Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider is an efficient yet straightforward method for hiding files, folders and USB drives. With an intuitive drag and drop interface and log-in password protection that ensures maximum security.

Users can utilize this program to lock away and encrypt personal files, photos, videos on local partitions or removable devices. Once unlocking and viewing their data, they must provide the correct password in order to unlock and view it.

Hide files and folders

Wise Folder Hider can provide the ideal solution if you share your computer, external drive or USB stick with others and are concerned that they might inadvertently reveal your private files and important data. Using this utility software, files and folders can be hidden so they are hidden completely – not even during full PC searches – meaning no one can open, modify, copy, move or delete your information without knowing your password.

Use this program to securely encrypt files or folders or entire partitions and only gain access to their data through entering a login password or unlocking virtual encryption disk. Added layers of protection can even be set by setting double passwords – perfect for those working in offices that handle sensitive documents and files on a daily basis!

Wise Folder Hider’s straightforward user interface makes it simple and user-friendly, enabling you to select files or drag folders into the window for hiding purposes. Furthermore, it encrypts data by creating lockers with password protection – each offering its own set of secure lockers with individual password protection capabilities. Creating multiple lockers – each protected with its own individual set of credentials – provides further security.

This utility program stands out from its competition in that it supports multiple operating systems and storage devices – from hard disks and flash drives to external hard drives and external USB drives. Furthermore, it’s capable of working on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows as well as being compatible with most popular portable devices.

Before installing Wise Folder Hider on your PC, it is wise to carefully consider its system requirements. This will ensure it can run seamlessly and is compatible with your hardware; you can find this information at the developer’s website. Furthermore, the free trial version provides an opportunity for testing to see if it meets your needs before purchasing its full version; plus it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give it a test drive to see if this tool suits you perfectly!

Encrypt files and folders

Wise Folder Hider provides an effective means of protecting personal and private photos from prying eyes while also safeguarding against accidental deletion or disk formatting. This makes Wise Folder Hider the go-to solution when sharing computers or public computers.

This program boasts an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that is suitable for first-time users. The drag-and-drop functionality enables quick and effortless archival of files and folders quickly and effortlessly; second-level password protection adds another level of protection; fully compatible with Windows 10, local partitions as well as removable drives such as USB drives are supported by this tool.

As well as hiding files and folders, this program offers another layer of protection: encryption. With this feature in place, nobody will be able to view or access your personal information without knowing your password – though be mindful when sharing your computer with other people as physical destruction remains possible if necessary.

Wise Folder Hider is an intuitive and effective solution to protect your privacy. This tool enables users to encrypt files and folders for better privacy protection, while also protecting against unauthorized users deleting or moving them elsewhere on your computer. Furthermore, the software prevents others from accessing hidden files even when you’re away from the computer.

This program can be utilized in various ways depending on your specific requirements, from hiding a single file or folder to creating encrypted partitions of entire drives. Furthermore, it can even help protect data on external hard drives and USB sticks in case they’re lost or stolen devices.

Not only is this program easy to use, it is also free. Please be aware that the free version does not provide support or other advanced features found only in its paid counterpart.

Locker mode

If you want to secure your personal files against people trying to take them away, using locker is one of the fastest and easiest ways to protect your sensitive information. A locker works by creating an extra space on your computer where sensitive files can be hidden away – this way if someone attempts to gain entry, they won’t be allowed in. Ultimately using folder lock software like this one provides one of the fastest and safest solutions to protecting yourself against data thieves.

Wise Folder Hider can not only hide files but also lock those stored on USB drives or external hard drives using password protection – perfect when lending out your computer to someone else or password protecting folders with personal photos and media files.

Wise Folder Hider allows you to securely and effortlessly hide files, folders, photos, and other personal data on your computer without incurring a cost. Locked files cannot be accessed by users or programs and therefore cannot be deleted, modified, moved, copied, renamed or renamed without being encrypted using a 256-bit Blowfish algorithm which protects privacy of files encrypted using it – yet remains easy for use and won’t impede performance on your system.

Use this software to password-protect USB flash drives, preventing other users from accessing them and creating a secure boot that prevents unauthorized software from loading onto your computer. Furthermore, this program can block Internet access to drives.

Encrypto File Locker provides another means of protecting your files with its effective encryption tool that lets you hide files and folders while protecting them from hackers. Installing and running this software on any Windows computer is very straightforward, while it supports multiple file formats including video, audio and documents allowing easy file sharing among friends.

Privacy protection

Wise Folder Hider can help protect your personal files, photos and videos from prying eyes by hiding it in an encrypted manner so no one will be able to access them without first entering a password. Furthermore, it encrypts files making them unreadable to anyone trying to view or open them; it must be noted though that this software program only works on internal hard drives with password access; external drives won’t work!

Wise Folder Hider makes hiding files straightforward: just drag-and-drop or right-click to use this software to make your data invisible – the program then creates a hidden partition to protect the information from being accessed by others on your PC.

Wise Folder Hider can even be used to conceal folders on USB drives, protecting files from being viewed unauthorizedy and protecting sensitive documents that you do not want others to view. Users can set an additional password protection level so only they have access to what is stored. Ideal for anyone needing secure and private documents.

One of the great things about this software is its flexibility in supporting multiple operating systems – including Windows XP, Vista and 7! Plus its lightweight nature means it won’t occupy much space on your computer; even better yet it can run in the background so you can use it while working on other programs!

Wise Folder Hider stands apart from similar software programs by offering basic security directory and data features at no cost, without advanced features like cloud data protection or password protection for your data. Nevertheless, its customer support is excellent and additional functions may be purchased for an annual subscription fee; for more advanced features consider upgrading to Pro version of the software.

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