What’s New on Apple’s iTunes?


Apple’s iTunes was initially developed for iPod use only, but has since expanded to offer downloads of songs and movie rentals from their store as well as TV shows, electronic games, podcasts and feature-length films. There is even the option of gifting content or sorting it based on specific metadata criteria.


iTunes was initially unveiled by Apple on January 9, 2001 as the first software application that provided digital music library organization and storage on Mac computers. iTunes manages content across three lines of iPod media players as well as two generations of iPhone and iPad phones as well as feature films, TV shows, e-books, and apps purchased through App Store.

iTunes is an audio and video player capable of displaying song lyrics, cover art and other metadata graphically. Additionally, it enables importation, burning, editing and encoding of audio files from various formats as well as playlist creation and presentation based on user-defined criteria.

The iTunes Store offers multiple methods for buying songs, albums, and audio content – from the free Beats 1 radio station showcasing live DJs and curated playlists, to Genius analysis that suggests similar tracks based on your library – but with Apple Music now streaming over 70 million tracks directly into users’ computers via subscription services for just a monthly fee, as well as providing its Genius feature which analyzes it all to you – offering something similar but easier.


iTunes offers an expansive library of movies for rent or purchase; you can rent them for a set period or keep them forever. Movies can be enjoyed on Apple TV, a Mac or Windows computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch; plus they can even be streamed directly via cell data connection via AirPlay or by connecting your iOS device directly to TV with an AV adapter cable.

Movies purchased or redeemed through iTunes automatically appear in your library across devices where iTunes Store is enabled and signed in with the same Apple ID. Plus, using Movies Anywhere’s free sync app you can sync movies and TV shows from one Apple device or multiple ones onto multiple TV screens!

iTunes movies can be downloaded for offline watching if the device you’re viewing them has an internet connection, making this ideal if traveling or your home Internet service has gone down; additionally, this can save cellular data while you’re on long trips away from home.

TV Shows

Apple’s TV show lineup was one of the earliest signals that it was serious about creating its own streaming service. From dramas to comedies and even sci-fi series – many even won awards – these offerings prove Apple is committed to its own streaming platform.

Clare Danes stars in this British drama about a town plagued by superstition where science and religion collide in a seaside village, played by Tom Hiddleston’s church rector character who refuses to believe its serpent legends.

Hailee Steinfeld shines as misunderstood American poet Emily Dickinson in this modern adaptation of her life. This coming-of-age show blends classical themes with carefully constructed set pieces for an entertaining show that brings audiences of all ages together.


Podcasts are recorded shows you can listen to on any of your devices – phone, tablet, computer – including phone calls. Episodes may even be downloaded so they’re accessible even when not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. On iTunes you’ll find shows in all kinds of categories including music, news, comedy, talk and sports programming.

Many podcasts are free, while some require subscription fees in order to access all episodes. Other shows have pay models where subscribers can take advantage of features like ad-free listening, bonus content, or early release of episodes.

Search podcasts by genre, show name or description and browse available episodes; select a category to view all shows within it; create a station which acts like a playlist for multiple shows with customizable options to include or exclude unplayed and played episodes (oldest to youngest or vice versa); sync across devices when subscribing;


Apple Music is a music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs without ads, with specially tailored playlists like For You and New Music tailored specifically to genres and artists you enjoy. Plus it works seamlessly across devices.

This app is free to download, with in-app purchases and subscription options. Additionally, it can sync up with multiple digital music players such as iPod and iPhone.

iTunes can also be used to copy music to authorized computers running macOS or Windows, copying in either HE-AAC or AAC format (both developed by Apple).

Apple Inc’s iTunes Store app is an iTunes-branded media player, media library, online radio broadcaster and mobile device management application designed for purchase, download and organization of digital audio and video on personal computers running macOS or Windows OS as well as iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). In addition to media files it also serves as the client application of iTunes Store.

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