WinTools Net Review

WinToolsnet is a suite of tools for increasing MS Windows operating system performance, memory monitoring and customizing desktop and system settings to suit your personal preferences. Furthermore, WinTools increases speed and stability on connections as well as providing security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Clean Registry is a tool for performing periodic registry cleanup to remove unneeded applications that remain after uninstallation, as well as invalid references that slow system speed and increase loading time.

Clean Uninstaller

Clean Uninstaller is a utility designed to enable users to uninstall programs in an efficient and effective manner, unlike regular uninstallers. It does so by carefully analyzing each program before taking additional steps to ensure all files and Registry entries have been deleted, helping avoid issues like broken shortcuts or leftover remnants of programs after they are uninstalled.

As an easy, straightforward, and portable app that runs on Windows 98 through later, iSmartMonitor features an easy and clear user interface with features like advanced program monitoring, bundleware/bloatware remover and an automated software updater built-in as well as system utilities like Program Start Menu Manager and Services Manager that optimize software often have.

A program’s logger records changes it makes to your computer when installing, and reverses them during the uninstallation process. Furthermore, its analyzer helps identify and delete programs which cannot be completely uninstalled due to non-logged installations.

Scan Files

Scan Files is a mobile app that transforms your device into an high-quality document scanner, enabling you to capture documents such as receipts, notes and whiteboards with one touch – turning them into PDF or JPG images or editing your scans with filters such as black & white and whiteboard.

OCR technology also makes searching text files simple; simply share or save them via email or cloud storage locker.

To use Scan Files, launch the app on both an iOS device and Mac and tap on the More button (which looks like a file folder) respectively. Choose which file you’d like scanned, as well as its format and options you would prefer – including size adjustments and page reordering capabilities!

Scan Registry

The Windows Registry stores information regarding hardware and software installed on a computer. Over time, as new software or hardware is added and removed from it, this data may become outdated, leading to program or system errors which may slow down or even crash the machine.

This tool scans the Registry to detect invalid or obsolete information, enabling you to restore and optimize it to ensure optimal system performance. Furthermore, the utility removes unnecessary keys which could slow down performance further while saving disk space by freeing up space within it.

Addition of “Registry Item Contains Any Value” search option (instead of ‘Load All Keys…’). Additionally, new options ‘Open Clipboard Text in RegEdit” and “Delete Selected Registry Values from.reg File” (Ctrl+K).

Addition of option to display only Registry keys modified within x seconds/minutes/hours/days, enhanced status bar display during scanning.

Start Up

WinTools net is an all-in-one MS Windows system optimization program designed to keep your computer running at optimal performance. This comprehensive suite can eliminate junk files from disk drives, optimize Registry performance and performance of disk drives, prevent programs from launching automatically at startup without authorization, optimize RAM memory usage and customize desktop and system settings – essential tools in minimizing system crashes while safeguarding sensitive information.

WinTools net provides a robust set of tools, with some key ones including Clean Uninstaller, File Shredder, Scan Files and Registry Scanner, Start Up, Tweak UI, Your Privacy and RAM Memory Booster among its list of features. Start Up allows users to eliminate unnecessary software and control what launches at startup to reduce boot time as well as adjust Windows’ Telemetry Services; furthermore it periodically cleans dead references and junk files that increase drive access times, thus keeping hard disks free from clutter; other features include network monitoring as well as system settings to control how the operating system functions.

Tweak UI

Tweak UI is a free graphical user interface (GUI) tool from Microsoft Power Toys that lets you easily modify some Windows features without editing the registry. Although supported by technical support for Microsoft, its usage should not be considered official support from them.

Tweak UI provides several useful features, including the ability to control how quickly menus fade in and out; alter window animation; manage CD AutoPlay; and turn off Windows 98-style enhancements on the desktop computer. Furthermore, Tweak UI helps customize Start menu items and can select which system icons appear on taskbars.

Tweak UIX was designed to be small in size and usable for any Windows XP user. It features an uncluttered user interface with links in the left panel and tabs for specific categories, plus tooltips with additional explanations when hovering over each tweak. This tool should be an essential addition for optimizing system performance on any system.

Net Tweaker

Tweak system settings hidden deep within Windows Registry Editor and other areas with an intuitive Graphic User Interface. No third-party offers or crapware included – pure freeware!

Net Tweaker provides you with a set of tools to allow you to optimize and streamline your Internet connection speed, as well as managing overall bandwidth usage on your computer.

Another amazing feature of this program is its ability to optimize and secure Internet Explorer web browser, including configuration of security options, antiphishing filters or managing smartscreen filtering.

Note that this tool does not offer system scans for malware; however, its features make it a viable solution for improving Windows experiences. These include the calculation of Windows Experience Index from its main page as well as descriptions when hovering over tweaks.

RAM Memory Booster

If your computer is running slowly and programs keep crashing, upgrading its memory could be necessary. Often this issue stems from older software consuming large amounts of RAM Memory Booster can help.

This program monitors memory usage and frees up space when the minimum memory threshold has been reached – avoiding sudden decreases in performance and allowing new programs to open more quickly. Furthermore, laptop-specific adaptation allows it to function optimally: when on battery mode it temporarily deactivates while connected to power, activating back later when back connected again.

To keep RAM from depleting too quickly, attempt to reduce the number of programs running at once. Close those you aren’t using and utilize read-it-later services like Pocket to store open web browser tabs until later. Also consider disabling any visual effects in Windows that might be taking up too much memory.


Are you searching for an emulator that lets you play arcade games on PC? ExtraMAME provides just the solution; its use of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) framework lets you experience retro gaming options.

User-friendly interface for all available games that includes their original name and thumbnail image. Accessing “Options” allows users to configure and tweak the program by disabling sounds, activating mouse/joystick support in game windows, or applying graphics tweaks.

Learning ExtraMAME may take some time, but its payoff for nostalgic gamers more than makes up for any initial effort required to learn it. Furthermore, this software contains pre-loaded games so you can start playing immediately without spending hours setting them up; and is compatible with various input devices including mice, keyboards, joysticks and lightguns – saving even more time overall!

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