Wondershare DVD Slideshow

Wondershare DVD Slideshow

Wondershare DVD Slideshow is a software program that makes it possible to quickly create professional-looking slideshows with both images and videos, offering various movie styles as choices.

This media player supports both online and offline media formats, and a range of devices. Furthermore, its user-friendly design makes it accessible even to novice users.


This DVD slideshow maker allows its users to quickly convert local media files into high-quality photo movies and animation presentations. Furthermore, they can customize a DVD with an elegant preset background theme to further amplify their work. Furthermore, this program works on all Windows-compatible devices while supporting an impressive array of audio/video formats allowing them to access their desired media files easily for professional presentation creation.

This software features an easy, straightforward, and intuitive user interface designed to allow even novice users to maximize its capabilities. There are two working modes – Standard and Advanced – tailored specifically to your working style; selecting Advanced gives access to increased customization effects; however, for comprehensive flexibility it is advised that licensed versions be purchased.

Users can easily organize, personalize, and create DVD slideshow movie with over 480 premade theme templates to choose from. Users can add photos, videos, music files from their personal collection to make customized slideshow movies with this program. It offers advanced editing features like 3D transition effects, text styles and filters for editing content efficiently – plus support for multiple popular video and audio formats that makes exporting their finished work onto various devices simple!

This program also gives its users the option of inserting a soundtrack or selecting their preferred music files to create their own DVD with customized background music. Users can easily add text onto an image and modify its Font, Color, Size and Style easily. Furthermore, its ‘Music’ tab enables them to add or remove music files from a slideshow easily and apply fade in/out effects or auto repeat effects to them if they desire. Moreover, its Trim/Crop feature enables users to extract only specific parts from media files if required.


Wondershare DVD Slideshow provides everything you need to craft visually captivating stories of family, business and art history alike. It has been carefully tailored to accommodate both amateur creators as well as experienced professionals alike.

This program comes equipped with an impressive variety of templates ranging from basic to elegant and colorful themes suitable for every event, making presentation creation easy and efficient. Simply choose which pictures/videos/music to include in your presentation, then let the software convert them automatically into a professional-looking slideshow with voiceovers, captions, titles and credits as well as cliparts, filters and animations that enhance its look!

Wondershare DVD Slideshow not only offers preinstalled templates, but it also allows you to professionally edit your own home movies with its timeline editor and professional-like transitions (2D and 3D) to seamlessly transition between one image or video file and another – making for fast turnaround of finished videos that feature your favorite tunes! You can even use its music sync feature for fast synchronization of results videos to your tunes!

Make your slideshow more personal by including personalized title clips, opening and ending credits, custom background colors for the main screen of your movie, custom font size/style/font options for text as well as trimming music files to use as background music for photo slideshows. The software even gives you an option to trim music files directly so they serve as the background soundtrack!

Cropping, modifying the aspect ratio and adjusting video brightness, contrast, saturation are also options available to you when editing video. Furthermore, there’s also the video enhancement tool, which includes options to deinterlace your video for clearer and sharper results. When your final product is complete you can burn it to DVD or save as an HD video format in several formats – or upload directly onto YouTube or Facebook or download for viewing on mobile devices.

Formats supported

Software from IMSI includes multiple file formats compatible with various devices and platforms, some specifically tailored for specific mobile device models like the iPad, iPhone or Android.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow supports all popular video codecs and standards, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG-4 FLV and MKV files as output formats. Furthermore, all commonly used image file formats such as BMP JPG PNG TIF are also supported, making this program suitable for digital multimedia projects from photo slideshows to full length movies and even HD quality slideshows.

Transition/Ken Burns effects, animations and special effects are available to enhance any slideshow. Furthermore, this app offers several slideshow styles including memory, holiday, travel wedding and sports. In addition, clipart graphics and vector art objects are provided for further visual enhancement.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow makes it possible to add soundtracks to videos, providing users with an essential way of personalizing and enriching them further. With an extensive library of audio files – such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – available, Wondershare DVD Slideshow makes adding soundtracks an easy and meaningful addition.

This app is an incredibly straightforward application to use. Its timeline-based system makes it effortless for users to position images, videos and sound tracks exactly where they want with just a few clicks, while adding effects and clipart graphics is equally effortless. Furthermore, an efficient image viewer provides users with access to editing their photos and videos more closely by applying filters (old photo, monochrome wood) or altering color brightness and contrast settings in more detailed fashion.

Another remarkable advantage of the app is its compatibility with various devices and platforms. You can use it to make DVDs that can play on any standard home entertainment system; moreover, YouTube and other online video sharing sites allow people worldwide to watch them.


The software offers many features and options to assist you in producing an elegant and professional video slideshow, which can be watched on any DVD player or uploaded directly to YouTube. Choose from various designs for the main menu and credits; add music and audio clips from clips you already own; apply effects and filters to both photos and video footage; apply transitions and titles to individual clips or images – or combine all these together into an impressive and stunning slideshow video!

Wondershare DVD Slideshow’s intuitive user interface guides you step by step through creating photo or video slideshows with its wizard-style design, helping to ensure seamless playback on mobile devices. Plus, finished slideshows can be saved as standalone video files in any format that suits you, with special output profiles designed specifically to optimize their playback on Apple and Android devices allowing for effortless video creation!

Utilizing the built-in media library, you can import photos and videos onto the program’s timeline in chronological order. Furthermore, titles and slideshows in your project can be customized by dragging-and-dropping them into their appropriate positions in the storyboard. When finished editing your video project, simply hit ‘Create’ to produce it before selecting DVD-compatible output settings in ‘Create DVD’ window.

Another amazing feature of this software is its ability to convert PowerPoint, iPhoto and Aperture slideshows to videos which you can burn on DVDs or Blu-ray discs for storage or share online via Facebook, YouTube or iPods.

If you prefer more in-depth editing of your slideshows, the Standard mode and Advanced modes are both available for use in this program. In Advanced mode you have access to more customization tools and styles for movie slideshows; while Standard mode offers limited preset presentation styles.

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