Wondershare Filmora Review

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora offers several useful editing tools. For instance, its Adjustment Layer lets you make modifications that will affect an individual section of video while still reflecting across its entirety.

Other useful tools for video production include chroma keying, motion tracking and keyframing. Furthermore, there is an impressive range of transitions, effects and music available.


Filmora, one of the premier video editing programs available, is constantly being enhanced to offer new and useful features to its users. Its straightforward, clutter-free interface suits casual as well as professional editors alike; detailed guides provide support to newcomers getting started with filmmaking. Furthermore, Filmora includes numerous customizable effects which can make videos more visually captivating and compelling than ever.

Filmora offers an intuitive user interface and has a gradual learning curve compared to Adobe Premiere Pro’s complicated and steep learning curve, enabling users to accomplish almost anything. Compatible with most Mac systems (including MacBooks and M-series processors ), you can import footage from iOS/iPad devices into Filmora as well.

Filmora’s latest version boasts many impressive features, such as its “Instant Mode”, which lets users quickly select a template and generate high-quality videos within seconds – ideal for creating vlogs, presentations and photo memory slides. Furthermore, Filmora comes equipped with various effects and stickers you can add to your videos, plus an excellent speed ramping feature to smoothly transition between slow-mo or fast-speed playback modes.

Auto Beat Sync is another cool feature, as it analyzes your footage and syncs it to any music track of your choosing. While its accuracy may be varied at times, Auto Beat Sync remains an incredibly useful tool for anyone wanting to create more dynamic combinations between music and footage.

Filmora features several advanced features, such as the Adjustment Layer. This tool allows users to make changes without altering its original pixels – this can be especially helpful for non-destructive editing such as color correction. Furthermore, Filmora comes equipped with effects such as color distance, blur and warp that give its output even greater depth and dimension.

Motion Tracking is another helpful feature that lets you identify and animate objects in your footage. This can be invaluable for gamers editing gameplay videos or filmmakers wanting to add movement or focus to their shots.


Wondershare Filmora offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of individual users, teams and businesses alike. A 30-day free trial period gives users an opportunity to determine if this software meets their specifications before purchasing it, while its competitive prices make it ideal for everyday video editing projects.

Filmora 13 is an advanced yet user-friendly video editor with many features to offer. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, Filmora features effects, transitions, overlays, tools for title creation, animation creation and speed changes as well as various tools to assist with editing videos in unique ways.

Subtitle support is another feature of this software, with individual text or multiple texts added easily and in support of all major languages. Advanced text layout controls make complex titles effortless while webcam capture capabilities enable seamless video streaming from any source.

Filmora’s most engaging features are its generative AI tools, such as its Image Generator which transforms photos into works of art; Music Generator which produces melodious tracks for accompanying videos; Text Generator that helps create beautiful text-based titles and a Voice Changer which allows you to alter your pitch for natural-sounding titles. Plus there is also a built-in Voice Changer!

Filmora boasts not only its core features, but also a substantial library of royalty-free stock footage and sound effects that has been updated since its latest version was released; over 100 effects alone have been updated since then! Additionally, several useful plugins such as Boris FX and AI Portrait provide additional functionality within Filmora.

Filmora offers an attractive bundle subscription plan for its software. This plan offers one year of Filmstock Standard with unlimited downloads from Filmora’s website as well as unparalleled customer support – perfect for creative professionals seeking an easily customizable video editing tool without committing long term.


Wondershare Filmora features an intuitive user-friendly interface designed for ease of use by both novice and seasoned video editors alike. No matter what level of experience they possess, anyone can utilize this software quickly to produce high-quality videos quickly with its wide array of tools like effects, transitions, chroma keying, cropping resolution changes and adding text – plus extras such as screen recording and voiceover support! Wondershare Filmora supports multiple popular video file formats as well as features including video effects transitions chroma keying chroma keying cropping resolution change and adding text. Plus additional useful tools include screen recording and voiceover support!

Filmora offers many other advanced features, such as motion tracking, color matching and keyframe animations. Furthermore, there is an abundance of fonts, titles and elements to help bring your next project to life – simple text, opening titles with auto-generated subtitles (subtitles), custom YouTube Subscribe buttons (WordArt), end credits as well as compatibility across major platforms like Apple and Windows devices are just a few features you’ll find within this software!

Filmora’s latest version offers many new features that make it an excellent choice for video editors, from its intuitive design and smooth performance, to an expansive media library packed with royalty-free images and videos, royalty-free audio tracks, as well as AI Audio Stretch that seamlessly syncs audio clips to video footage.

Filmora’s collaboration and file management features have also been enhanced. Now equipped with cloud-based Wondershare Drive for file sharing and storage purposes, users can manage projects efficiently while accessing them from any internet-enabled device – an invaluable feature for teams who work regularly with different individuals.

Wondershare Filmora offers various plans, each offering their own set of features. For instance, its most basic plan includes access to all features for one year and unlimited downloads from Filmstock Free Library; use this stock media for b-roll shots and long shots as well as adding music or sound effects into your videos.


Wondershare Filmora is an intuitive video editing program that makes creating stunning videos without technical expertise possible. Combining ease of use with creative tools and effects makes Wondershare Filmora suitable for both novices and professional editors alike; additionally, regular updates and customer support help users to get the most out of their video editing experience.

Wondershare Filmora stands out from similar software programs with its wide selection of visual effects and filters, but also thanks to unique features that set it apart – for instance allowing users to adjust frame rates to better match original content; this helps improve video quality overall as well as prevent sync issues.

The program features an audio mixer, video stabilization and green screen feature to assist in creating high-quality videos suitable for sharing on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Furthermore, 360 videos can also be created with ease using this program, making virtual reality content capture and editing much simpler than before.

Filmora’s unique feature of changing aspect ratio of videos makes it ideal for making videos intended for specific platforms, like Instagram. When opening a new project, simply select 1:1 Instagram which will automatically set dimensions according to what Instagram requires – saving both time and effort in terms of manually calculating dimensions before uploading video content onto their platform.

Wondershare Filmora X, like previous versions, is free, though users will notice a watermark on all final results. An annual or lifetime license may be purchased to remove this watermark permanently from videos created with Wondershare Filmora X. Furthermore, Wondershare provides various tutorials and guides to help users get started while hosting community forums and hosting contests to engage their userbase.

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