What to Look For in an iPhone Backup Extractor

iPhone Backup Extractor is an invaluable tool for quickly discovering and exploring the contents of iTunes backups, even encrypted ones, and exporting their contents onto a computer or another device.

View and extract photos, call history, contacts, messages, app data, notes, voicemails, Safari history and more from your iPhone with this tool. Furthermore, there are built-in iOS repair tools to fix problems when they arise.

iCloud Backup

An iPhone backup extractor must first meet the iOS version and model of your device, to ensure it will recover all versions of data that have been lost over time. Furthermore, saving a copy to either your computer or phone could prove helpful should anything happen that disrupts its restoration – such as accidental deletions of files from your phone or if an app doesn’t restore correctly.

iPhone Backup Extractor works with iCloud backups to extract photos, contacts, messages, call history and notes for retrieval. It even supports two-factor authentication! When connecting to an iCloud account, iPhone Backup Extractor displays all available backups on its left-hand side – click any backup to begin exploring it further!

Once your download and scan are complete, you’ll see a list of all of the files extracted from your backup. Each preview shows you exactly which file will be downloaded to your iPhone; simply click either “To Computer” or “To iPhone” to begin the transfer process.

This iCloud backup viewer and extractor works with most popular iDevices, including iPhone XS/XR models, iTunes, iCloud and iMessage backup services, as well as being completely free to use for both Mac and PC operating systems. Furthermore, its ads-free, spyware or malware free interface offers a great alternative to built-in iTunes/iCloud functions as it even supports iOS 13 beta! Click below for free trial version to try before purchasing license key to keep using.

iTunes Backup

An iTunes backup extractor enables you to retrieve files, messages and apps backed up through iTunes. Unfortunately, however, it won’t allow access to iCloud data stored on your Apple ID; they operate separately. Therefore, apps which store data in iCloud should be regularly backed up using iTunes backup extractors for maximum protection.

iPhone Backup Extractor is a free tool that enables you to extract data from iTunes backups. It will allow you to recover photos, videos, contacts, notes, calendar events, call history voicemails, SMS/MMS/iMessage Messages/Safari Bookmarks/App Data as well as viewing what was backed up and which items need restoring – supporting all iOS devices while being easy to use!

First, download and install the program onto your computer. Next, connect the device from which you wish to retrieve data to it before starting up the program and selecting an iTunes backup you wish to examine – once this process is complete, the program will show a list of data it has found within that backup.

If you recognize the data that needs to be recovered, simply click its icons to begin recovering it. If this option doesn’t seem suitable, click “Filter” and specify only certain types of information; alternatively you can search keywords to quickly locate specific files.

Once recovery is complete, you can view your restored data in a table format. This window will show its contents along with information like date and time of backup as well as file type name with associated type icons showing whether each file was successfully restored. It will also feature blue highlighted files with checkmark icons next to them for easy identification.

If two-factor authentication is activated, the program will require that you enter both your iCloud password and a code generated on your device – this helps ensure that your account remains safe from hackers.

Other Backups

A great iPhone backup extractor should also enable you to view and analyze iTunes and iCloud backups on your computer without restoring them, enabling you to gain insight into their contents without having to restore. This could come in handy in cases of accidental data deletion, iOS update failure, device lockout/lockout or water damaged/smashed phone.

iBackup Extractor does exactly that: it finds all your backups and allows you to explore them like any file or folder on your computer, including encrypted iTunes backups. There is even a free trial available, compatible with both Windows and Mac.

iMyFone iTransfer Lite provides another means of viewing and analyzing iCloud and iTunes backups: its stylish yet premium-feeling backup tool doubles up as an iPhone manager, ringtone creator and more besides. You’ll gain access to 18 types of data such as photos, notes, iCloud messages, call history SMS Kik/Viber/Line messages contacts calendar events app documents as well as transfer between iDevices and computers!

Our free version can store up to four iCloud backup files and 15 iTunes files. Furthermore, it includes one year of expert support subscription.

Not only can Data Recovery software assist in retrieving lost files, but it can also clone your current iPhone to another device if space becomes an issue. This can come in handy if you wish to keep using your current handset but lack enough storage capacity to accommodate all of its files.

iBackup Explorer is an iCloud and iTunes Backup Explorer you can use to restore deleted iOS data, including contacts, text messages, notes, photos, videos, iCloud files, apps and more from iCloud, iTunes or iMessage backups. This powerful program even offers a free trial; compatible with all iDevices running both Windows and Mac computers; easy and safe download – truly the ultimate backup extractor for iPhone.

Recovering Data

There are various tools for recovering data, so it’s important to find one that suits you and works. Some can be free while others cost money; either way, make sure the tool you select will not harm or cause any irreparable harm to your device.

iPhone Backup Extractor offers many features designed for both novices and experts alike. This app will enable users to recover lost or deleted files from their iPhone backups as well as access their iCloud and iTunes backups easily using its file browser feature. Furthermore, iPhone Backup Extractor may even help repair damaged or corrupted iPhone backups!

The software can be easily downloaded and run from a computer, searching for backup files required by it to function. A file browser enables you to browse files you’d like downloaded before saving them into an appropriate folder on your computer – for encrypted backups you must first enter their password before being allowed access to their contents.

This application offers an intuitive user-experience, making it suitable for novice and expert users alike. Compatible with various iPhone models and iOS versions, and able to restore data from iCloud or iTunes backups or recover deleted files directly from devices themselves, this app makes data recovery accessible for anyone.

Another feature of this program is that it can restore deleted text messages and call logs from an iPhone, making it useful for people who have forgotten their password or lost their device. Furthermore, this application can retrieve photos, contacts, videos, as well as retrieve lost or forgotten contacts.

This software is regularly upgraded to support new iOS devices and versions, such as Mojave and iOS 12. Recently, updates included support for Mojave and iOS 12 while 2018 saw its redesign along with upgrades to screen time passcode recovery and file system browsing capabilities as well as “Info” mode which provides deep-dive access into various codes, serials, and IDs associated with an iOS device.

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