WinDynamicDesktop – Brings the Dynamic Desktop Feature From MacOS Mojave to Windows


WinDynamicDesktop brings the Dynamic Desktop feature from macOS Mojave to Windows. Using your location as the basis, it detects sunrise and sunset times to automatically update wallpaper accordingly.

Once installed, this program will download images. After this initial process has completed, it will go back into system tray mode and change your wallpaper on an ongoing schedule.

It brings the Dynamic Desktop feature from macOS Mojave to Windows

There are plenty of ways to customize your computer, but few can compare to dynamic wallpaper. These files change as your desktop background automatically on a loop; making your computer feel more alive and exciting than ever! Luckily there are various apps that bring this feature to Windows computers.

MacOS Mojave features a Dynamic Wallpaper feature which dynamically changes desktop wallpaper depending on the time of day in your location. While third-party Windows developers have experimented with similar concepts, Apple’s implementation is far superior and well received by its users.

One developer, Timothy Johnson, decided to take matters into his own hands and developed an app known as WinDynamicDesktop that effectively brings this feature back to Windows 11 and later versions. It works wonderfully.

On your initial launch of this app, it will ask for your location in order to identify sunrise and sunset times. After entering this information, it will then automatically change your wallpaper based on current time of day; you may also manually choose which theme it uses.

WinDynamicDesktop stands apart from its competition by not impacting PC performance, using minimal memory consumption and exerting only minimal CPU load. Plus, you can access more themes online through its Get More Themes link in Select Theme Window for which there will be an additional fee associated.

WinDynamicDesktop provides more than the standard dynamic wallpaper – such as weather conditions based images – as wallpaper options. A selection of these can be found on their official website; some of them are free while others require donations; although the software only features a handful of wallpapers right now, expect this number to increase over time.

It offers a variety of wallpapers

WinDynamicDesktop provides users with an assortment of wallpapers from which they can select. In addition, this software enables them to choose their wallpaper for transitioning from night to day and sunset to sunrise based on actual timings of these events in their location – offering more authentic user experiences as they can be set at different speeds depending on personal preferences.

This program can be downloaded as a standalone application and comes preloaded with several themes, but users may add their own images for more customization of their wallpaper. Furthermore, the program consumes little CPU or RAM when running; making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting a dynamic wallpaper on their Windows computers.

WinDynamicDesktop is not just limited to dynamic wallpapers; it is a powerful tool capable of customizing the color and texture of your desktop background as well as adjusting screen brightness and contrast settings to make it even better. Plus, its user-friendly interface is great for both novices and veterans.

Download and install it free from Microsoft Store for Windows to add some excitement and uniqueness to your desktop wallpapers, laptop, or any mobile device. It provides an alternative that gives your laptop an exciting, individual appearance – perfect if you’re traveling.

Rainmeter, another fantastic live wallpaper available for Windows platforms, can provide your desktop with an interesting twist. Available both x32 and x64 platforms and even used as a screensaver, Rainmeter features beautiful animations of Earth’s landscapes that change with each passing second.

RainWallpaper does not adversely impact PC performance and consumes minimal memory and CPU resources, making it an ideal option for users on tight budgets who do not wish to shell out money for premium products. Furthermore, its pause button allows you to temporarily stop animations from playing out.

It is free to download

WinDynamicDesktop is a free program that brings the Dynamic Desktop feature found on macOS Mojave to Windows, seamlessly. This feature automagically adapts your wallpaper according to time of day using beautiful landscape images that change with sunrise/set times as well as brightness adjustments that match actual sunlight conditions. Setting it up only takes seconds! The program makes life simpler – set it up easily today!

One of the greatest advantages of this program is that it does not utilize too many system resources. Running quietly in the background, it won’t slow down your computer while adding color and personality to your desktop desktop environment.

WinDynamicDesktop download’s key advantage lies in its multi-monitor compatibility and offering a pause button for wallpaper movement, but its capabilities don’t match some other products in this category.

There are other similar products out there like Wallpaper Engine and ScreenPlay; however, none provide as high a level of performance as WinDynamicDesktop does. With its small size and straightforward setup process, WinDynamicDesktop makes an excellent solution for those wanting to spice up their computer’s default wallpaper.

WinDynamicDesktop provides users with a selection of landscapes and compositions for them to select their favorites, including beaches, mountains, cityscape environments and predefined themes that allow users to personalize their desktop experience.

Installing this app requires Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or later. The app will track your location to determine the times of sunrise and sunset before automatically rotating through all 16 Mojave wallpaper images throughout the day and night.

WinDynamicDesktop comes equipped with a selection of predefined wallpapers, but additional ones can be purchased separately via in-app purchase. While not an excessive drain on resources, loading images does take some time as WinDynamicDesktop must download large images that may not fit onto your monitor properly.

It is easy to use

WinDynamicDesktop allows Windows computer users to experience the dynamic desktop feature seen on macOS computers – and is free. It automatically changes your wallpaper depending on time and location; even more customizable themes can be created if desired! It works great across multi-monitors and resolutions and includes dark mode for nighttime usage!

Setup for this application is straightforward. As it’s a small program designed for easy taskbar access and requires minimal storage space, its setup process should take no longer than five minutes. When first launched, the program will ask for your location so it can determine sunrise/sunset times and display them alongside images on desktop screens accordingly.

WinDynamicDesktop features an easy to navigate menu that enables you to choose among preinstalled wallpaper packs and download new ones from developer GitHub. I found it particularly easy and not overburdened with options; my only qualm would be with regards to changing desktop background manually manually – an minor drawback nonetheless!

WinDynamicDesktop stands out as being lightweight, which won’t slow down your computer or tablet’s performance compared to other wallpaper tools that may consume significant resources. Even running it on low storage tablets won’t impact performance negatively – which makes this tool stand out.

Change the schedule of this application by right-clicking its system tray icon and selecting either “Configure Schedule or Select Theme” from its context menu. You can also adjust sunset/sunrise times from within the main window of WinDynamicDesktop program.

This program is an excellent solution for Windows users looking to give their desktops a more natural appearance. With just two buttons, this effective and straightforward program will keep your wallpaper updated throughout the day with dynamic images showing sand dunes at different times of the day – both during daylight hours when the sun shines directly on them and at night when moonlight reflects off them.

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