WinSnap Review

WinSnap is a straightforward screen capture application from NTWind Software, an innovative developer who regularly releases compact yet effective Windows utilities.

Users have the flexibility to capture images from any point on the desktop, an object, window or application on it and save these with transparency for use in PowerPoint presentations.


WinSnap is an advanced screenshot tool with an array of capture and editing features for users to take full advantage of its user-friendly interface, making it accessible regardless of experience level. Features such as customizable capture options, advanced editing tools and annotation tools make WinSnap easy to save and share screenshots with anyone. It even supports multiple image formats allowing easy screenshot storage.

Winsnap offers many tools that make creating professional-quality images easier than ever. The software captures entire windows, specific regions of the screen or freehand selections – even shadows and reflections can be added! Users can add text and arrows for tutorials while simultaneously capturing multiple objects – including dialogs or popup menus!

WinSnap stands out with its transparent backgrounds feature, enabling users to easily paste screenshots into other documents and presentations with ease. Furthermore, this format supports saving images as BMP, GIF, JPEG PNG or TIFF and even handles Windows 10’s titlebar transparency!

WinSnap features an intuitive user-interface designed to allow users to quickly customize and control their captures, running smoothly on portable drives for convenience on-the-go. Editing tools include cropping, colorization and image watermarks; users may also add simple effects like dropshadow or sepia tone effects to images before sending to WinSnap for upload. Furthermore, WinSnap allows for adding an image or text watermark onto every screenshot captured with it.

WinSnap’s drawing tools are extremely user-friendly, and can easily create complex shapes and arrows. In addition, this program can draw rounded rectangles and ellipses as well as highlight areas with custom colors. Furthermore, WinSnap supports drawing directly over background images with either dark or light frames around each screenshot and add a watermark at the bottom for easy identification of screenshots.


WinSnap boasts an array of advanced features that make it a powerful alternative to other screenshot software packages. Users can utilize transparency effects when taking screenshots for presentations or tutorials, as well as shadow effects which add depth and dimension to their photographs.

WinSnap software is compatible with a range of operating systems, such as Windows 10, 8, and 7. Furthermore, this versatile solution supports various file formats – PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF are among them – making integration easy across a wide array of workflows – an attractive feature for IT professionals.

WinSnap can be downloaded directly from its website. Once downloaded, simply open and extract its ZIP file using WinRAR or similar program before running its installer and following its prompts for installing it on your computer. Finally, once complete click “Finish” button to complete this process.

Once the installation process is complete, WinSnap makes taking screenshots and editing them easier than ever. With its straightforward user interface and wide array of file formats available to choose from, taking images quickly with WinSnap can become part of your daily workflow seamlessly.

As an added benefit, this program comes equipped with basic drawing tools that enable you to draw lines, arrows, rounded rectangles and ellipses. In addition, you can highlight areas with custom colors and create text using user-defined formatting attributes. Furthermore, batch processing makes this program even more time and labor saving when it comes to taking large sets of screenshots for presentations or tutorials.

WinSnap is free to download, but does have some restrictions: its trial version lasts 30 days before adding watermarks to captured images. To remove these restrictions completely, purchase a license directly from WinSnap’s manufacturer.


WinSnap stands out among other screenshot tools on the market due to its competitive pricing structure and inclusive lifetime upgrades for licensing users. Furthermore, WinSnap developers release minor fixes and updates regularly for this program; all this adds up to make WinSnap an excellent value for your money. Furthermore, there are multiple finishing touches you can apply to captured images, such as drop shadowing or reflection effects; additionally it enables custom watermarks which help prevent misuse of captured screenshots by third parties.

WinSnap 3.0 was specifically developed with Vista functionality in mind and is capable of capturing nonstandard shaped windows as well as those featuring rounded window corners.

Final Words

WinSnap is an outstanding way to take screenshots on PC, featuring easy user navigation and numerous features designed to make your screenshots stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, its multilingual support makes customizing WinSnap an effortless process; making it an excellent alternative to Windows Snipping Tool or third-party options like Greenshot or Shutter.

NTWind Software has long been recognized for producing user-friendly Windows utilities that are powerful yet simple, and WinSnap follows suit with this promise by offering built-in help manual and support forums that are closely monitored by its creator, guaranteeing fast responses times from those using them.

WinSnap stands out from other screenshot programs by its ability to capture non-rectangular windows easily, something Vista’s Snipping Tool struggles with. Furthermore, this program can also be set to capture specific regions, windows, objects or applications with ease.

WinSnap makes it easy and fun to customize screenshots by enabling users to add and save watermarks directly onto screenshots, whether textual or image. Users have complete control of opacity and placement of their watermarks on screenshots; plus effects like shadow, reflection, outline or watermark colorize can easily edit output with various drawing tools such as crop, rectangle ellipse tool arrow tool text tool as well as cropping rectangle ellipse text tool and text tool can add visual interest. Additionally WinSnap can save files as PNG, JPEG BMP GIF or TIFF files – supporting multiple image file formats that can save files for you or even later use.

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