Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe VPN service provides cross-platform VPN capabilities. Its mobile apps look very similar to their desktop versions and include advanced options like Split Tunneling, network whitelisting and MAC spoofing for maximum user protection.

The free plan offers 10GB per month and comes equipped with a browser extension. Additional locations can be added at $1 each to give you additional data and features like ad blocking and GPS spoofing.

Safe for Torrenting

Windscribe uses AES-256 encryption and keeps no logs of your online activity, while not blocking torrenting on its servers; an explicit P2P-friendly list is labeled within its app – an excellent sign considering some VPN providers either don’t encourage torrenting at all, or ban it altogether.

Windscribe supports P2P file-sharing on all servers with free and Pro versions that use 256-bit AES encryption, no-log policies, DNS leak protection and kill switch features for maximum security. Furthermore, its diskless server network ensures your data cannot be extracted if something goes wrong with your connection; additionally desktop apps use multiple methods to mitigate data leakage risks, including limiting IPv6 traffic, redirecting DNS requests and supporting perfect forward secrecy (which creates new encryption keys each time you connect).

Windscribe’s Android VPN features an elegant, straightforward design with an image of a flag in the background, a large on/off button, and a status display that shows your current connection status and new IP address. From here you can select your location, view lists of Favourites or Streaming servers or create custom configurations – plus activate GPS spoofing, cross-system kill switch protection as well as malware and ad protection features!

Windscribe’s mobile apps support OpenVPN UDP and IKEv2, as well as the cutting-edge WireGuard protocol. This provides some of the fastest VPN speeds you’ll find on mobile devices, along with a built-in firewall that acts as a kill switch and stops data leakage when the app closes. In addition, split tunneling, double hop, port forwarding and automatic startup on unsecured networks are supported – an invaluable feature for anyone who spends most of their time using phones or tablets! Plus there’s even a FAQ page filled with articles and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions should any issues arise!

Easy to Set Up

Windscribe apps are easy to set up and use, providing users with a range of features at their fingertips. Their intuitive design makes them suitable for users of all experience levels. Features like firewall protection against DNS leaks or data loss as well as kill switches (to block internet connectivity if VPN tunnel becomes unusable) round off an impressive feature list that supports OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard (an exclusive protocol not found elsewhere) make Windscribe stand out.

Windscribe does not collect data on what you do online, keeping your privacy safe. With its no-logs policy in place, even if forced to disclose information about you it would not be able to identify you by visiting websites or downloading files from them. In addition, no ISP logs are collected adding an extra layer of security; additionally its diskless server network prevents data being extracted from servers as well as keeping no logs of IP addresses or timestamps of connections; plus they offer no cost plans without needing an email address that offers 10GB free data per month – something no other service does so effectively!

Windscribe doesn’t offer live chat options, meaning you cannot directly communicate with a real person regarding any concerns or inquiries you might have about its service. Instead, they have an extensive help center covering nearly every aspect of its services – this includes FAQs, setup guides and troubleshooting tips as well as email or chatbot support during weekdays – however unlike top competitors ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access who both offer 24/7 live support with real customer care agents.

Windscribe offers competitive pricing with its 3-day money-back guarantee and affordable premium plans that cost just $1 per location for 10GB of data included with each free account. For just a bit more money you can upgrade to Pro for unlimited storage with R.O.B.E.R.T ad blocker support!

Works on Any Device

Windscribe offers intuitive native apps for various devices and platforms, including Windows and Mac computers. Both versions look identical – thus avoiding the common pitfall of VPN providers saving their best features for one platform while offering only limited capabilities on others.

Android app features an attractive yet straightforward user experience with an on/off button, location list and open connection icon in the corner. There are buttons for switching between different connection protocols as well as viewing Favourite and Streaming server lists. In Preferences you can configure OpenVPN UDP, IKEv2, Stealth or WSTunnel connections along with custom ports; plus it includes cross-system kill switch capabilities and GPS spoofing as well as network whitelisting features.

Windscribe stands out from other free services by not restricting how much data you can use each month or how many devices can connect simultaneously. Their basic plan offers unlimited bandwidth access and 11 locations, while upgrading to their Pro plan unlocks 110 servers, allows personalized IKEv2/OpenVPN configurations, personal DNS server setup and disable WebRTC leaks.

Windscribe follows best practice by employing AES-256 ciphers for encryption, SHA512 for authentication and 4096-bit RSA handshakes – in addition to perfect forward secrecy which ensures that if your VPN ever becomes compromised only limited portions of your data may become exposed until new encryption keys can be generated.

Windscribe does not provide live chat support, but has a comprehensive FAQs page with troubleshooting guides and setup advice. Alternatively, if you prefer reaching out directly, an email form connects you to real people – though responses could take several days to come through.

Windscribe stands out as an impressive new service because their software is extremely stable, lacking bugs or glitches that plague other VPNs; our tests found no issues streaming video or gaming via Windscribe. Sadly though, they do not allow you to select their underlying cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt data; which seems odd at this price point.

Has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Windscribe makes getting your refund simple and fast, whether through email or their 24/7 live chat system. Their free tier doesn’t offer all of the features available to paid subscribers – for instance, using it to unblock Netflix in America is not possible with them.

Windscribe VPN apps can be downloaded for free on virtually any device you own. They feature intuitive designs with user-friendly interfaces. There’s even an advanced mode that lets you customize the VPN experience exactly to your liking – this may come in handy if you want to tinker with settings!

Windscribe also provides various security features to ensure you remain safe online. It utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data private and secure, offers no-logging policy, supports multiple protocols including IKEv2 for improved connection speeds, has a kill switch and full leak protection to further safeguard privacy, plus its servers use RAM-only storage rather than writing to hard drives.

One great feature is its ability to create a secure WiFi hotspot on your computer, enabling other users to connect directly with it and use its safe Internet service without installing additional apps or plugins – but this feature only works if you’re running Windows OS.

Windscribe currently boasts servers located across 65+ countries, which makes for an impressive network. ExpressVPN and CyberGhost each boast 90+ countries of service; thus making Windscribe one of the more impressive providers out there.

Upgrade to Windscribe Pro plan and access all 110+ server locations worldwide. It also unlocks R.O.B.E.R.T, Windscribe’s powerful ad blocker which can be customized to block malware, ads, certain types of websites such as gambling or pornography or social media, etc.

Windscribe VPN stands out as an outstanding choice to enhance your online experience, with fast speeds, user-friendly native apps for all devices and a 30-day money-back guarantee – not to mention being cost effective when purchasing an annual plan.

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