WonderFox DVD Ripper Review

WonderFox DVD Ripper

WonderFox DVD Ripper makes ripping DVDs on Windows easier than ever, supporting multiple devices and offering customizable settings to further simplify the process.

This software features an intuitive and simple user interface, making it accessible even to novice software users.

It can help you circumvent DVD CSS, region code, multi-angle and RCE protection as well as Sony ARccOS/UOP protection (Sony ARccOS, Universal Oppress and Disney X-Project DRM/Cinavia Protection).


WonderFox DVD Ripper is an intuitive video conversion application, which enables users to convert DVD movies into digital formats for storage or playback on mobile devices easily and effortlessly. Furthermore, this program decrypts encrypted DVDs as well as adding subtitles in their own language – it supports an impressive range of media formats on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, featuring an user-friendly interface and high stability that set this program apart from similar offerings.

DVD Ripper Pro comes equipped with a long list of output profiles for various devices such as tablets and mobiles that you can use to optimize DVD ripping for each. Furthermore, its advanced GPU acceleration speeds up the process considerably. Furthermore, you can take screenshots directly from videos you watch and save them as JPG or BMP files – you can even adjust video/audio codec settings such as resolution, bit rate, frame rate, channel sample rate volume to get the perfect video output!

Additionally, this program provides crucial assistance for bypassing DVD copy protections like CSS, region codes, multi-angle RCE Sony ARccOS UOP Disney X-Project DRM Cinavia. Furthermore, its exceptional disc-reading speed enables an outstanding DVD ripping quality experience.

This software makes editing DVD videos simple, enabling you to remove black borders and edges, trim video length, crop it, merge multiple videos into one single file and add unique watermarks in text or image format. Furthermore, different effects like greyscale, darkness, sharpness noise emboss vintage and pixelization can also be applied to your video for optimal viewing experience.

Once your DVD ripping process is complete, the program should automatically store its output to your chosen directory; or you may manually select one to avoid overwriting original files.

Another outstanding feature of this software is its capability of converting 2D and 3D videos into high definition with fast conversion speeds – meaning you can watch DVD movies on mobile devices without losing quality! Furthermore, it’s compatible with the latest versions of Apple iOS and Android systems.

Output Formats

WonderFox DVD Ripper is a simple yet powerful DVD ripping software program. Using its intuitive user interface, it quickly transforms all your DVDs into digital files which can easily be played on multiple devices and is capable of bypassing any encryption on them. Furthermore, WonderFox supports various video formats so your movies won’t just look exactly how they should when converted.

Simply insert your DVD, analyze it and press the appropriate button. Ripping DVD can work with all kinds of media formats including discs, ISO files and folders containing DVD content – once data has been ripped it can be stored locally or sent directly to your computer for safekeeping.

This program can rip a DVD into over 300 formats and devices. These include popular video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV and MKV as well as WMA, WAV FLAC AAC audio formats. In addition, high definition videos such as 1920*1200 can also be converted from DVD.

Once your DVD is loaded into the software, it will recognize its main title and select an output format best suited for it. From here, you can adjust file sizes and settings accordingly before hitting “RUN” for it to begin converting to digital video files.

Dependent upon the size and format of your DVDs and device, conversion may take some time; however, it should be fast with no major issues with quality being produced by final videos produced from this process.

There are also other functions you can utilize with the program, including cropping, cutting, trimming, rotating and adding effects to videos. Furthermore, editing video clips together and merging them together is possible, as is changing their frame rate, resolution and bitrate parameters; making this program essential in creating perfect videos for all devices.

Conversion Speed

A DVD ripper can help to create backup copies of video or DVD files in case they become damaged or lost. Furthermore, digital copies can be created that can be played back across devices.

WonderFox DVD Ripper is an impressive piece of software that can do all this and more. It can bypass almost any encryption put onto a DVD and convert its data into various formats for further use. Furthermore, editing options allow users to make changes and personalize videos as required; making this an ideal solution for those looking to edit and customize videos themselves.

Another outstanding feature of this program is its ability to rip dual-layer DVDs into single gigabyte files, saving space on your hard drive while making file management simpler. Furthermore, there is a selection of profiles tailored specifically for different devices so you can select the one most suited to you and your needs.

Once you’ve selected the profile that best meets your needs, just press “Run” to activate the program and get to work converting your DVDs to your chosen format. It works quickly and efficiently so there won’t be much wait time until this process is done – please be aware though that its speed depends on both file size and how much information is in the movie being converted.

WonderFox DVD Ripper offers some settings that you can tweak, but these are best left for advanced users looking to tinker with its functionality and tweak its settings. For instance, advanced users may enjoy altering frame rate and bitrate of output files to customize them for commercial usage if needed. It also supports encrypted DVDs as it updates itself regularly to stay ahead of encryption techniques used.

Supported Devices

This program supports over 150 popular tablet devices and mobile phones, such as Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy/Note, HTC cell phone, Sony XBox/PS/Blackberry among many others. Furthermore, the program analyzes 99 titles on DVD to select only its main movie and remove unnecessary video clips such as ads/trailers etc from it – while providing optimized output profiles tailored specifically for each device, guaranteeing high-quality playback when converted to that particular device.

One of its key capabilities lies in decrypting various DVD protection methods used to prevent copying. These include DVD content scramble system (CSS), region coding, CPRM, RCE, multi-angle protection and many others.

Another key benefit of the program is its capability of converting DVDs to various file formats. This enables users to save both time and resources while maintaining the original format of a movie, which comes in handy if transferring files between computers or devices.

WonderFox DVD Ripper features an intuitive user-friendly interface designed to meet the needs of beginners, while advanced settings offer ample support for experienced users. Furthermore, WonderFox can rip encrypted DVDs along with numerous file types.

This software comes equipped with a free trial that enables users to experience its capabilities before purchasing it; its price is comparable with similar programs offered by developers like WinX, Aimersoft, Leawo and more.

Ripping a DVD into AVI with zero quality loss typically takes around 20 minutes and much less time to convert into MPG (about 510 minutes). The program supports up to 4K video resolution for HDTVs and large displays and also has additional features like the ability to capture screenshots from DVDs as well as visual effects like greyscale, brightness, blur, noise emboss vintage which allow viewers to watch them on more mobile devices without downloading third-party applications.

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