Wing FTP Server

Wing FTP Server is an intuitive and straightforward FTP server program, supporting multiple transfer protocols while offering admins a web based interface to easily manage and monitor server performance and online sessions from any location.

All FTP transactions are stored in a database, making them easily analyzed and generated reports in real-time. Furthermore, virtual directories can be linked directly with physical directories for mapping.

Supports multiple transfer protocols

Wing FTP Server is an advanced file transfer program capable of connecting to various transfer protocols, such as SFTP, WebDAV and HTTP with both SSL/TLS support. It features an administrative console supporting LDAP authentication as well as graphic user interface support with databases like ODBC or MySQL support. While personal use of Wing FTP Server is free, commercial licenses are available at an additional fee.

Wing FTP Server’s latest release now features FastUDP as a protocol to accelerate data transfers for low latency networks, along with features to make managing file transfers simpler, such as an improved user interface, better search capability and an enhanced thumbnail mode for mobile devices. Furthermore, there is also the option of setting a maximum data transfer limit per domain in this program.

Wing FTP Server’s latest release brings with it several improvements and bug fixes, such as being able to detect when users connect securely, automatically switching over their file transfer to an encrypted session, making downloading files from websites safer for their privacy. Furthermore, administrators now have the capability of monitoring server performance more effectively with this new software feature.

Fixed an issue where Cyberduck could no longer log into SFTP with an error message of “Connection failed”. Also addressed an issue where Service may crash when doing “Zip File” under certain conditions (Windows only).

Supports FTPS

Wing FTP Server offers a safe and easy way to transfer files over the internet. Utilizing TLS/SSL protocol encryption technology to encrypt client and server communications securely; authenticator options provide additional layers of protection; software can be run on different operating systems including Linux and Mac OS X; as well as compatible with many web browsers.

Wing FTP Server’s new version addresses multiple security problems, including an authenticated command execution vulnerability introduced in its predecessor version. Furthermore, this release addresses a bug which prevented SFTP download from functioning correctly on Windows 10 systems as well as increasing stability for its server process and providing support for additional LDAP groups.

This update has also improved the performance of the web client, making file downloads with larger file sizes more rapidly, supporting drag-and-drop and rename functions in file uploaders, compressing uploaded images to reduce file sizes, as well as offering online viewing/downloading of PDF documents.

This update to Wing Gateway software has increased security by logging banned IP addresses. Furthermore, FastUDP, a UDP-based protocol that speeds data transfer over low latency networks. Furthermore, Wing Gateway now auto-forwards FTP active mode ports to virtual machines hosted on its service – increasing flexibility greatly! You can download this latest upgrade on our website, with lifetime upgrade protection included by default.

Supports HTTPS

Wing FTP Server offers more than just file transfer functionality; it features several advanced tools, such as real-time information functions. These let you see exactly how files are being transferred while collecting user details. Furthermore, it includes web-based remote control and administrator console for optimal user experience as well as email notification settings when certain events happen (like uploading/downloading a file).

Additionally, the software can be customized to allow or block specific domains. Furthermore, FTP passive port range can be configured according to your router or firewall’s settings for improved security and faster data transfers. Furthermore, multiple FTP protocols and SFTP support is offered, along with an SSL certificate to protect transfer connections from being misused by malicious third-parties.

Wing FTP Server’s latest release offers several improvements, such as supporting the SFTP command “OPTS UTF8 ON” to increase unicode compatibility, as well as being able to detect client language settings and switch as necessary; this feature is particularly helpful if multiple users accessing your server from different countries.

Another feature in the new version is a web-client that enables you to view and edit office documents locally, supporting both XML and HTML formats, with download capability available via browser. It is more responsive than previous web clients; text editors provide syntax highlighting while bookmarks can be added by right clicking files or folders; its picture viewer can rotate images.

Supports SFTP

Wing FTP Server is a multi-protocol file server that supports several transfer protocols (FTP, FTPS, HTTP and SFTP) as well as web based remote control and administration. Users can upload and download files using any browser on either desktop or mobile device; cluster deployment with simple load balancing provides simple load distribution capabilities and supports LDAP authentication; plus it can send default notification emails for events (file upload or download). Plus it features its own built-in event manager so Lua scripts or third party programs can respond accordingly in response to these events!

Wing FTP Server version 7.0 features some enhancements designed to increase both performance and security. Its web UI now looks different and responds more responsively than ever, and can be used across Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Furthermore, their SFTP client has been enhanced to support folder download and office document editing as well as integration into mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

Wing FTP Server version v7.0 was also upgraded to use OpenSSL 1.1.1 and fix several vulnerabilities, including an issue which caused SFTP Servers to crash under certain conditions, as well as one which led to an XSS attack against Web Client text editors.

Supports virtual directories

Wing FTP Server is more than an FTP server; it’s a secure multi-protocol file server (FTP, FTPS, HTTPS and SFTP). Featuring real-time information gathering for monitoring purposes and web based remote management allowing easy server management anytime anywhere; as well as responding automatically to events like file upload/download by sending email notification of these events back to its administrator automatically.

Virtual directories allow you to map physical folders from different disks into one virtual directory hierarchy. Furthermore, this software enables users to store user data either XML files or ODBC/Mysql databases – including Windows AD/LDAP authentication support – while all FTP transactions will be recorded into a database which you can then analyze and generate reports real time from.

Users can share files via web browser or mobile phone, download files via links, and access FTP servers through this program. Users can customize LAN IP for FTP PASV response while the encryption features also support SSL/TLS security protocols. Furthermore, they can connect this program with proxy servers in order to gain access to FTP servers more conveniently.

This program also supports numerous other features, including user-specific ratio, disk quota, and bandwidth controls, an event manager that executes Lua scripts or sends email notifications or runs third party programs, clustering with Wing Gateway for load balancing purposes and offering free edition for noncommercial use – compatible with all major operating systems with an easy installation, configuration and usage process that comes fully supported from its developer.

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