WinToUSB Review

WinToUSB is an application created to assist with deploying the Windows OS onto USB hard and flash disk drives, and even to duplicate existing OS installation USB drives.

This free software for Windows computers supports BIOS machines with MBR partitions and is user-friendly and reliable.

How to use

WinToUSB is a free software tool that enables users to clone their Windows operating system onto a USB drive for use across different computers, supporting UEFI bootable OSs as well as keeping a copy in case they need it on another machine. The WinToUSB program is easy and completely safe – however it should only be used from reputable websites to prevent malware entering their system.

This USB drive can be an invaluable asset to people working from home who require access to multiple computers at the same time, but must move their operating system between machines. Although cloning may not provide as full a functional experience as original OS due to different hardware on different computers, but you can still use it to run applications and programs from either PC.

WinToUSB is free for anyone to download and use, but be aware that selling the cloned operating system may be illegal and failure to follow instructions could damage your computer. Nevertheless, WinToUSB provides a great way to save money and create portable versions of operating systems; just use it only for personal purposes!

Hasleo WinToUSB is an innovative program that lets you clone an existing Windows OS installation to a USB or Thunderbolt drive as portable Windows, saving time when reinstalling both OS and application software.

To use WinToUSB, prepare a USB drive of at least 16GB size and connect it to your computer. Clicking “Start” allows you to select which partition on which Windows should be installed before clicking “Proceed”. From here on out, WinToUSB will guide you through most of the setup process that would typically occur with a standard installation – any issues encountered will be highlighted and asked to try again if needed.

Installation process

WinToUSB is a Windows system that enables portable Windows to provide access to files, programs and settings from different locations. This can help prevent boot failure for your PC in case of disaster, rescue files from system crashes and boot into different operating systems if desired. Plus it’s extremely user friendly; download it easily for personal use for free from trusted sources (check reviews by other users if unsure! ).

After installing WinToUSB on any USB drive or external hard disk drive, it can be run directly from either. The program will create a bootable flash drive containing an entire Windows installation – perfect for installing on both traditional BIOS-based computers and UEFI-based machines – easily and with no special knowledge needed to use.

As soon as you launch WinToUSB, it will ask you which Windows edition you’d like to clone before asking you for a target USB drive and operating system clone target drive selection. Cloning will occur for a number of minutes before asking you if it should continue the process or ask you for confirmation before concluding its process.

Once you select the appropriate option, you will be asked to confirm that you want to format the drive. This standard security measure helps protect your privacy; once approved, the program will begin installing Windows onto the USB drive.

After the process is completed, you can disconnect the USB drive and boot Windows on any computer with UEFI support from it. Furthermore, using this tool to clone a disk or partition onto it may also work; its compatibility covers most versions of Windows including the latest one: 10. Should any issues arise using this program you could try using another backup tool like MiniTool for example.


WinToUSB is a program that assists users in creating bootable Windows installation USB drives for both traditional BIOS and UEFI computers, offering various useful features, including support for UEFI booting and Windows To Go compatibility; additionally it is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista. However, its limited functionality and high price limit some potential users from making use of WinToUSB.

WinToUSB should only be used with USB devices that support Windows To Go; that means they must support UEFI. If using non-UEFI computers, a separate application must be downloaded and installed to make them compatible with this feature of Windows To Go.

WinTousb is free for users, while there is also a paid version called WinToUSB Pro available if additional functionality is desired. This version includes features not present in the free version such as creating USB drives with multiple partitions and user-friendly interface. UEFI booting support is also supported with this paid program.

WinToUSB can not only create USB drives but can also convert ISO images into Windows PE bootable flash disks, supporting different disk types such as eMMC and SSD while supporting complex filesystem formats like NTFS and HFS+. Furthermore, this software helps create USB bootable drives for any edition of Windows.

Are You Searching for an Alternative to WinToUSB? There are many alternatives on the market. Hasleo Windows To Go Upgrader stands out as an accessible and straightforward alternative, boasting an easy interface and quick installation process. While free to use, some limitations apply – for optimum performance use a USB 3.0 Drive when creating files using Hasleo.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is another great alternative to WinToUSB. Besides creating bootable USBs, its capabilities extend far beyond simple booting functions to fixing OS boot issues, backing/restoring partitions, and more – making it an excellent tool for anyone seeking an effective bootable USB for any computer.


WinToUSB is an easy and straightforward Windows To Go creator that enables you to make portable versions of your operating system for use on different computers. It includes numerous customization features – such as being able to encrypt your USB drive – as well as compatibility with both UEFI and MBR boot modes.

WinToUSB stands out as an invaluable way to create USB installers for any version of Windows, regardless of edition, architecture or customization ISOs – though note that the process may take time!

WinToUSB goes beyond creating Windows USBs; it can also generate bootable USBs for various other systems, including Linux installers or rescue disks, as well as copy an existing installation of an OS onto USBs – an invaluable feature that saves both time and improves work efficiency.

WinToUSB is an excellent tool, but it does have some drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. Professional users may not find its lack of lifetime license and upgrades suitable, which should encourage you to look for alternatives such as EaseUs OS2Go which offers more features at a more reasonable cost than WinToUSB.

WinToUSB stands out by being easy and intuitively designed with a wizard-like interface, making it great for novice users who require creating Windows installation USB drives quickly and reliably. Furthermore, WinToUSB works on all versions of Windows, including the most up-to-date editions. WinToUSB is both safe and free to use, making it a convenient way for anyone needing to install Windows onto a USB drive. While WinToUSB does support most versions of Windows, if you require more comprehensive solutions consider Rufus; its free open-source software helps create bootable USB drives in similar fashion while also offering tools for working on low-level systems.

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