WinSnap Review


WinSnap is an advanced screen capture utility packed with cutting-edge features designed to enable superior screenshots and streamline working methods. It supports five capture modes – window, application region object.

These modes provide you with various options to ensure you capture the image you need every time, such as including or delaying mouse cursor, delaying shot time, and fine-tuning other settings.


WinSnap is a screen capture program with several capture modes to choose from – full screen, application window and region capture modes are supported along with various image formats and features like watermarks, cropping and coloring options. Furthermore, text and arrow annotation can be added directly onto screenshots, making this an excellent solution for presentations or tutorials.

This tool can also be used to capture non-rectangular windows and add real smoothing shadow effects in real time. Furthermore, it enumerates all visible windows within an application, enabling users to combine them into one single picture; any empty space between separate windows can automatically be filled in with any background of their choosing.

WinSnap can save screenshots in various file formats, including BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Furthermore, it preserves file names and transparency attributes when saving PNG and TIFF images; plus can automatically save to specified locations with specific filenames each time it runs.

WinSnap can also be configured so that its hotkeys won’t be overwritten by system global hotkeys, and set individual hotkeys for different capturing modes; enabling you to take pictures from one keyboard shortcut before editing them using another hotkey.

WinSnap can create thumbnails for all captured images, making this program perfect for quickly sharing screenshots online or sending to friends and colleagues quickly. Plus, the GNU General Public License allows it to be used freely for personal, educational or non-profit uses – perfect!

Capture modes

WinSnap is a lightweight screenshot utility designed for free use that provides users with several tools for producing high-quality images. Users can capture whole windows, specific regions of the screen or freehand selections; WinSnap even provides annotation tools such as text boxes, arrows and shapes making creating professional-quality screenshots easy! WinSnap makes creating images for presentations or tutorials effortless!

This program offers various image capture modes, enabling you to take full-screen or specific window shots in rectangular or elliptical formats. Furthermore, transparency features allow all empty space around specific windows or non-rectangular forms to be filled in with the background of your choice if applicable. Furthermore, custom shadow effects may be added as well as highlight or outline windows and objects within screenshots; you may even use this tool automatically resize images, create thumbnails and even capture complex application pulldown menus!

Post-processing options available with this software include canvas transformations and coloring effects, signature/watermark customization and keyboard shortcuts to quickly take snapshots with one key press. It can also be set to run automatically and minimize to your system tray for quick access.

One thing WinSnap lacks is an integrated way of saving or uploading screenshots to files or websites – something which would prove particularly handy if sharing screenshots online was required. Luckily, third-party applications offer similar services. Still, WinSnap still boasts many useful features and it should definitely be given a try.

Post-processing options

WinSnap is a free image enhancement program that makes creating professional-looking screenshots easy. With features like post-processing images with shadow effects and crop/resize functionality, it makes finding exactly the image for your project that much simpler.

The software allows users to capture windows, application windows, or the entire screen using keyboard shortcuts, supporting various image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF and offering tools for watermark creation that can be embedded into images. Furthermore, this solution has the capacity to automatically save multiple screenshots into different directories and file formats, saving both time and effort when working with large sets.

This software makes it simple and effortless to capture non-rectangular window shapes and add custom backgrounds, providing automated canvas transformations and coloring effects, including drop shadow effects for added eye candy. Furthermore, information regarding form windows is stored within this software along with providing access to its features such as Alpha Channel transparency for PNG/TIFF formats.

WinSnap differs from other image editing programs by not relying on Windows registry and being portable enough to run from any removable device. Users can use WinSnap as a replacement for Print Screen key combination, switching between ribbon interface or more traditional menu and toolbar interface; setting hotkeys or customizing keyboard shortcuts.

Its design makes it an excellent candidate for portable use, using minimal system resources while remaining compact enough for portability. Available in several languages with users being able to modify its source code in order to support additional languages if desired.

Keyboard shortcuts

WinSnap is an advanced screenshot program with numerous tools designed to create high-quality images. Capable of taking snapshots from non-rectangular windows, and adding various effects such as professional smoothing shadows, watermark insertion, color correction and canvas transformations; additionally supporting rounded window edges as well as saving results in different image formats, the software provides customizable hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts for quick access to commonly used features.

WinSnap can also take screenshots directly from external programs, which is particularly handy when needing to quickly grab screenshots of software that has one of its menus collapsed, for instance. This feature can be enabled through the Options menu. Furthermore, WinSnap can be set up so it starts when certain software applications start or even run in hidden mode to reduce its presence on screen.

Keyboard shortcuts provide a convenient and fast way to access WinSnap features quickly, even after closing its window. PrintScreen, Alt+PrintScreen, Screenshot Window Object (which are predefined hotkeys), can easily be assigned using keyboard shortcuts in WinSnap Settings dialog or any command-line parameters provided for developers.

Overall, WinSnap is an invaluable tool for quickly taking and editing photos on their devices. Available for personal, educational, and non-commercial use – with optional donations to keep it going – WinSnap comes equipped as both an installable app and portable version to facilitate seamless usage on the go – or as an installation package available through NTWind website for those wanting an easier and quicker solution for taking snapshots on a time limit.

Final Words

WinSnap is a handy enhancement application with various image editing features that may prove beneficial to users. It enables effortless capture of non-rectangular windows with customized and clear backgrounds, effortless canvas transformations and tinting effects (with eye-candy darkening effects).

The software also provides users with various keyboard shortcuts that allow them to quickly capture screens and edit them with only a few mouse clicks, making this capability particularly helpful in the workplace when customers must create professional screenshots for customer handbooks, introductions or overview e-mails; in addition, this functionality is ideal for providing feedback or creating clear documentation and training materials.

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