What’s New in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO marks a breakthrough into augmented reality technology, layering animated Pokemon characters over real world locations as you move.

At various times of day or night, players can use Poke Balls to catch Pokemon that they encounter in real life. While the game itself is free-to-play, certain extra features require in-app purchases for accessing.


Trainers in Pokemon GO can choose one of three teams. Each has its own distinct focus; Team Valor is led by Candela who emphasizes training and strength while Team Instinct is led by Spark who believes in trusting your instincts to help win.

Players can select a Buddy Pokemon that will reward them with Candy each time they walk a specific distance. In addition, this game provides multiple other ways for players to earn Candy, including exploring areas and completing Special Research tasks; also players can earn Candy by competing in Raids and Gym battles.

Each Trainer can personalize their avatar using various clothes, accessories and poses to match their personal style. Some customization options can be unlocked by reaching new trainer levels or receiving certain medals; others require paying a fee in order to access.

Trainers looking to compete against one another can engage in either PVP battles or more casual training battles. When entering into training battles, players will scan another trainer’s Battle Code – similar to a QR code – in order to initiate combat.

Trainers can trade Pokemon with friends to build up their friendship level and unlock bonus rewards from the game. But this level cannot surpass their Trainer level – to increase it further they could exchange Gifts or compete together in Raid or Gym battles together.


PokeStops in Pokemon GO are points of interest located throughout the real world where Trainers can visit to gain special rewards. Common PokeStop locations include churches, parks and cultural landmarks – you can usually locate these by looking out for blue icons overlaid on the map; when within range they change into floating cubes with Poke Ball symbols on top. If they have visited one recently it will turn purple instead.

Each Pokestop provides Trainers with three to four items at any one time, such as Pokeballs, Eggs, XP and Revives/Potions that help restore Pokemon between battles in gyms.

Pokestops provide players with an easy and quick way to obtain what they need without leaving home or workplace. When an empty Pokestop is detected, its icon will turn purple before turning back blue five minutes later – giving players access to items without leaving home or workplace!

Pokestops can be enhanced by equipping them with modules, providing players the option of increasing the number of Pokemon that spawn there. These can be purchased in the PokeShop – a free-to-use app which contains tools useful to Trainers – including Lure Module which grants 90 minutes of increased Pokemon spawning at any location of their choosing.


Gyms are an integral component of Pokemon GO, enabling Trainers to capture rival Team’s Pokemon and earn rewards. Gyms can be found all around the globe – often at noteworthy landmarks or historic buildings.

Defending a Gym can be challenging. The game will alert the player whenever an attack is about to be made on one, giving the Trainer an option of either defending it or attacking it – doing either will increase prestige and provide rewards, while attacking could potentially decrease it.

Berrys can be fed to the defender Pokemon in order to increase their Motivation and CP levels, making them harder for opponents to defeat. Revives may also be used in order to revive defeated Pokemon; furthermore, each defending Pokemon will appear with a colored heart above its name on the map, so players can quickly see its current status by tapping.

As well as fighting defending Pokemon at Gyms, players can also engage in Raid Battles at Gyms against much stronger wild Pokemon that usually outnumber their defenders and vie for victory in Raid Battles; successful participants may capture it and add it to their arsenal!

At any time, players can challenge a Gym’s defenders – provided that they possess all of the required badges – by challenging its defender Pokemon’s Motivation down to zero for them to seize control of it. This may be achieved through feeding Berries to them or decreasing their Friendship level with them.

Buddy Pokemon

Pokemon GO offers its Trainers the Buddy system, enabling them to select one from their collection that will accompany them throughout their adventures and unlock in-game rewards and experiences. Once selected, this Pokemon will appear next to their avatar on their profile screen as well as visible throughout the overworld.

Players can earn Candy by walking with their Buddy through activating “Pokemon GO” in the Pokemon menu and tapping on the buddy icon at the bottom left of the map view. Each Pokemon needs to walk different distances before finding their Candy; Pidgey only needs 1 km, Ivysaur 3 km and Lapras 5 km to discover one!

There are various ways to boost a Pokemon’s mood, the primary one being feeding it; doing so instantly fills its hunger meter. Alternatively, players can switch out Buddy Pokemon at least three times each day within their party (up to three per day). Another way is using a Poffin which fills its hunger meter while simultaneously changing its Mood to Excited which increases Candy gains twice as fast while decreasing walking distance requirements.

Trainers can earn Candy bonuses by engaging with their Buddy in certain activities such as taking photos of it in AR mode, battling it or spinning a PokeStop with them in their party. Players may also earn Affection Hearts through interaction. Great Buddies may occasionally help their Trainer capture wild Pokemon by partially appearing during Encounters and deflecting throw Poke Balls back towards its target – this feature may come in particularly useful if capturing Pokemon that requires lots of candies in order to level up or evolve.

Trainer Battles

Trainer Battles offer fast-paced real-time combat against other Trainers. You’ll engage with them either locally if they’re nearby, or remotely from your Friend List (anywhere in the world). Each team contains three Pokemon which use both Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks during battle; two Protect Shields may only be used at any one time and running out will leave your Pokemon defenseless against powerful attacks. A battle will end if either all their Pokemon have been knocked out, or when either time runs out – either player’s Pokemon have all been knocked out or the battle timer has run out – either way it ends either way!

At any point during a battle, you can switch your active Pokemon out in favor of another. This may help avoid taking damage from overly effective moves; however, beware that switching too soon as the outgoing Pokemon may continue taking hits while your new one takes effect. When switching out one Pokemon for another, however, a 50 second cooldown period begins before that Pokemon can rejoin battle arena again.

After each set of 5 Trainer Battles, you earn rewards based on the Trainer League you fought (Great, Ultra or Master). Furthermore, by defeating Team Leaders you may also unlock Style items to make your Pokemon more eye-catching! Up to three sets of these rewards per day may give Friendship points, gold bars or random Style items; additionally a Medal can be earned by fighting one Trainer in each league and by competing in one Team Leader Battle each day.


As part of the 2018 introduction of Friendship and Trading mechanics in Pokemon Go, players can send gifts to one another as part of its Friendship and Trading mechanics. Receiving and giving gifts offer several advantages ranging from obvious (such as top-ups of Pokeballs and Potions) to obscure (such as daily bump in Friendship Level and access to Hisuian Forms in 7km Egg pools).

Trainers can access Gifts by opening their Friend List and tapping the gift icon next to each of their avatars. In order to receive gifts, Trainers must first connect to their phone with notifications enabled; additionally they must have enough space in their Item Bag so as to open it; otherwise a message will appear asking them to free up more space before opening it.

Sponsored Gifts are unique forms of presents available only to trainers with accounts of their own. They appear randomly across the Map View attached to balloons, containing items relevant to a certain location. Unfortunately, Sponsored Gifts cannot be sent out directly, nor shared among friends; there is also a daily limit as to how many Trainers may open one at the same time.

Trainers can further personalize their Gift postcards by adding stickers. Stickers are consumable collectibles that can be stacked up to 25 per type without taking up space in their Item Bag – plus, with the release of version 0.253.0 update they received an eye-catching design overhaul!

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