WinUtilities Review

WinUtilities is an all-in-one PC maintenance and optimization suite, featuring modules to optimize disks, registry, history, delete browser traces and application logs, split files into smaller pieces, find duplicates and more.

Time can slow down a computer, but with just a few clicks this software helps them run like new again.

Disk Cleaner

WinUtilities brings together system, disk, Registry and file optimization utilities in one central interface for easy use, making it simpler to locate or access tools otherwise scattered throughout Windows. Many modules also include step-by-step wizards for those needing assistance using them.

The Disk Cleaner feature on your computer identifies and deletes files that take up unnecessary space on your hard drive, such as Internet and Windows temporary files, Word list files, backups, logs, hibernation logs and hibernation hibernation logs – among many others.

Other modules provide modules to optimize Windows Registry optimization, defragment hard drive defragmentation and program execution at startup. Revo Uninstaller performs more effectively while its Memory Optimizer doesn’t result in as significant an increase in free RAM like Comodo Memory Manager does; safe file deletion, recycle bin shredding and maintenance task scheduling capabilities also exist in this software package.

Registry Cleaner

The Registry Cleaner feature in Windows removes outdated entries from its Registry. As programs install or uninstall, their settings are saved in this database but sometimes errors arise that prevent their removal – leading to anything from error messages to blue screen of death errors.

Registry cleaners come in many different flavors; you’re most likely to come across them packaged into larger suites such as the free CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare Pro programs, for instance. Both provide more than just scanning capabilities; with Advanced SystemCare Pro also featuring defragmentation tools, RAM cleaners, an auto-care function, internet speed booster features and malware protection as additional modules.

Before turning to premium tools to improve the speed and security of your computer, it’s crucial that a comprehensive backup be created first. Registry cleaners may promise speed improvements beyond what can be provided by Windows’ built-in utilities; however, they could leave behind opportunities for malware to reinfiltrate.

Shortcuts Fixer

Shortcuts Fixer is an extremely helpful feature designed to remove unnecessary shortcuts that have taken over desktop or Start Menu space, thus keeping your system healthy and performing optimally. Compatible with all major versions of Windows, this free program can ensure optimal system health.

It has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily select which drive you want to scan for shortcut files and when done displaying all the shortcuts with their locations on that drive. Furthermore, this software attempts to identify missing target files or programs and link broken shortcuts with them if possible – however if these can’t be fixed completely then there’s also an option available to delete them entirely – one of my favourite programs for cleaning up broken shortcuts! When done deleting they instantly go to recycle bin for your safety!

History Cleaner

Windows stores many temporary files that take up valuable disk space. WinUtilities’ system cleaner feature can clean out these unnecessary files for increased free space and improved performance, including recent documents, start runs, search histories, tray notification files, empty recycle bins and many others.

This software also enables you to easily delete traces left by browser use, including internet cookies and cache, typed URLs, autocomplete form data and download history. Other options available to users are clearing command line from run menu, common dialog last visited MRU, file associations and shared DLL sections – among many more!

It also allows you to manage and uninstall programs installed on your computer with various options. However, its Duplicate File Finder can sometimes prove misleading as many files that it claims as duplicates may actually be vital components necessary for running certain applications.

File Splitter

File Splitter allows you to divide large files into pieces that can later be joined back together, which is especially helpful when sending large files over unreliable networks or saving them to floppy disks with limited storage capacities.

Easy to use and equipped with various tools designed to boost system performance, it helps you remove junk files, temporary files and other unnecessary data that slows down your PC. Furthermore, its file shredder secures deleted files so they cannot be recovered through recovery software.

This Windows utilities suite boasts a tabbed interface with an array of functions, such as Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Shortcut Fixer, Uninstall Manager, Memory Optimizer, Duplicate File Finder, Privacy Protector and File Shredder. In addition, there is also an inbuilt system monitor allowing real-time system monitoring as well as game speed-up tool which boosts video games.

File Shredder

This software suite features a file shredder to permanently delete data. It can be used to delete files and folders, empty Recycle Bin contents and wash free space on drives and partitions. A hierarchical explorer view makes adding files or folders for shredding easy, with options like Vaporize, Into Ashes or Extra Carefully wiping methods available for selection.

After adding items to a list, this program will start the deletion process, providing an HTML formatted report of its actions. It uses various algorithms for overwriting files and folders so data cannot be recovered later on.

WinUtilities’ file shredder feature is an invaluable asset to its extensive system performance tools, which also include registry cleaner, junk file remover and disk defrag program. Novice users will find its intuitive user interface user-friendly allowing for swift completion of multiple maintenance tasks at the click of a mouse button.

Memory Optimizer

If your memory is running low, WinUtilities Memory Optimizer can help free up some space by moving old data to the paging file – freeing up more for applications. Furthermore, this application includes a memory analyzer with line and pie charts so that you can monitor how your system consumes memory.

This program features an intuitive user interface, making it simple and straightforward for novice PC users. It comes equipped with several tools designed to ensure optimal computer operation – registry cleaner, disk defragmenter and hard drive optimizer are among them.

Windows Optimizer helps your system run more quickly by ensuring memory is released properly when programs end. In addition, this lightweight software also includes several useful functions such as secure file deletion, recycle bin shredding and maintenance tasks scheduling. Designed for older systems and with no installation requirement or CPU memory needs; its portable version lets you transfer program files without installation hassles.

Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate files can clog up space on your computer and can make it run slower, wasting resources. With a duplicate file finder you can easily identify and delete duplicates to free up more space on your system.

WinUtilities’ Duplicate File Finder feature allows users to quickly search their PC, external storage devices, Google Drive and Dropbox accounts for any duplicate photos, music files or any other types of file which have already been stored there. It can even detect empty folders as well as duplicate EML files!

ScanSniffer supports various scanning methods, including byte-by-byte, directory comparison and content (SHA-1) scanning. With its intuitive user interface and safe tool that won’t damage files, this program has garnered high overall reviews with around 240 five-star and 210 four-star ratings – it should be part of any computer user’s toolbox! It’s a must have program for those wanting to keep their computer clean and organized!

System Monitor

Although WinUtilities is a comprehensive set of system utilities, it does not offer complete system scanning capabilities. Even so, it remains an excellent solution for keeping your PC secure and fast.

This software features various tools designed to boost PC performance and delete junk files, such as disk and registry cleaners, shortcut fixers, file shredders and duplicate finder. Many modules feature easy step-by-step wizards for user ease; additionally the 1-Click Maintenance feature enables multiple tasks to be performed at once with just a click.

TurnedOnTimesView, which analyses Windows event logs to display all times your computer was turned on and for how long, is one of its top features. Uninstall Manager also works well, although not as effectively at uninstalling programs as Comodo Programs Manager and Revo Uninstaller do. Another useful tool is Registry Backup & Restore which creates non-proprietary.REG backups; unfortunately the memory optimizer feature doesn’t free up much RAM.

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