What to Look For in a Google Calendar App

Google Calendar App

Google Calendars makes setting and meeting personal goals easy! Just arrange your schedule online, ensuring it can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

Add calendars for specific topics to help manage events and responsibilities more effectively, for instance birthdays and holidays.


One of the key advantages of Google Calendar is its ability to sync with other calendars, enabling you to stay informed and organized of everything going on in your life. This feature is particularly helpful if your job requires traveling or working with colleagues from different offices; even better yet, adding your colleague’s calendar allows you to stay aware of their availability and prevents clashing events from taking place.

Google Calendar app features an innovative “find a time” function, which utilizes the calendars of other participants to help find times that work for all involved. Prioritizing events by time, location or person also makes keeping up with appointments easier. Plus it comes equipped with customization features including settings for event color and text size as well as showing week numbers alongside every day as well as dimming bright events from previous months – these options may seem minor but they can have a huge effect on how your calendar looks on both phones and computers!

Add events to your calendar easily using Assists, an autocomplete tool that suggests words as you type. Create multiple calendars and share them with anyone – both read-only or editable versions can be shared – making Assists ideal for families and workplaces alike.

Google Calendar does have some limitations, however. Free users don’t receive much in terms of support from the company whereas business subscribers gain access to more comprehensive support but for most people the free tier suffices.

Notable features of Calendar365 Pro include the ability to set recurring events and the option to include a world clock, though neither feature are essential for travel purposes. You can also display locations within your calendar – great if you need an event timetable in various parts of the world!


Google Calendar App provides many integrations that can streamline workflows and enhance productivity, from task management tools such as Asana to integrations that automatically send follow-up emails or arrange meetings based on specific triggers; eliminating manual data entry while saving time.

Staying current with your Google Calendar will maximize its benefits, so ensure it remains accurate by reviewing events and tasks frequently to check their accuracy, making changes promptly if needed, using consistent event details across platforms, avoiding confusion or errors; checking integrations periodically as well.

Google Calendar App not only synchronizes with your phone or tablet, but it offers many additional features that can increase productivity and enhance work-life balance. For example, it helps manage meetings by displaying them in a sidebar and sending event invites directly through email messages; you can even share your calendar with others!

Google Calendar makes creating events easy: just press the “New Event” button on the left menu, select your event date and time, set reminders, customize event locations and notification preferences, import contacts into your attendees list and display special calendars such as birthdays or holidays.

Google Calendar easily integrates with other apps and platforms. For instance, it connects with team communication tools so everyone is aware of project deadlines and availability – helping improve team efficiency, communication and productivity while decreasing scheduling conflicts and increasing productivity. Furthermore, resource management systems use Google Calendar data to track utilization rates of shared resources.

Businesses can easily integrate Google Calendar with other applications and platforms using an integration platform like IFTTT or Appy Pie Connect, providing businesses with an easy interface for building custom integrations that can be activated when certain events occur within other apps or platforms, such as new leads entering their CRM system or form submissions being submitted.


As a serious scheduler, some features in a calendar design should be paramount for you to consider when creating the ideal scheduler. These features may include power features, customization options and integrations; all will help keep your busy life organized by providing power features to keep track of events while easily switching views between calendars.

If your job requires travel, Google Calendar is an effective way to plan. It will display flights, hotels and car rentals – you can even share it with others! Plus it suggests dates that are best suited for travel while warning about possible bad weather!

Customize the appearance of your calendar easily by changing themes and fonts, adding visual elements, creating icons, or choosing from templates. Business professionals can also utilize this app to monitor projects and set goals more effectively.

This app is easy to navigate, with a clean and intuitive user interface that offers various colors and styles for personalizing your calendar. Plus it comes equipped with an easy search function so that events and locations are readily identifiable – plus its free use supports various devices!

Google Calendar is full of many useful features, but it does have some drawbacks that can make using it cumbersome and time consuming. One such drawback is changing event color settings can be challenging and hard to know which event should take priority for you. Furthermore, calendar doesn’t always appear with time zones correctly displayed so manual adjustments may need to be made when working across timezones.

Google Calendar launched a modern redesign in October 2017, making the interface simpler to read and less visually cluttered than its predecessor. It also incorporates some features users accessed in Labs; yet, its perfection remains to be seen.

Google Calendar can be used offline, though any unsynchronized events won’t display. Your data can still be accessed online through their website; however, any updates won’t take effect unless you’re connected to an Internet network. Creating events online via an Internet connection requires additional verification before they will become official events on Google’s calendar.


Google Calendar App is an essential tool that lets you keep multiple schedules under control, with reminders set for specific events or recurring tasks. Calendars can be created for every aspect of life–personal as well as professional–with special calendars like Birthdays showing dates from your contact list that automatically pull in, as well as Holidays that list country-specific holidays.

Users can customize the appearance of their calendars by changing colors and adding backgrounds, as well as viewing it by day, week, month or four days. Event locations can also be added and other users invited to attend them; reminders can also be enabled for any type of event and either sent out via email or mobile push notification.

Google Calendar is fully compatible with other Google apps and services, offering an array of collaboration tools. Furthermore, it supports CalDav standard which enables other calendar apps (including Apple devices ) to connect and be managed from. Calendar can even integrate with Zapier allowing notifications for new meetings or creating event rows automatically in spreadsheets.

Calendar may be an adequate solution for most, but it may not meet everyone’s needs. One major drawback to Calendar is that it only works on Google-powered devices and requires a free account; Apple Calendar offers more features which make working across platforms simpler; Fantastical offers seamless synchronization among Mac, iOS, and Apple Watch platforms providing a superior experience across devices.

Google Calendar may be worth looking into if you already use Google, as its simple interface and wide range of features – including collaboration tools – makes it worth exploring. Although setup and usage may take more effort than expected, it could prove invaluable should you need the full spectrum of calendar features available today.

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