WinDynamicDesktop brings the Dynamic Desktop feature introduced in macOS Mojave to Windows via Microsoft Store. This application utilizes your location information to calculate sunrise and sunset times before cycling wallpapers based on this data.

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What is it?

WinDynamicDesktop is a free program that brings the dynamic wallpaper feature from macOS Mojave to Windows 10. This allows for gradual switching between light and dark versions of desktop wallpaper throughout the day – similar to how mountains appear on an Apple device’s home page.

This program boasts a user-friendly, minimal interface that should present no problems to beginners. After downloading and launching it, it will request your location so it can calculate sunrise/sunset times before changing your wallpaper based on time of day, from brighter versions as morning progresses to darker ones as evening approaches.

By default, WinDynamicDesktop includes several landscapes and compositions to choose from when customizing your desktop environment. If you need even more options, custom themes can also be imported for additional options. Unfortunately, however, WinDynamicDesktop does not automatically switch between light and dark wallpapers; so manually selecting one via right-clicking the system tray icon will be necessary.

WinDynamicDesktop can not only display different images throughout the day, but it can also sync your PC clock to reflect local timezone. This feature is particularly helpful if you live somewhere that experiences early sunset or where darkness settles before 5 PM.

Windows 10 provides native features to achieve this effect; however, these tools often require extensive setup and may only work in certain regions. Developer T1m0thyj’s tool offers an easy-to-use solution that works across most areas and even supports dark mode on select wallpapers.

Overall, WinDynamicDesktop appears to be an intriguing desktop application worth trying on your PC. You will experience gorgeous, dynamic wallpapers that create atmosphere and reflect time of day – an effective way of making computer time more pleasurable, especially for those spending extended amounts of time at their desks; additionally it can help prevent eye strain caused by too-bright backgrounds.

How does it work?

Apple’s macOS Mojave operating system features a feature called Dynamic Wallpaper that automatically changes your desktop background at specific times of day, using images chosen randomly. Windows 10 natively supports cycling through wallpapers but lacks this automatic switching. To address this shortcoming, an independent developer named t1m0thyj created an app which more or less brings this Mac OS feature over to Windows 10.

WinDynamicDesktop is a small program that does exactly as its name suggests: it changes your desktop wallpaper in sync with the time of day. To achieve this effect, it takes into account your location by retrieving sunrise/sunset data for that area and then adjusts accordingly. Furthermore, its minimal interface doesn’t consume too many resources since it stays hidden away in your taskbar tray all day long.

Once you start the software, it will prompt you to enter your location before beginning to download image sets for your chosen dynamic wallpaper theme. When this process has completed, the app will minimize to your system tray and begin changing your wallpaper based on time of day and month – offering mountain, desert, beachscape or cityscape images for users to select from.

If the default themes don’t suit you, simply visit WinDynamicDesktop’s Settings menu and select an alternative from the list or use the Get more themes online link to browse all available choices.

Github and Windows Store were down when this article was written; you can still access it, however. It’s an uncomplicated app and seems to work as advertised; however, its status as a third-party program containing potential bugs should be taken into consideration. Nonetheless, this program can provide users who use dark mode computers with additional ways of customizing their computer experience which the standard Windows setup doesn’t offer; particularly those who would like their desktop environment to match this environment.

What are the main features?

WinDynamicDesktop brings one of the best features from macOS Mojave directly into Windows 10. This free program automates wallpaper changes depending on time of day with stunning landscapes, various levels of brightness and beautiful compositions – perfect for use during meetings!

WinDynamicDesktop has an easy and straightforward interface, so even beginners should find it effortless to use the program. On first launch, just choose a theme and input your location; once this step has been completed, WinDynamicDesktop will minimize to its system tray and begin running automatically in the background.

Select from various predefined themes like mountains, deserts, beaches and cityscape environments to ensure that your desktop never feels boring. Furthermore, sync up local sunset and sunrise times for a truly authentic experience.

Another key benefit of the software application is that it won’t drain your battery, and its lightweight design ensures it won’t make your computer slow down.

WinDynamicDesktop provides users with a simple yet effective means of uninstalling apps from their system, though it may leave behind files or registry entries – something which can easily be remedied with Advanced Uninstaller PRO.

Once a program has been uninstalled, Advanced Uninstaller PRO ensures no residual items remain on your computer. Furthermore, the app scans for any unwanted applications or files on the system that could still exist and offers to delete them if found.

WinDynamicDesktop stands out among Mac-inspired software for Windows by not requiring complicated setup procedures or using too many resources on your computer, thus making it the ideal option if you want a dynamic wallpaper similar to what can be seen on a MacBook. Furthermore, this tool works much faster than similar applications and doesn’t consume too many resources on your system – perfect if you want an elegant way of customizing your computer while Mac users who miss this particular feature might like this app too! Download this free program and give this app a try today!

Overall rating

WinDynamicDesktop is an essential Windows 10 app for those seeking an interactive wallpaper experience, featuring dynamic changes at certain times of day. Based on sunrise/sunset times and your location settings, this program brings macOS Mojave’s Dynamic Desktop feature directly onto Windows 10, giving users the power to set sunrise and sunset times that will trigger changing desktop backgrounds at different points throughout the day.

As soon as you launch the app for the first time, it will prompt you to choose a theme and enter your location so it can determine sunrise and sunset times. After doing that, your wallpaper will begin changing automatically according to your theme at specified times; furthermore you can also create schedules, import custom themes into Windows 10, customize application colors or update location on demand if desired.

Once you’ve configured the options, the program will begin running in the background. It doesn’t use much memory or other resources; thus leaving it running for hours without slowdowns or other issues. In order to work properly however, your computer must remain connected to the internet in order for this program to function as intended.

This app includes an abundance of beautiful landscapes and abstract compositions to give your PC a refreshing new look. Additional wallpapers can be downloaded directly from the developer, but what’s included should provide enough variety.

WinDynamicDesktop’s only real drawback are its paid themes, which provide more images at specific times of day than its free themes. Otherwise, this program is an outstanding choice for Windows 10 users looking to replicate MacOS Dynamic Desktop features with dynamic desktop images. We highly recommend it: just visit Microsoft Store and search WinDynamicDesktop!

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