Wise Folder Hider Review

Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider is a free and flexible file-protection application. With it you can quickly and effortlessly conceal files, folders and external USB drives.

This tool can safely conceal local partitions and removable devices containing files/folders so they cannot be accessed by other programs or operating systems. Furthermore, a second level password can be set for added protection.


Wise Folder Hider is a free file/folder hiding tool designed to secure personal data so it cannot be accessed without password access. The program works across local partitions as well as removable devices – with DOS running alongside programs – effectively hiding information even from prying eyes – perfect for protecting sensitive information against prying eyes but best used at home rather than commercial environments that require stricter confidentiality measures.

The program is intuitively designed with an unobtrusive user interface and drag-and-drop functionality, along with log-in password protection and double password protection, making it harder for anyone else to gain access to your files. Furthermore, USB drives can be hidden using this unique software feature which many other similar applications don’t provide.

At first run, you will be asked to select a password. You have two options when setting one: creating either a master password for all parts of the program, or individual lockers containing private files which require their own password for access; it is also possible to “lock” specific folders within the main directory so as to prevent opening, deleting, renaming or moving of their contents.

Once you’ve created a password, you can begin hiding files and folders using that password to gain access to them again later. However, remember that once hidden you cannot change or alter that password; should you forget it you will have to rehide all items before setting a new one again.

Wise Folder Hider version 5.0 brings with it several exciting new features, such as support for dark mode and showing and hiding passwords. Furthermore, its interface has become much simpler; using right click, users can hide files directly from Windows Explorer rather than having to launch the application itself; making Wise Folder Hider much more user-friendly on portable devices.

Easy to use

Wise Folder Hider is a free software program for Windows operating systems that enables users to conceal files, folders and external hard drives from prying eyes while providing powerful encryption protections to safeguard sensitive information. However, this simple-to-use program doesn’t support hiding parts or all of an external hard drive; users need a password in order to unlock it.

Folder locker software is extremely user-friendly and can be utilized by those of all technical levels. Simply select the file or folder they wish to hide, drag it to the main window of the program, and drop it. Upon dropping an item into this window, it will instantly vanish from its file directory, being accessible only through password verification. Furthermore, this program offers options to temporarily make them visible again when necessary.

As soon as the software has been installed, a right-click menu item will be added for accessing files or folders, or alternatively it can be launched directly. Furthermore, users can set a hotkey so as to quickly hide or unhide selected items with one click.

Wise Folder Hider allows users to set a password that ensures only those who know their unique code can gain access to hidden files or folders. This feature can help protect sensitive information from prying eyes when sharing computers; however, should the password become lost, no means exist to recover those files or folders.

Wise Folder Hider may not offer as many advanced features as other folder locker software does, but it is still free and works effectively on most Windows systems. The program is user-friendly with helpful online documentation available to guide its use; its only drawback being no password recovery feature which could potentially prove an inconvenience for some people.


Wise Folder Hider is a reliable software tool for hiding and password protecting files on Windows computers. Its intuitive user interface and wide range of features makes it suitable for both home users and professional businesses. Furthermore, USB drives and removable storage devices can also be hidden to ensure privacy is maintained; in addition to free upgrades and features provided with each upgrade.

Though Wise Folder Hider is reliable, it does have some limitations that might prevent complete partition hiding or external HDD protection. Furthermore, no password recovery option exists, meaning if you forget your password you will need to remember it yourself instead of being able to recover it through software. Nonetheless, the software is free for most users and offers plenty of basic security functions which should meet most needs.

This software is simple to set up and works on any Windows computer, supporting drag-and-drop functionality with an uncomplicated user interface. Furthermore, its security capabilities enable users to create individual passwords for each hidden folder, making it ideal for businesses who must protect sensitive information against unauthorised access.

Before selecting a new platform for your business, it’s crucial to carefully compare features and scalability before making a final decision. Selecting an ideal solution will reduce downtime while increasing efficiency – additionally it should also ensure compatibility with other systems and devices, including mobile and tablet devices.

Wise Folder Hider Pro is an intuitive software program that makes hiding and encrypting files and folders effortless. Its unique design enables you to easily create shortcuts for frequently used programs, customize keyboard shortcuts, launch multiple applications simultaneously, as well as leverage its powerful search function – compatible with all versions of Windows!

Wise Folder Hider makes sharing data simple. Simply hide folders and files from Windows Explorer to make them invisible to other users – this feature is especially handy if you work in teams or share a computer with multiple people; even sensitive documents on USB drives can be hidden this way!


Wise Folder Hider can assist if you need to hide files and folders on your computer with just a few clicks, both locally on partitions as well as external devices. Furthermore, its password-protection functionality enables only authorized users to gain access. It’s an ideal solution for those wanting to protect their privacy online or at work.

Wise Folder Hider differs from other hiding software in that you do not need to hide and then unhide files in order to edit or modify them, thanks to its 4th version’s new driver technology which enables objects to be hidden by loading a special drive in the background – something not available elsewhere – this feature also works on USB sticks!

Another advantage of this program is its ease of use; even novice users can quickly learn its ropes. When installed, Wise Folder Hider adds an option called “Hide File/Folder with Wise Folder Hider” directly into your context menu allowing you to hide items directly by right-clicking without first having to open its program.

This program’s advanced encryption algorithm hides data on the hard disk so it cannot be accessed by other programs or operating systems, such as DOS. However, data may be displayed and unhidden upon entering a valid password; this method provides much greater reliability than simply hiding files and folders which could easily be discovered by others or users.

The latest version of this program also offers additional useful features, including the ability to lock specific files and folders, switch dark theme mode, display hidden passwords and support external security drives – making it a powerful way of protecting privacy.

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