Why Choose Office 365?

Office 365 provides amazing productivity tools. Furthermore, its automation feature keeps all apps and services up-to-date automatically – thus eliminating IT maintenance tasks and cutting costs.

All Office 365 subscribers get one terabyte (TB) of secure OneDrive storage space, making files accessible across devices and providing technical support.

It’s easy to use

Microsoft Office 365 was designed with ease of use in mind. Being cloud-based means users don’t need to install software and can access their tools from any internet-connected computer, with regular updates including new features and functionalities as soon as they become available – meaning users always have access to the most up-to-date versions. In addition, subscription fees cover any upgrades as part of the product package.

Office 365 provides more than just traditional Microsoft Office programs; it also features additional applications such as OneDrive and Skype for Business, depending on which plan you select. Depending on which plan is selected, these applications may be used from any computer, laptop or mobile device – including web versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that allow users to edit files regardless of platform – making Office 365 an invaluable asset for businesses that travel frequently or operate remotely.

Office 365’s security capabilities extend far beyond protecting businesses against cyber attacks, offering secure email transmission and reception and an automatic backup solution that protects all documents to a central file server in the cloud for backup purposes – offering businesses peace of mind when it comes to protecting data.

Office 365’s security features and compatibility with most office software can save employees both time and effort by making integration between platforms easy, enabling teams to collaborate more easily, and saving them the effort of troubleshooting issues as they arise. This can allow employees to focus more easily on their work rather than worrying about managing infrastructure issues.

Though Office 365 features are highly user-friendly, there are still some drawbacks that could potentially impede its usage. Email quotas and size limitations can make it challenging for some businesses to work effectively; limited collaboration features in SharePoint may limit team collaboration; OneDrive for Business sync client issues may arise; although Microsoft is working hard to address such problems.

It’s secure

Office 365 features several built-in security measures designed to strengthen data protection and minimize cyberattack risks, including layered security, proactive data monitoring, privacy protection, and a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA). Deployment and management can be completed within minutes while Microsoft provides phone and online support as well as how-to resources. Together with standard best practices these features help businesses effectively address any threats.

Cyberattackers continue to find ways around built-in security features despite extensive protections being in place, bypassing many safeguards in the form of credential theft and moving laterally through systems without being detected by users. According to research by Vade Secure, attackers often utilize fake Office 365 login pages with similar looks and feels to Microsoft’s official pages to harvest email addresses and user data without their users being aware.

Criminals gaining access to global admin accounts can take advantage of them to alter critical settings and steal sensitive data, as well as alter user permissions in bulk. Therefore, it’s essential that businesses closely monitor any suspicious changes which might indicate a breach; for instance, when employees suddenly gain full access to their mailbox or are allowed to share data outside the organization it could be an indication of an impending attack.

Another method to mitigate cyberattacks is educating employees on cybersecurity best practices. This should include creating and enforcing a password policy that requires strong, unique passwords as well as regular training sessions for their use. A password manager tool may also assist users in creating complex, hard-to-guess passwords to enhance security posture, while conducting penetration testing exercises can identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

Though these security measures won’t completely prevent attacks, they can greatly mitigate their severity. It is also important to remember that most data breaches occur due to human error; therefore, monitoring and training employees on how to recognize common security threats like phishing scams, ransomware infections, malware threats and social engineering schemes is crucial.

It’s reliable

Microsoft Office suite is an essential component of many businesses’ workflow, but choosing the best solution can be challenging with all its options available. Before selecting one of Microsoft’s suites for yourself, carefully consider your budget, technology infrastructure and number of users as part of this decision-making process.

Microsoft Office 365 offers many advantages for small businesses, including cloud storage and mobile access. All plans provide 1TB of OneDrive storage space, with users being able to access files from any internet-connected device. Furthermore, Office 365’s user-friendly design makes it an excellent solution that works with nearly all file formats – making it a smart option for companies avoiding costly hardware upgrades.

Office 365 provides another advantage by staying current. All subscription plans provide automatic security updates and twice-annual feature upgrades to keep the software reliable and safe – even if not connected to the internet regularly.

Office 365 provides several features to make collaboration on documents easier with colleagues, such as its built-in chat tool which enables real time messaging and attachment sharing – saving both time and helping keep track of who’s editing the document. Furthermore, its suite of products also keeps a history of changes made to documents so you can easily scroll back through previous versions.

Microsoft 365’s productivity tools are intuitive and minimalist in design, enabling maximum efficiency when working. No distracting menus or sidebars to interfere with your work experience; and there won’t be any annoying Clippy paperclips here either! Microsoft places great importance on keeping these programs clutter-free which can significantly increase productivity.

Of course, Microsoft Office 365 suite is an excellent choice for most users; however, it’s important to be mindful of its limitations and restrictions before purchasing one. Before making your purchase, ensure you verify the minimum system requirements as well as any potentially misleading lifetime or perpetual license options as these could come from unscrupulous sellers and won’t work with current versions of Office.

It’s affordable

Microsoft Office programs are widely utilized by businesses of all sizes worldwide to produce documents, reports, spreadsheets and databases, presentations and emails. Businesses seeking room to grow can subscribe to the cloud version of Office; subscribers have access to not only standard Microsoft programs but also other apps and features essential to business productivity.

Email, team collaboration tools like OneDrive and Skype for Business, as well as cloud-connected applications allow workers to get more done while focusing on tasks rather than software management are all part of this unified experience. As a result, workers can focus on getting tasks accomplished rather than dealing with cumbersome software management.

Office 365 can offer many advantages, but it also comes with drawbacks. A subscription-based system may not be as cost-effective than purchasing perpetual licenses to Microsoft Office. A business may lack the time or staff resources to keep up with software updates and security measures regularly. Furthermore, some employees might find the platform challenging to navigate; especially non-technical staffers.

There are ways to overcome these barriers and maximize your experience with Microsoft Office 365. Companies may seek assistance from an experienced professional when teaching employees the software; or attend one of the comprehensive training programs such as NYIM’s Microsoft Office Bootcamp which offer immersive lessons designed to teach all about the suite of programs from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with many other benefits in addition to its monthly subscription fee, such as free tech support and data security measures. Furthermore, its subscription-based model makes it simple for organizations to add or remove licenses as needed – perfect for organizations with fluctuating staffing needs – like Pittsburgh Choral Arts’ four highly mobile employees!

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