What Is WPS Office?

WPS Office

WPS Office, developed by Chinese software developer Kingsoft and available on desktop computers, web browsers and mobile phones alike, provides an alternative to Microsoft Office with three programs resembling Word Writer, PowerPoint Presenter and an Excel Spreadsheet.

The suite provides a familiar workspace and user experience, and supports most file formats offered by Microsoft’s own suite. Furthermore, this version features comprehensive language support as well as cloud integration for seamless collaboration.


WPS Office makes creating professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations simple and user-friendly. Offering numerous templates and formatting tools to assist in producing eye-catching documents sure to woo an audience, this software also features track changes and collaboration that enable teamwork while being compatible with all major file formats such as Microsoft Word.

WPS Office is easy to set up and use. Simply download its installer from its website or app store, follow the installation prompts, and open up the program. From here you can access your files through either its main menu bar or by swiping to the left – making for an uncluttered design which works well on mobile devices.

The application is fully compatible with all major file formats, including Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, supporting multiple languages and offering PDF viewing capability. Google Drive and Dropbox integration makes accessing files from the cloud simple; with its built-in formulas and support for charts it also provides users who require complex spreadsheets or presentations an efficient means to creating them.

Search files quickly and easily within the application with its powerful search feature, take automatic backups as often as every minute and split large files into smaller ones to protect them while traveling.

WPS also boasts the unique capability to easily convert documents to PDF, which is particularly helpful if you require multiple PDF conversions at the same time. Furthermore, its OCR feature enables it to read text from images or screenshots.

WPS is a free, full-featured suite of applications that will make your workflow more productive. Available for desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike. Installation and updating are made simple using Flatpak to stay up-to-date with all the latest features and capabilities.


Spreadsheets are tools designed to organize data in rows and columns, which makes it easy for you to calculate and analyze information more quickly. In addition, WPS Office offers numerous templates for various types of spreadsheets so you can quickly find one to meet your needs; plus various editing features such as merging cells or formatting text and numbers.

WPS Office’s latest version offers a full suite of applications, such as Writer, Slideshow and Spreadsheet. It boasts a Microsoft-inspired user interface and supports multiple file formats. Furthermore, its mini apps enable you to convert PDFs to Word or Excel documents, walk through resume builders, record your screen or enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for reading text from images and screenshots – not forgetting cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive! You can store files locally on your drive or upload them online via cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive!

This free office suite is compatible with all major office document formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With its straightforward user interface and beginner-friendly features like an automatic spell check and support for multiple languages – this office suite stands out from its competition.

WPS Office’s Spreadsheet app is an effective way of keeping tabs on all of your data. You can create spreadsheets using formulas, text and numbers – as well as creating your own charts – as well as editing existing ones. Although creating and using Excel spreadsheets may seem complex at first, this program makes creating and using them simpler than ever!

No matter if it’s for banking accounts or inventory, WPS Office Spreadsheet can help any business keep an accurate inventory. Compatible with major office formats and user-friendly, the program is available both mobile and desktop computers; its tablet edition also boasts an attractive Material design which won’t interfere with productivity.


WPS Office is a powerful, free program that can fulfill all your basic word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation needs. Compatible with Microsoft Office files, as well as recent Dropbox and Google Drive integration for extra storage options, WPS Office offers many mini apps that help record screen activity or create resumes or repair damaged documents.

The user interface of the program closely mirrors that of its competitors, making it simple for newcomers to adapt and use it quickly. A menu bar on the left allows quick access to recently opened files or new ones; handy features that enable easy transition between projects without losing track. Plus it provides tracking features for changes made such as exact edit time and history version history tracking features.

WPS Presentation offers another feature worth noting: its animation transition effects. These effects can add more interest and engagement for your audience by increasing engagement through animations transitions. There are various preset transitions available, while you can even customize them further using Custom Animation pane. Here you can set more details such as Start time, Direction and Speed settings for your animation effect.

Add a timeline to your presentations to easily visualize and demonstrate the progression of a project or company, especially useful when communicating to investors or clients. It can also serve to display key milestones or achievements during company events. Your timeline can be shown either left- or right-side of your slide deck and can be adjusted according to your preferred layout.

Also, you can easily create and share PowerPoint templates with others, download and modify existing templates to save time when making slideshow presentations, record yourself during a PowerPoint presentation to provide commentary or narrate it, engaging your audience more fully while leaving an indelible mark on them.


The WPS suite includes the PDF tool, which can be used to edit existing or create new PDF documents. It comes equipped with features that enable you to add text, pictures, modify font size and style, as well as create forms including checkboxes, radio buttons, signature fields or other elements within PDF documents – plus merging or splitting documents!

WPS Office boasts one of the most helpful PDF converters, capable of converting between multiple file formats. This tool can help import documents that may not support by your program and collaborate with others on documents using advanced commenting and note taking features.

Kingsoft’s WPS is available on multiple systems, such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. With its clean and intuitive design that makes it simple to use – featuring a robust search engine to quickly locate files as well as tabbed view that lets users edit multiple documents simultaneously – Kingsoft WPS makes document management simple!

If you need to organize and access large volumes of data, WPS provides a free version to organize files. Plus, its Android and iOS apps give users access on the go!

WPS suite provides you with an additional feature that allows you to recover encrypted files and documents, helping ensure that your data remains safe from being compromised on a compromised computer. Furthermore, this suite can recover deleted or corrupted files as well as damaged videos and images from storage media.

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