What You Need to Know About NordVPN

NordVPN can encrypt your internet traffic, protecting it from being monitored by hackers and safeguarding devices against malware, while stopping ISPs from slowing your speeds down.

NordVPN boasts an array of privacy amenities and released its inaugural transparency report, making it easy to connect multiple devices through one NordVPN account.


NordVPN boasts an impressive list of security and privacy features to keep your data out of the hands of cybercriminals, marketers, and governments alike. Notable features of NordVPN’s security suite are next-generation VPN encryption (NordLynx), Dark Web monitor that alerts you when your login information is being sold online, and Meshnet as a secure file transfer system.

NordVPN also offers an optional browser extension that automatically connects when visiting certain websites, split tunneling for domains or IP addresses you don’t wish to use the NordVPN tunnel for, WebRTC leak protection and Threat Protection Lite to block ads and malicious websites, kill switch functionality in case your connection drops, as well as business-friendly touches like being able to import/export settings so all team members use identical configurations.

NordVPN uses OpenVPN protocol to create an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic, using 256-bit AES encryption cipher which is widely utilized by government agencies, militaries and cybersecurity firms as it is nearly impossible to crack. 2256 possible combinations exist for keys used with NordVPN so any hacker would either require more time than is available in existence or an unimaginable supercomputer in order to gain access.

Though this VPN claims not to record any of your online activity, they still record details such as IP addresses and session logging information – making their no-logging claims slightly less restrictive than others but still better than many VPN services that hide this data from you.

NordVPN stands out among VPN services by offering dedicated static IPs, which are reserved exclusively for you and cannot be shared among multiple users. This feature is perfect for online gaming, torrenting and bypassing network firewalls as it protects against IP being flagged as suspicious; additionally it helps avoid DDoS attacks as well as allow use of video chat apps and telephony services without ISP blockings. Unfortunately these dedicated IPs are only available with premium plans but provide an added level of security and stability from a VPN service.


NordVPN boasts an abundance of speed features designed to keep up with fast streaming and gaming experiences while giving users more control over their connections. Its quick-connect feature automatically selects the fastest server; and NordLynx outperforms ExpressVPN when it comes to upload speeds (though both remain highly effective). Plus, Nord offers additional extras such as Onion Over VPN which redirects all traffic through Tor for extra privacy; Double VPN routes your connections through two servers simultaneously for added protection;

Nord’s desktop apps recently received a modern redesign to enhance user-friendliness and add some exciting new functionality. Users can now select server locations directly from a map or list view without opening and navigating settings; while its browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge allow access to all features directly without opening and closing main app each time.

One of NordVPN’s more unique extra features is Meshnet, which allows up to 60 devices that use NordVPN to be linked together into a mesh network for remote file sharing, virtual LAN parties or gaming. Meshnet is one of the most exciting advancements this year within VPN services, and NordVPN’s implementation of it is superb.

Tests conducted from my home Internet connection revealed that NordVPN servers typically provided similar or greater performance to its competition, though I noticed their ping results could fluctuate more and their upload speed occasionally fell below average.

NordVPN excels in blocking DNS and WebRTC leaks – scoring top marks on my DNS Leak Test and IPLeak tests. Furthermore, NordVPN blocks malware effectively while offering 24/7 support that’s responsive and helpful – its knowledgebase contains plenty of articles to help solve issues yourself quickly. However, unlike its rivals it currently doesn’t offer robust transparency reports like those offered by some competitors.


NordVPN provides apps and browser extensions for every device you may use to connect to the internet, as well as ease-of-use apps that make using VPN services a smooth experience. They make VPN technology accessible while protecting web browsing experiences – they do an outstanding job of this.

Once you’ve downloaded NordVPN’s app, you can select your connection method of choice from either a clickable map interface or country list in the sidebar. Quick Connect uses an algorithm to quickly connect you with an available server near you that’s least loaded; or you could opt for split tunneling – which allows certain apps and not others to be affected by VPN – great for protecting sensitive data when doing things such as watching torrent movies!

NordVPN app settings enable you to configure various features, including DNS leak protection and port forwarding. Furthermore, password changes and two-factor authentication can further bolster account security. NordVPN supports P2P file sharing making sharing content with friends and family easier than ever!

As soon as you use the NordVPN app, your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption – making it virtually impossible for any hacker to gain access to it even if they intercept and decrypt traffic. Furthermore, there is also an integrated kill switch which will instantly shut off Internet connectivity if a connection between yourself and a VPN server breaks.

NordVPN app includes Threat Protection as an extra security feature to defend against malware and other online threats that could infiltrate your device. Simply activate this feature within Settings to shield against phishing scams, malware and intrusive ads.

NordVPN boasts an expansive global server network spread out across 60+ countries. Their server fleet is expanding faster than those of their competitors; additionally, their app comes equipped with numerous useful features like connecting multiple devices over encrypted tunnels and sharing files between them; plus dedicated gaming servers which offer high speeds with stable performance for online gamers.


NordVPN doesn’t offer a completely free version, but there are still several ways for newcomers to start without paying upfront. One is through its seven-day risk-free trial that lets users experience all features for seven days risk free; and its 30-day money-back guarantee offers customers an opportunity to return any plan within 30 days and get a full refund.

Nord offers a business plan designed specifically to meet the needs of companies, with enhanced security and support services available through their dedicated business team. Clients can customize this plan to their own specific requirements with features like obfuscated servers and dedicated IPs for extra protection – yet unfortunately this plan is currently only available to companies and not individuals.

NordVPN plans start at just $3.99 a month, with discounts for longer commitments (for example an annual or two-year subscription can bring substantial cost savings – making Nord more cost effective than ExpressVPN (which typically costs $100 annually after its introductory offers expire).

NordVPN stands out from its competition in that unlike PIA and ProtonVPN, it currently does not issue comprehensive transparency reports that detail legal requests received and handled. Although this may seem disappointing at first glance, NordVPN says they plan on increasing transparency efforts within two years of expanding them further.

NordVPN goes far beyond its core offerings by including many additional features. For instance, its app automatically detects and connects you with the fastest server available based on your current location; additionally it blocks ads and saves bandwidth usage; plus it can protect up to ten devices simultaneously!

NordVPN offers multiple payment methods, from credit cards and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to prepaid cards and even gift cards. While it might seem counterintuitive to provide your name and credit card number to a VPN service provider, NordVPN understands that not everyone feels comfortable using traditional methods. That is why they also allow cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin – making your identity anonymous while paying with this innovative service!

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