Wondershare Dr Fone – Recover Deleted Files From iPhones and iPads

Wondershare DrFone

Dr. Fone can recover files directly from an iOS device or, in cases where this is impossible, from iTunes backups. In addition, Dr. Fone is capable of dealing with device update failures or freezes and unlocking carrier-locked phones.

This software also provides a full data eraser and a privacy option to ensure maximum confidentiality prior to selling or giving away a phone. Furthermore, it enables transferring WhatsApp, iMessage, Line Messenger (LIM), Kik Messages between devices.

It can recover deleted files

Software updates can bring many advantages, but they can also cause phone crashes if they’re not thoroughly tested or contain bugs. When this occurs, users can lose important messages, photos and files – although tools exist that can recover these lost items – one such tool being Wondershare Dr. Fone which can recover files even with broken screens!

This app offers several easy data recovery processes that are straightforward. It can scan and recover information directly from your device itself or from iTunes or Google Drive backup files. Furthermore, it supports data transfer between devices – a useful feature when migrating between phones or operating systems.

This program can restore images, music, videos, contacts and text messages – as well as save WhatsApp chats and attachments – that were lost accidentally or accidentally deleted from mobile phones. Plus it offers an impressive set of features! Plus it can even transfer files between Windows PCs and Android phones!

To use this tool, users need to connect their smartphone via USB to their PC and enable USB debugging. Once this step has been taken, a pop-up will prompt users to enable USB debugging; once enabled, the software will begin scanning for lost files. After it completes its search process, it will present users with a list of all recovered files which they can filter by category/type for preview and recovery options; finally they may select their files and save them onto their computer.

While this app can recover many different types of files, it may not work with all Android devices. Rooted phones tend to access more data than unrooted ones; additionally, this tool can also be used to delete data from devices – with its full data eraser option wiping everything clean while its private eraser feature allowing you to select which information needs erasing and deleter options allowing for selective data removal; moreover it also creates backup copies of personal information stored on devices.

It can restore data from iTunes backup

No matter if it’s for moving to a new device, upgrading an old one, or recovering after an incident occurs, iCloud backup restoration provides an important safeguard that protects files and settings from being permanently lost. But finding the best method can be complex; with Wondershare’s Dr. Fone being one such desktop app for both Windows and Mac that helps users recover information from iTunes backups.

Easy to use and providing a free trial version, it supports various file types including photos, videos, music, messages, contacts and notes. In addition to recovering deleted files it also repairs damaged ones as well as fixing iOS system issues or erasing unnecessary information.

This software works by connecting an iPhone or iPad via USB to your computer and scanning for recoverable data, which it displays in a list. Once selected, previewing data to ensure its relevance before clicking “Recover”. Once recovered files have been selected click “Recover” to save them to a folder on your computer.

If you have recently backed up, this tool can help recover lost photos, videos, music, contacts and notes that may have been deleted accidentally or lost over time. Please be aware that restoring an older backup may take longer than anticipated due to issues with internet connections or security software compatibility conflicts;

If iCloud backup restoration failed for any reason, troubleshoot it first. Check that your device has enough power and an internet connection while trying to restore data, as well as enough storage space on it for its return. If your device is encrypted, be aware of its password before starting restoration; otherwise reach out to its manufacturer to request one as this will speed up the process significantly and also prevent apps or updates from automatically downloading onto it which could lead to data loss.

It can transfer data between iOS and Android

No matter if you are switching phones or simply moving its data between computers, Wondershare Dr.Fone makes this task quick and painless. It can back up all major messaging apps, enabling transfers between iOS and Android devices; and restore files from old devices or iCloud backup.

This app boasts a clean and intuitive user interface that makes it simple to use. The screen is divided into two windows with each feature having its own tab; furthermore, no extra bells and whistles distract from completing tasks at hand; furthermore, deleted contacts, images, and text messages can even be restored from deletion – making this an excellent solution for anyone who accidentally deletes important information from their phone.

Transfer media files between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac computer as well as iTunes and Android, convert HEIC and HEIF photos to JPEG formats for space savings on your device, back up/restore apps including settings/passwords; find/delete duplicate photos/music; repair any issues with operating system such as freezing/crashing; find and delete duplicate photos and music and restore/backup iPhone data, in addition to helping with finding duplicate photos/music or fixing problems like freezing/crashing of operating system problems related to operating system issues like freezing/crashing or freezing/crashing; back/restore data as well as backup/restoring/restoring/restoring/restoring of data or repair any issues related to operating system issues such as freezing/crashing which could arise; transfer media files between iOS device, iTunes computer and Android and Android, as well as between Apple devices/Android and iTunes/Android; iTunes can back/restore all information/passwords related to all applications/passwords etc… It can back/restoring apps and passwords and back/restoring apps with settings/passwords restored as well. It can help find/delete duplicate photos and music from being restored/ restored iPhone data back/restoring and restore/restoring as well as helping repair any issues with operating system problems such as freezing/crashing issues repaired as it also backs/restoring/repairing any problems found/repairing system issues when performing synchronisation etc…

Transfer files between iPhone, iPad and PC quickly and efficiently using Mobile Transfer Pro – be it contacts, messages, photos, videos and more! iCloud or iTunes backup restoration can also be performed using this utility which works with over 8000 iOS and Android devices allowing for seamless file exchange between any pair of devices.

This tool offers a SIM Unlock feature to unlock carrier-locked phones and switch service providers, remove preinstalled apps or bloatware on Android devices and restore factory default settings – an invaluable feature if you plan on selling or trading-in your smartphone. Furthermore, this tool can find all your email passwords and login info to allow for password resetting on all accounts.

It can delete personal data

Accidentally deleting data can be disastrous; often without your awareness. Once gone, these files cannot be recovered; thus highlighting the importance of keeping backups on both devices and computers. Wondershare Dr. Fone offers a free solution for iPhone owners wanting to delete personal files for good – plus can even work on PCs!

This software can recover deleted files directly from iOS devices, as well as from iTunes backups of iPad and iPhone models that support iOS 5. Compatible models include iPhone 3GS, fourth-generation iPod touch and newer iPad models; unlike competing programs it supports recovering directly from devices without needing to reload OS; also it restores many file types directly without requiring reboot.

Dr. Fone can also help protect your privacy when purchasing or selling phones by wiping personal data before giving it away or selling it. With its full data eraser and private mode that removes selected files and settings, this is an effective way of safeguarding privacy before selling or donating a device.

One key feature of the program is its ability to transfer messages between iMessage, WhatsApp, Wechat, LINE and Viber – an invaluable feature for those frequently switching messaging apps. Furthermore, there’s even an iOS repair tool provided as part of this package!

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