What’s New in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a smartphone game that makes use of real world locations to simulate an authentic experience. Players can visit PokeStops and Gyms marked on a map for Pokemon hunting opportunities and collect items like eggs that hatch into full Pokemon characters.

Pokemon do not “level up”, in the traditional sense; rather they can be powered up by feeding them candy from their respective species (Bulbasaur needs 25 candies to evolve into Ivysaur). Trainers gain XP and stardust for successfully defending gyms over extended periods.


PokeStops in Pokemon GO are real-world locations where players can acquire items, including Pokemon eggs and supplies, at fixed real-world locations known as PokeStops. These locations can be identified on a map with blue icons that can be interacted with by tapping. A player can earn items by searching PokeStops; moreover they may even obtain multiple items at one visit including Poke Balls, eggs, XP points, and Field Research tasks!

Players at PokeStops can gain items depending on their level. As their level increases, so too do their options of items to receive. Furthermore, Lure Modules can be used at PokeStops to increase wild Pokemon that appear.

When players tap the PokeStop icon, a map will open to reveal an image of its location and an interactive Photo Disc will generate items in bubbles that can be collected by touching. Depending on their level, additional items may also be rewarded when revisiting PokeStops after some period of time has elapsed.

Many PokeStops are sponsored by companies, such as Sprint, Boost Mobile and McDonald’s; their logos appear at these locations. Others, including historical markers, monuments and art installations are classified as PokeStops but do not have corporate sponsors; safe pedestrian access must also exist for these venues to qualify as PokeStops; Niantic has developed Operation Portal Recon (OPR), used both by Pokemon GO and Ingress users to review submissions.


Gyms in Pokemon GO serve as battle arenas where you can battle rival teams and defend your own. Once you reach level five, however, gyms become accessible and you can challenge Pokemon to battle within them – though never directly against another player: instead, AI controls who represents the gym and assigns your Pokemon as its defense force to face them alongside.

Each Pokemon in a gym defending it has a motivation meter that can be increased by giving Berries to them, such as Golden Razz, Nanab or Pinap Berries; all give similar boosts of motivation (except Golden Razz which fully restores it ). You will also earn XP and Stardust each day your unbeaten gym remains stationed.

As soon as you are within range of a gym to battle, select six Pokemon for use against its defenses and attack. Make sure your team uses type advantages wherever possible; such as using resistance against ground attacks against one defender while special move-wielding ones take down another one quickly and effectively. A website like PokemonDB provides information about each Pokemon’s type advantages in-game.


Niantic has added Raids as a new way for players to battle and capture Pokemon in Pokemon GO, inviting multiple participants to work together and defeat a super-powered Raid Boss within a set time limit in order to earn rewards if successful.

Raids are similar to gym battles, except they feature up to 20 Pokemon trainers competing against one high-level boss. To participate, players can either physically visit a Gym or use a Raid Pass remotely and will automatically be matched with other participants; sharing group codes allows friends to join too! They can select six Pokemon from their collection for use during each fight in the raid; once complete battles have been won they’ll receive Premier Ball rewards!

Players can test their mettle at EX raids as well, which are invitation-only raids featuring rare Pokemon. Held at gyms marked with purple labels, these raids feature an intimidating Raid Boss that may prove more challenging than regular raids to defeat. In order to prepare for an EX raid, it is advisable that they bring along only their highest level Pokemon available as well as those that counter its type (if facing Rayquaza (dragon/flying), players should bring as many ice-type Pokemon as possible).

In-game events

Events within Pokemon GO provide extra incentives for players to engage with the game, such as XP bonuses, Candy or Stardust rewards or increased Pokemon appearances. Events tend to coincide with real-world holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving; they can also coincide with major releases by Niantic such as Pokemon GO Fest 2024 celebrating Scarlet and Violet games!

Some events are ongoing, like the Community Day event which occurs once every month. These events typically last several hours and showcase one particular Pokemon with increased spawn rates during that time frame – giving players double XP, Stardust or Lure Module rewards; additionally they may get the opportunity to catch it in its shiny form which would not normally be available.

Other recurring events include the Pokemon Spotlight Hour, which takes place each week and features a different Pokemon. These events often offer additional bonuses like double transfer XP or hatching XP for Eggs; as well as exclusive Research tasks which provide players with Shiny versions of their featured Pokemon!

Other recurring events include the Special Raid Challenge, which features a three-hour raid battle between legendary Pokemon and their evolutions. There is an increased chance that shiny versions of each featured Pokemon may emerge at this event.


Pokemon Go offers several items designed to enhance gameplay and the player experience, such as berries, Lure Modules and Evolution Items. Players may use these items to upgrade their Trainer Bag and Storage; upgrades may also be purchased using PokeCoins.

Instead of the items used in previous Pokemon games to promote evolution, Pokemon Go’s Eeveelutions require only candy and renaming for transformation to occur. Some berries can help catch more Pokemon while others slow their movements – but in Gen 2 update there will now also be Razz and Nanab Berries to increase capture rates!

These special items can be obtained as rewards from specific in-game events. You could get them by spinning PokeStops, completing Field Research tasks or winning Raid battles; alternatively they may also be purchased in the Shop with real currency.

Lure Modules are currently the most valuable items in Pokemon GO, used at PokeStops to draw in more wild Pokemon and evolve. Advanced Lure Modules may even prompt certain Pokemon to evolve – for example a Dragon Scale can transform Seadra into Kingdra while Sun Stone can catalyze Celebi into Zygarde! Players should use caution with these items as they could take up much of the storage capacity in their Trainer Bag.


Pokemon GO players can connect and engage with other players more directly by joining Friends, strengthening interactions that help earn rewards, level faster and unlock additional gameplay experiences. Furthermore, this system underlines the value of teamwork and community in Pokemon GO.

Players in Pokemon GO can add friends using their Trainer Code, scanning a QR code or inviting Facebook friends (since November 2018). Once a friend has been added they can see more information about that other player through their Friend List such as Trainer Profile information, Buddy Pokemon details and team roster details. Players may remove friends at any time.

Friends can exchange gifts, participate in Raids and Gym Battles together, and raise their Friendship levels through interaction. Each level unlocks bonuses for trading rare or legendary Pokemon for less Stardust; additionally, trainers can receive extra Candy by exchanging these Pokemon away.

Pokemon GO allows up to 400 Friends at any one time; this may change in the future. Niantic does not charge players extra for additional Friends space in-game, and users can revoke access to any Contact they no longer wish to interact with via their device’s contacts permissions settings – although doing so will impact all Niantic games that their contact participates in – an invaluable feature for parents looking to control how often their children make in-app purchases.

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