WinSnap Review


WinSnap is an advanced screen capture software with powerful editing features. It enables users to draw arrows, lines, shapes or text comments as well as add realistic shadows, reflections, outlines and watermarks to any screenshot captured with it.

Capturing options include full screen, application, window and object capture modes as well as customizable keyboard shortcuts and automatic image saving. In addition, there is an array of editing tools such as eye-candy drop shadows, color effects and canvas transformations available within this program.

Easy to use

WinSnap is a user-friendly image capture and editing program with a host of standard features to simplify image capturing and editing, such as being able to capture nonrectangular windows, add real smoothing shadows, capture complex application pulldown menus and provide basic canvas transformations, image coloring options as well as advanced auto-save and copy options. Users can easily insert watermarks or change its location or opacity.

Additionally, the program easily saves images in PNG, GIF, BMP and TIF formats, creating thumbnails automatically while automatically resizing captured images. Furthermore, multiple windows may be captured at once with hot keys being configured to make image capturing much simpler.

This software also offers various ways of editing screenshots, such as adding shadows and reflections, outlines, highlights and text annotations. Furthermore, you can crop an image or apply light/dark filter effects; additionally it can add watermarks as well as edit image sizes.

This program also boasts another great advantage – saving screenshots in formats suitable for printing. That way, images can be printed out and kept as references later. Furthermore, the program can be used to send screen data via email directly to colleagues or technical support departments.

WinSnap makes screenshot capturing easy with transparent screenshots, automatically filling any empty space between windows or other objects with the background color of your choice – perfect for pasting into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Outlook emails!

WinSnap is a lightweight program that requires very few system resources and offers unparalleled customization options. Unlike many programs, WinSnap doesn’t require complicated settings or an intricate learning curve for newbies – making it an excellent replacement for Windows’ Print Screen feature. In addition to having a user-friendly interface and taking up minimum memory space usage, this efficient app also doesn’t need access to Windows Registry; running off removable drives; being compatible with all major versions of Windows; plus being run off removable media drives is possible too.


WinSnap is a comprehensive screen capture tool, featuring various tools and effects. With its user-friendly interface and fast processing speed, it makes WinSnap easy for anyone to use and helps save time. WinSnap supports numerous image formats such as PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and JPG; additionally it creates thumbnails automatically resized according to fixed sizes; copies images to clipboard for further storage on disk automatically as well as automatically sequence file names to prevent overwriting captured images.

This application allows users to easily capture any area of a screen or specific applications, windows or objects – from entire desktop screens or select applications or windows through to specific objects – such as applications windows and objects that do not conform to rectangular shapes – such as complex pulldown menus and context menus of applications – with visual effects like shadows reflections outlines and watermarks added onto screenshots for improved screenshots – this feature makes communicating problems with software developers much simpler! Finally it also allows quick and easy communication through email about screen data captured – an extremely handy feature when trying to conveying data quickly – useful when communicating issues via email!

WinSnap is an extremely lightweight application, using minimal resources. Its “Application” mode enables users to capture all visible windows of any foreground application with just one click; basic drawing tools allow for the creation of shapes of various colors and sizes; you can select and delete shapes with either mouse button clicks or right clicks; additionally it saves images directly onto disk storage or copies them directly to clipboard for copying purposes – saving images as PDF documents and copying to clipboard in an easy click!

Though this program offers many wonderful features, it does have some drawbacks. For example, its drawing tools lack an option for correcting errors, forcing users to recapture and start over from their original images again in order to correct any discrepancies in drawing errors. Furthermore, cropping tools cannot accurately calculate selections which could lead to inaccurate results; in addition, its drawing tool lacks an undo button which could pose difficulties when trying to capture specific areas of a screen.

Customizable controls

WinSnap features an impressive set of customizable controls to make capturing just what you want from your screen easier than ever. Adjust the window you’re grabbing, set custom capture modes (including delayed capture), and specify items for inclusion or exclusion when taking screenshots.

Fine-tune image settings such as contours and colorization. Use WinSnap to add text or image watermarks. Save screenshots in various file formats including PNG and TIFF images with transparency. All these features make WinSnap one of the most advanced programs in its category.

WinSnap comes equipped with several customizable shortcut keys that you can assign to specific actions and will function even when WinSnap is closed. Reassign them at any time for easier navigation of this software program.

One feature that sets this program apart is its ability to capture a particular area of the screen. You have four capture modes available – window, region, application and object capture modes – giving you control over exactly which elements you capture; using object capture mode gives you full access over which elements of multiple windows you want included without taking photos of background pixels.

This program comes equipped with an in-built drawing tool, enabling you to add personal notes directly on screenshots or use geometric shapes as highlighters for key areas. If the built-in editing tools don’t meet your needs, additional external programs may offer even further enhancements.

Though Lightscreen Portable doesn’t boast as many features, it remains an intuitive and lightweight screenshot program ideal for portable use. With a user-friendly interface and support for various file formats – as well as compatibility across most operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS – Lightscreen Portable makes an excellent solution for anyone seeking quick screenshots on-the-go. This free and lightweight application makes an excellent solution!

Easy to install

WinSnap is an application created to assist with screenshot-taking, but unlike many similar programs it allows non-rectangular windows and allows real, smoothing shadow effects to be added dynamically on the fly. In addition to taking snapshots, it has some basic image editing functions such as overlaid arrows, lines and shapes as well as applying light or dark filters to filter an image before saving.

This free-trial software is easy to use and features an intuitive user interface, making it perfect for creating thumbnail previews for blogs or websites, visualizing technical and educational materials, or sending reduced-size images via email. Configuration options make the program user-friendly: you can define which area of the screen should be captured while also including or not including mouse cursor. Delaying shots allows you to capture items such as open menus that would otherwise disappear before taking their picture.

WinSnap makes image saving simple with its wide array of formats – JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP are among the many available – making editing and annotating screenshots easier than ever before. Furthermore, when closed you can set WinSnap to minimize to your system tray for ultimate productivity while working.

NTWind Software’s screenshot tool is an intuitive and user-friendly utility designed to quickly capture windows with non-rectangular shapes on transparent backgrounds and enhance them with professional-looking shadows, reflections, outlines, watermarks and color effects. Furthermore, this screenshot tool includes an inbuilt image editor with basic annotation capabilities for annotating your screenshots.

WinSnap boasts several advanced features that distinguish it from similar tools. For instance, its “Application” capture mode enables you to capture all visible windows within an application and combine them into one screenshot, while also maintaining native Aero window shadows and titlebar transparency.

WinSnap stands out as being an extremely lightweight solution, using minimal system resources. Its user-friendly features make it the ideal solution for quickly capturing desktop images with effects and adding them to them quickly and effortlessly.

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