Wing FTP Server

Wing FTP Server

Wing FTP Server is an efficient and secure file transfer software designed to work across platforms: Windows, Linux or Mac. Supported file transfer protocols include FTP, FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS so clients can connect easily.

This plugin enables Wing FTP Server to send log data directly to USM Appliance through NXLog. In order to use it successfully, it’s necessary to enable the Admin Log, Server Log and Domain Log before activating this plug-in.


Wing FTP Server is an all-platform file transfer software solution that provides its end users with numerous features, such as a web-based graphical user interface for remote server administration and real-time monitoring of all connected users, FTP protocol support with SSL/TLS encryption capabilities and support for multiple file formats (FTP / HTML / RFTp etc), file transfers from multiple locations securely, mobile device access capability – plus much more!

Wing FTP Server boasts several key features, such as a web-based graphical interface for simple administration, real-time status monitoring capabilities and email notifications when various events take place. Furthermore, you can manage files using various protocols, including FTPS and SFTP; virtual directories; ratio systems; disk quota systems to control how much data a user uploads or downloads are also supported.

Users will appreciate Wing FTP Server’s convenient web link file transfer functionality, which allows them to share files with others without having to login or install software. Simply create a URL with all of the information needed for viewing or downloading files directly. Plus, its advanced security systems protect it against brute force attacks while keeping files encrypted during transit.

Wing FTP Server’s notable improvements in this version include the ability to enter custom OpenSSL Cipher Suites under server settings, improved handling of the SFTP passive port listener and enhanced performance when listing folders with thousands of files. Other minor upgrades include making more than one bookmark when browsing web client navigation and some Android clients being able to save uploaded file directly into their local directories by clicking it; additionally PDF documents are now displayed directly within Google Chrome by double-clicking them; stability issues have also been addressed along with compatibility issues between process stability of SFTP server process and screen reading software improvements as well as stability improvements within server process stability as well as stability of process as well as improvements made for stability of SFTP process process stability as well as compatibility issues when working with screen reading software.


Wing FTP Server is a straightforward software solution designed to make sharing files with others simple and safe. Supported file transfer protocols include FTP, FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS while offering admins a web based administration interface allows them to oversee it from anywhere around the world. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems and offering free clients for downloading/uploading/monitoring upload/download speeds and graph displays as well. Furthermore, clustering via Wing Gateway makes clustering much simpler while providing access to XML files, an ODBC/Mysabase database as well as LDAP and Windows AD authentication authentication are supported features too.

This software comes in various languages and boasts an intuitive user interface (UI). With its wide array of features that make it suitable for both small and large companies alike, its proven track record of reliability and security as well as being fully scalable comes complete support and training from both their support staff as well as one-time payments make this product truly flexible for all businesses regardless of size or budget. Furthermore, purchasing it may either require monthly subscription or one-off payment plans – no matter your preference!

As well as its robust file transfer capabilities, File Transfer Protocol also offers other benefits for businesses. For example, it can act as backup storage capacity and help manage future company processes; increase speed of operations while decreasing costs; as well as protecting privacy by restricting access only to certain users.

Wing FTP Server’s setup process is extremely user-friendly. In just a few steps, you can have a secure, robust and highly configurable server running in your network. Furthermore, its administration console provides easy access to settings and files; additionally it automatically detects new files so no folders must be manually created for each user.

Wing FTP Server’s outstanding feature is its web browser compatibility, enabling you to remotely monitor and administer all aspects of your site from a remote location or when working from home. Furthermore, its intuitive configuration process makes it ideal for use with many popular file transfer protocol clients.


Wing FTP Server is an efficient and user-friendly file transfer software solution, supporting multiple file transfer protocols with online monitoring of server performance. Furthermore, it features web-based file management as well as authentication methods including passwords, LDAP, ODBC, SSH public key authentication and certificate authentication for secure multi-tier file sharing with an easy web browser interface allowing upload and download file transfers as well as multi-tier file sharing with secure multi-tier sharing permissions for secure multi-tier file sharing accessed by secure multi-tier sharing accessed from an administrator controlled web admin panel which also controls user access permissions settings as well as running Lua scripts and supporting email notifications to further alleviate load balancing solutions

Compare to its previous release, this release features many enhancements and bug fixes. For instance, SSL certificate chains can now be supported in server log, helping administrators quickly detect potential security issues more quickly while also discouraging unauthorized users from changing passwords too often by automatically terminating related online sessions when disabling an account.

Furthermore, FTP list commands now support wildcard filenames like “ls *.mp3”, while web clients now allow rotating image thumbnails. Furthermore, in the web admin interface it displays recent login history as well as login date information in an online session detail page.

Other enhancements include the capability of changing the default file permission on Linux to “0600.” Text editing and zip/unzip features now use this new permission, while weblink copy now shows an expiration date based on client time zone instead of server time zone.

Wing FTP Server now can be easily installed on Windows Server Core computers and started as a service instead of an installer, making installation simpler on smaller machines without enough room for full-featured installs. Furthermore, this upgrade to higher versions with just one license key.


Wing FTP Server is a web-based tool that requires only a browser for use, making it accessible from virtually anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, multiple OS platforms can utilize this tool which supports FTP/SFTP file transfers as well as offering free FTP Rush client.

This software employs a multi-layered security system to safeguard your data against hackers, including a firewall, anti-virus scanner and SSL/TLS encryption – as well as protecting against brute force attacks – with fast SFV checker that checks integrity of files being transferred. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes this an accessible option for both beginners and experts.

As well as this feature, Wing Gateway also allows users to map virtual directories to physical directories, providing the flexibility of storing data elsewhere than its original location. Furthermore, Lua scripting tool enables scheduling of tasks at specific times; transactions and reports can be tracked in real time; additionally it can even cluster servers through Wing Gateway providing load balancing solutions.

Wing FTP Server also comes equipped with a web-based admin interface that makes managing your file server even simpler from any location and timezone. Support for multiple FTP protocols allows it to be installed on Linux, Mac and Windows systems respectively and you can even monitor server performance online while receiving email alerts of events that take place on your server.

Using USM Appliance with Wing FTP Server, the NXLog plugin enables you to transform raw log data into normalized events for analysis. To configure NXLog, follow this article’s steps; to activate logging simply uncomment WINGFTP-NXLOG between /WINGFTP-NXLOG/ and uncomment “LOG=”. Please also ensure Admin Log, Server Log and Domain Log are activated before starting Wing FTP Server service in order to activate this plugin; for viewing logs simply login using web browser administration page by selecting tab then clicking “Admin Log”, followed by “Admin Log”, with logs displayed right away on Web UI display screen!

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