WinBox Review


WinBox is a free utility program that enables users to manage MikroTik RouterOS devices easily through its simple GUI. The software offers numerous settings and tools – including real-time traffic monitoring capabilities – providing a comprehensive approach for device administration.

Note that routers must be configured with an IPv6 address for this to work effectively.

Remote Control

Winbox is a native Windows program that enables you to easily administer MikroTik RouterOS devices. The user-friendly graphical user interface enables easy administration of network routers while real time traffic monitoring helps monitor activity on each individual router, upload and download files between routers, as well as upload/downloading of files between each other – it is an indispensable resource for those owning any MikroTik device!

Your Mikrotik router can be easily accessed from the web using any standard browser or Winbox, with its intuitive web interface requiring no configuration at all. Simply connect from a computer or smartphone that connects to the internet and use a browser; its web interface can be found at http://your_router_ip>/webfig, where you can login using your username and password or create one for free if needed.

Launch the application, click “Neighbor Discovery,” then select your router from the list of discovered routers. For optimal results, it is advised that you connect via its IP address rather than its MAC address; once chosen click “Connect.”

Once connected, you can quickly and easily access the settings of your router in Winbox’s main window. From here you can view its current status as well as customize default gateway, DNS server and port forwarding settings as well as configuring its WAN and WLAN interfaces.

Winbox’s command line interface (CLI) offers another way of making changes to your router settings, though this approach is best used by experienced users who understand its syntax. While not suitable for beginners, this method remains available to all users.

Winbox supports both IPv4 and IPv6, providing its neighbors with easy ways to discover IPv6-enabled routers in your local area network using neighbor discovery. In addition, Winbox also allows for MAC-based connections which are similar to IP-based ones; although using these in production networks isn’t advised.

Winbox, originally developed for Microsoft Windows, can also run on Linux and MacOS systems using Wine’s emulation software. To do so, a compatible Microsoft font must be installed on your system for optimal operation.

File Sharing

WinBox’s file sharing capabilities are an incredible benefit, enabling easy file transfer between routers and PC computers. Furthermore, its real-time monitoring of Ethernet traffic on routers helps users detect potential network congestion issues or any issues with bandwidth issues that might be impacting them.

The program includes several filters that can help display specific information. For instance, routes within a specified range or requests coming from particular IP addresses can be hidden to save time when managing multiple Mikrotik devices.

WinBox can also run on macOS computers using Wine emulation software, enabling it to be run without needing a virtual machine installation. Unfortunately, though, WinBox does not support drag-and-drop functionality which may prove frustrating for users who wish to copy large volumes of data at one time.

To begin, it is necessary to install the latest version of Winbox from Mikrotik’s website and download it free. After this has been accomplished, launch Winbox and enter in your username and password before logging on with it.

After signing in, you will gain access to the configuration menu. From here, you can make adjustments to both WAN and LAN settings, add routing tables and firewall rules, as well as manage your Mikrotik virtual server efficiently.

Winbox also provides the ability to set up a hotspot, making it perfect for mobile access to the internet from any location worldwide, as well as sharing Wi-Fi connectivity among friends or coworkers.

Winbox, developed by MikroTik, allows RouterOS administration with an intuitive GUI. Although compiled natively as Win32 binary software, Winbox can also run under Wine to support Linux and Mac OSX platforms.

Traffic Monitoring

MikroTik RouterOS is a robust operating system specifically tailored for routers. Installed on their networking hardware – RouterBOARD – as well as standard x86 type computers, it enables these devices to fulfill network routing functions. This OS provides various useful tools and features for network management and security such as firewall functionality, bandwidth monitoring capabilities, hotspot gateway functionalities, backhaul link, backhaul link capabilities and backhaul link; yet remains user friendly thanks to Winbox which facilitates device configuration and monitoring functions.

WinBox stands apart from traditional router management software by providing real-time performance analysis of devices, displaying bandwidth usage, memory consumption and CPU utilization on its main window. In addition, WinBox also provides information about network traffic load with details such as how many packets have been received/transmitted per hour as well as connection statuses.

This program can connect to any router using web browsing, FTP uploads, Telnet connections, serial console API access or SSH encryption. With its intuitive graphical user interface it makes configuring MikroTik devices much simpler than via their traditional command-line interfaces. Furthermore, Wine allows this program to run on MacOS computers by emulate IPv4 connectivity for seamless operation.

Once connected to a network router, this program will display its IP address on its main screen and give you options to select your connection method before prompting you for login and password information as well as showing its current status.

Once the initial setup is complete, you can start monitoring network traffic by clicking on the Graphs tab and opening up a list of interface graphs and queue graphs available for monitoring. Clicking any graph will display its data more closely – alternatively you can create custom graphs to display specific parameters.

The application also enables you to choose specific filter bars for each window, making it easier for you to pinpoint your search parameters. For instance, using the “Ip Route” window enables you to identify routes within a particular subnet or class using comparison operators such as “is”, “in”, and “does not contain”. Your results will then appear within that particular window.


Winbox is a freeware application designed to make MikroTik RouterOS administration simple with its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems as well as wired and wireless connections it also controls MikroTik switches as well as multiple devices simultaneously while offering scripting and automation features so network administrators can manage their MikroTik routers more efficiently.

Winbox stands apart from most software in that it does not require a license key for use, making it free and open source software that anyone can download from the official MikroTik website and install. Once installed, Winbox can be launched either through desktop shortcut or directly from Start menu – perfect for all versions of Windows from 7 all the way up to and including 10. Furthermore, using Wine emulation software it can even run on macOS computers!

Once installed, the application will provide a work area with a list of menu configuration (child) windows depending on which packages have been installed on your system. Once selected from the left panel, its contents will appear in your main toolbar.

This app is user-friendly, featuring a drag and drop function for uploading files quickly. Right-clicking and selecting “Download” lets you easily retrieve them. Furthermore, this software enables real-time monitoring of traffic on each interface, queue, or firewall rule as well as providing various statistics like bandwidth usage as well as details of data flows in each port.

This software offers an excellent alternative to MikroTik’s web-based interface for managing their routers and switches. With an attractive, straightforward user interface and customizable settings, this tool is highly adaptable. Furthermore, it features scripting language automation tools designed to automate repetitive tasks and streamline network management processes; making it an excellent option for large networks requiring increased security measures.

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