Wise Disk Cleaner Review

With time, junk files and temporary Internet files begin to build up on your computer, taking up valuable storage space while slowing it down. Wise Disk Cleaner software provides an effective solution to free up disk space while optimizing system performance with customizable cleaning options.

Clean with 1-click allows you to set daily, weekly or monthly cleanup tasks on the desktop for instant action without having to open up the program first. Plus it’s virus-free and consumes minimal resources!

Free up your disk space

Wise Disk Cleaner can easily clear away temporary files and other system junk that accumulate on a Windows Computer over time, freeing up valuable disk space while speeding up performance. With advanced user options such as customization capabilities, this program also makes an effective solution.

The program is simple to use. A wizard guides beginners, with default settings that clean up common items such as log files, Internet history/cache for browsers such as Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome, downloaded Windows updates/upgrade files/backup files and backup files. Advanced users may use manual selection of folders or files with specific extensions for cleanup.

Once scanning is completed, Wise Disk Cleaner displays a list of items found on your disks. It also has the capability of automatically cleaning files according to any schedule you set within its settings, while you can create a “Clean with 1-Click” icon and place it on your desktop; with this feature you can quickly clean your disk with just a single click without opening up another program!

Defrag your disks for greater efficiency, improved system performance, reduced read/write latency and faster read/write speed. Furthermore, this program analyzes each disk type to recommend an ideal defragmentation strategy to suit its unique characteristics.

Outshone its standard cleaning features, this program can also scan and eliminate various forms of malware that slows down your PC. For instance, it can identify and uninstall unnecessary programs such as browser add-ons and search histories which hinder browsing experience; as well as detect spyware/adware installation on your system.

Wise Disk Cleaner can also manage background applications, including startup programs, processes and services that run in the background. Furthermore, it can delete unnecessary Registry and swap file entries that slow down systems performance.

Defrag your disks

Over time, system and temporary files accumulate on your Windows computer and consume precious disk space, slowing it down significantly. Wise Disk Cleaner makes it easy to quickly identify and delete unnecessary files while also performing disk defragments to help ensure its optimal operation.

Wise Disk Cleaner stands out from other freeware tools by scanning for more types of files than most. This makes it ideal for advanced users looking to quickly clear away junk files. Furthermore, the program offers the option to analyze the system thoroughly and provide a list of potential space savings. Its user interface is easily navigable with customization features available; plus its basic defragmenting tool makes this software suitable for novice and expert users alike.

Wise Disk Cleaner can quickly and safely delete temporary files, system caches and log files from the Windows Registry to free up space for more important purposes. It also can clean unused files that occupy large amounts of storage space as part of improving PC performance, including unneeded updates from Microsoft. It’s essential that before beginning this cleaning process that you review its results thoroughly as important files could accidentally be deleted by accident.

Though this program’s basic version is free, purchasing a license to unlock its features may be worthwhile. Doing so will provide full access to defragmentation and disk cleaning features as well as accessing updated versions with newer features like Slimming System and Disk Defrag.

Wise Disk Cleaner is an dependable and user-friendly disk cleaning program that can help free up disk space, optimize PC performance, protect privacy, defrag disks for maximum efficiency and comes in multiple languages for maximum comfort. Plus it even comes equipped with either light or dark user interface options to maximize comfort!

Optimize your system

Over time, junk files, temporary files and any unnecessary system files accumulate on your Windows Computer and consume valuable hard disk space, slowing its performance. Wise Disk Cleaner can remove these unnecessary files for you and speed up its performance; its advanced options enable advanced users to eliminate even more files they no longer require.

Wise Disk Cleaner’s disk defragmentation feature can also prove invaluable, helping make all partitions more compact for improved system performance and running speed. Furthermore, it supports TRIM technology for SSD drives specifically.

Wise Disk Cleaner also comes equipped with other system optimization features to enhance its effectiveness, such as the removal of invalid shortcuts and backing up/restoring Windows Registry; defragmentation memory to make applications run more smoothly; Internet browsing trace removal; privacy protection by deleting temporary files – these tools all contribute towards optimizing your computer system.

Wise Disk Cleaner stands apart from similar software by not including adware or spyware and being free to download and use. As with any system optimization task, it is recommended that a backup be created prior to beginning work on any optimization tasks.

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Protect your privacy

Privacy protection is of utmost importance for Wise Disk Cleaner. This software removes privacy traces left by browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as applications and components running on Windows systems in order to prevent prying eyes from accessing private information about you.

Use the Cipher/w command to securely delete deleted files so they cannot be recovered, including files you’ve removed from Recycle Bin. This feature also works when files have been archived in Google Drive.

Wise Disk Cleaner can protect your sensitive data from unauthorised reading, writing, renaming and deletion through its File Encryption and Folder Hider features. With one feature you can encrypt files with password protection while hiding folders prevents anyone else from seeing what lies within.

Wise Disk Cleaner’s Registry Protection feature is another useful one, monitoring and protecting Windows registry entries against any unauthorized modifications by programs. When any program attempts to make modifications without permission, it will alert you and prompt you as to the best course of action to take.

Other useful features include a large file manager, system slimming feature to save space and speed up disk read/write performance; hardware overview feature; system monitor for monitoring essential details about how your system is running; large file manager to organize multiple large files at once and system slimming feature; system overview feature allows hardware overview to understand how your PC operates better; System Monitor displays essential system details to help understand how computer works better

Wise Disk Cleaner can run an automatic scan daily, weekly or monthly ensuring your system is always protected without needing manual intervention from you.

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