for those without computer access.

Viber can also be used to call landline and mobile phones – this feature is known as “Viber Out”, and can help users save money when calling international phone numbers. Users must make a minimum monthly commitment commitment; rates differ by country.

Both Viber and WhatsApp are highly favored among business customers as a convenient means of communicating with employees and clients. Both platforms provide valuable features like call/message tracking, CRM integration, end-to-end encryption and end-user engagement features; however, Viber stands out as being an exceptional choice when looking to increase engagement levels within an organization.

Viber provides free messaging and VoIP capabilities, making it an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family. Users can call and text each other for free (subject to data charges on LTE/3G networks), plus groups, stickers, emoticons and self-destructing messages can all be sent using this app.

Viber has quickly become one of the most sought-after VoIP services due to its free use for calls and messages between users of its own app, making it more cost effective than competing services that charge per usage. Plus, Viber software is regularly upgraded with improved features to enhance functionality.

Send free text messages

Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging app which offers free calls and text messages between registered users. Users can communicate online using this free software with each other via video calls and audio recordings; available for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows and managed by Rakuten Inc, a Japanese multinational e-commerce and financial services firm with over 800 million registered users; which serves both Wi-Fi and 3G data plans for seamless communications.

This app is user-friendly and intuitive with a shallow learning curve, offering various features to personalize users’ chat experience such as customisable stickers, photo/video content sharing capabilities, polls and poll results that make sharing experiences with family and friends easy and straightforward. In addition, the end-to-end encryption ensures that no one other than those involved is ever privy to these conversations.

Viber stands out as an invaluable international calling option, thanks to its free international calls between users on the same network, regardless of location. This makes it a favorite among travelers hoping to avoid roaming charges when travelling abroad; and businesses looking to connect with customers – supporting video and voice calls and group discussions with ease through its user-friendly user interface similar to iPhone’s Messages App, making the platform user-friendly even for new users.

While other messaging apps may snoop on and sell your private conversations to third-party vendors, Viber uses end-to-end encryption by default – meaning only you and those you talk with can read or listen in on your conversations. Plus, personal chats can be protected using PIN codes or hidden from public lists altogether!

SleekFlow is a business messaging platform that enables you to send Viber bulk messages in an efficient and straightforward manner, including CRM integration for keeping tabs on conversations with customers and categorizing and prioritizing conversations by conversation labeling or using click-to-chat links and QR codes to quickly initiate dialogue between your company and potential clients.

Customizable stickers

Viber stickers have quickly become one of the most beloved features, enabling users to express themselves creatively while enriching conversations and adding an individualized touch to correspondence with friends or business associates.

Businesses looking for ways to engage their audience more organically may find that creating a branded sticker pack on Viber’s Sticker Market provides an effective strategy. This form of advertising is less intrusive than other forms, helping businesses avoid becoming part of conversations while breaking through “ad fatigue.”

Branded sticker packs can also be configured as “Free & Follow,” so when users download it they are automatically subscribed to its public account on Viber and will begin receiving its Business Messages (assuming relevant). Furthermore, exclusive stickers could also be used as prizes in competitions or incentives to drive further engagement into your communication strategy.

Viber makes the process easy if you ever make an error when sending messages or want to rewrite them; its instant deletion feature sets it apart from its competitors and improves customer service.

Viber for Desktop

Viber offers high-quality messaging with video calling features, making it the ideal application to meet all of your messaging needs. As a cross-platform chat program that runs on computers, mobile phones, and tablets alike – as well as offering you the ability to share text messages, photos, videos, audio files and VoIP telephone calls across platforms including Android and iOS.

Viber recently updated its program to enhance user experience. It’s faster and offers new features, such as seamlessly switching calls between devices. There are also more customizable stickers and microphone support on PCs that allows recording during calls. Existing users can download this update free from their Viber website.

To set up the software, first make sure that you have an active Viber account on your mobile phone and download and install Viber for Desktop application. When installed successfully, a QR code will appear for scanning with your phone to sync all contacts and messages with Viber for Desktop app.

While most chat apps are free to download, the best ones provide additional features beyond basic texting, including video calling, stickers, texting multiple recipients at once and end-to-end encryption. These extra features add fun and privacy. These could include video calling with multiple recipients as well as end-to-end encryption in certain apps like Signal or Telegram.

Viber allows users to form communities, or groups, for communication amongst themselves. Group conversations can be customized with custom icons and stickers as well as allow members to upload photos, audio recordings, and video clips. Communities can also be private with members inviting others using links; administrators can remove inappropriate material from group conversations as needed.

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