WinSnap Review


WinSnap is an image capture and editing tool tailored towards technical communicators, web designers, and users alike. It enables captures of windows, applications, regions, as well as allows the user to draw directly onto screenshots.

This program features many standard drawing tools that enable the user to crop, write text freely or add arrows and shapes as needed. Furthermore, the file formats supported include those unique to specific file formats.

It is easy to use

WinSnap is a screen capture and editing software utility with advanced features and tools designed to make creating professional-quality screenshots effortless for users. With its straightforward, user-friendly interface, beginners can use this program without prior experience or prior knowledge required of them. WinSnap supports various file formats – PNG, BMP and JPEG – giving them plenty of choice in saving screenshots in the best format for them.

WinSnap can capture images of applications, window areas or freehand selections and save the result as PDF, PowerPoint presentation or image file – perfect for sending via email! Plus it comes equipped with editing features like arrows and shapes which make editing tutorials and presentations simpler; as well as a built-in photo editor that lets users adjust brightness contrast and color of their images.

WinSnap stands out from its peers by enabling users to easily add shadows and reflections to images, making this capture program the go-to option when capturing complex windows or pages with multicolored backgrounds. Furthermore, this program features other helpful functions like delayed screenshots, rounded corners, no mouse cursor capture, background capture as well as delayed screenshots – providing even greater convenience than its competitors!

WinSnap goes beyond basic screenshot capture by providing features for editing and annotating screenshots, making it simple to produce high-quality screenshots for presentations, tutorials and more. These powerful editing capabilities include text annotations, highlights and shapes as well as options to adjust colors, textures and shadows; additionally it can even edit a selected area by altering its shape.

The application offers many other features, including customizable hotkeys, image file automatic naming based on time or template, sound prompt for successful captures, previewing images prior to saving and configuring external tools menu for image editors and optimizers – all in a 100kb app significantly smaller than Paint!

WinSnap stands out as an amazing tool with its ability to display non-rectangular shadows, an essential feature for skinned windows and visual styles in Windows XP. Furthermore, this software saves information about window forms while adding real smoothing shadows – an advantage over competing software programs! Plus it is extremely lightweight consuming minimal system resources.

WinSnap’s latest version features numerous improvements, such as supporting multiple monitors and file formats, with an updated streamlined user interface that makes it even simpler to navigate and use. Compatible with all major versions of Windows, and totally free for personal, educational and non-commercial use – plus it comes in English and Russian language options with features like autostart, customized capture hotkeys and multilingual help files – to name but a few!

It is easy to install

WinSnap is an easy-to-use screen capture tool, capable of taking snapshots of windows, objects, the desktop environment and other areas quickly and simply. Additionally, it allows for the application of various effects to the images captured as well as adding comments. Designed specifically for personal, educational and non-commercial use without restrictions or license fees required – install quickly without complicated setup process as its installation file is very small so even on slow Internet connections it should complete within seconds! Moreover, WinSnap does not require administrative privileges to run either!

WinSnap stands out from its competition with thoughtful features that go beyond its basic functions, such as custom capture hotkeys and image file naming based on time or template; sound prompt for success capture; preview capture image preview capability and advanced auto-save/copy options. Furthermore, its “Object” capture mode enables simultaneous selection and capture of multiple windows/dialogs/objects simultaneously.

This program also offers basic editing capabilities, including sepia layers, drop shadows and watermarks consisting of pictures or text. Rotating and cropping without losing original size are possible; unfortunately there are no undo/redo buttons that would help correct errors; such features would prove particularly helpful for users who regularly capture and edit images.

This software enables users to take thumbnail previews or full-sized screenshots of windows, applications, desktop areas and other areas, saving them in any of its supported formats. Furthermore, it can capture either the entire screen, fixed region or specified window using one of three modes; furthermore it preserves titlebar transparency and native window shadows on Windows Vista and later systems, rounded corner window styles detection as well as recognition – making it an excellent solution for users using modern user interfaces of Windows.

This application also comes equipped with additional utilities, including an image editor and color palette to further personalize screen captures and create more customized results. Furthermore, its customizable keyboard shortcut and mouse control provide faster operation of this tool. WinSnap allows you to select a default folder for storing screenshots, making them easily accessible whenever needed. Supported image formats include JPG and PNG and it even works on portable devices – plus images captured can be copied directly onto the clipboard! WinSnap can be especially helpful when sending screenshots via email, as this feature helps avoid overwriting existing screenshots and allows you to avoid the temptation of overwriting previous ones. Furthermore, WinSnap is lightweight and versatile enough that it won’t disturb your work – from multilingual installers and unlocked files, all the way up to portable full registered versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows it provides everything needed for efficient screenshot sharing and management.

It is easy to customize

WinSnap is an easy-to-use screenshot program with many customization features to meet the needs of its users. While WinSnap was intended as technical communicators’ solution, anyone seeking professional-looking screenshots for use on help systems, manuals, websites or help systems may use this program too – you’re even able to add shadows and reflections with it and annotate screenshots easily! The program even comes equipped with features to annotate screenshots as needed as well!

The program supports various image formats, and features a built-in thumbnail creator for easy sharing and storage of screenshots. Furthermore, external programs such as image editors can be integrated seamlessly within its interface, making running them effortless.

Users have complete control of the size, shape and color of their screenshots as well as transparency adjustments for windows and regions. Furthermore, this program captures non-rectangular windows into captured images as well as mouse cursor and background captures. Users also have access to change default keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys used for taking screenshots if desired – not only that but when not in use it can even run silently in the background while working.

WinSnap can also be customized with editing tools that make your images truly stand out, including shadow or reflection effects, drawing over them with text and graphics, or overlaying all sorts of geometrical shapes. Plus, its easy resizing capability lets you save it as an image or print it!

WinSnap also provides users with the capability of quickly selecting and capturing rectangular areas or entire application windows from their screen, automatically pasting it into host programs for further editing or sharing online via websites and image hosting services.

NTWind Software has made this program free to personal computers for use, but the company also offers a commercial version which includes additional functionality, such as exporting images directly into files. Either a one-time fee can be charged per user license – depending on which is more suitable.

This program comes in multilingual full installers and unlocked files as well as portable full registered versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. It runs on any computer equipped with GDI+ installed; which typically comes installed with Windows installations. For optimal performance, make sure that you update GDI+ by downloading and installing updates regularly.

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