Wondershare MobileGo Review

Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is an effective and hassle-free toolkit designed to manage Android and iOS mobile devices efficiently and without hassle. The program includes features such as backup/restore data capabilities, apps management capabilities and transferring of music videos photos etc.

One-Click Backup

Use this handy tool to seamlessly transfer music, photos and videos, files, contacts, SMS and more from Android to your computer or vice versa using this versatile device. Compatible with all Android OS versions and devices – from smartphones and tablets – as well as emergency backup and restore, as well as providing file manager functionality such as photo editor and data eraser features as well as privacy management with app locker.

Wondershare MobileGo allows users to synchronize their phone and PC for seamless media management, downloading apps from the web, recovering deleted files and more. The intuitive user interface makes navigating all its features simple: visit Categories such as Apps, Contacts, Music Videos Photos & All.

Wondershare MobileGo’s One-Click Backup feature is an outstanding way for users to safeguard their data in case of an emergency, quickly and effortlessly. Restoring files from backup is just as straightforward; unlike similar tools, Wondershare MobileGo doesn’t require root privileges and doesn’t overwrite existing files when performing this function.

Notable features of this software include an efficient ringtone maker, powerful video converter and duplicate finder; in addition, its RAM cleaner helps users reclaim memory and boost device performance when running heavy apps or games; it even offers notification and message alert monitoring features; making this all-inclusive program ideal for virtually every smartphone user.


Wondershare MobileGo download for iOS provides users with quick and easy access to all of the content of their mobile device. Its range of tools allows them to manage music, playlists, videos, photos and contacts. In addition to that it also enables file transfers between devices and PCs as well as having an organized user interface with large icons for each feature that makes finding what you need much simpler.

De-duplication, which involves eliminating duplicate documents during review, can save time and cost when attorneys review ESI in response to real or threatened litigation. De-duplication compares cryptographic hashes of individual documents in order to identify identical ones; by eliminating duplicates before review commences parties can save on document storage costs as well as reduce risks related to inconsistent coding of similar documents during the review process as well as avoid potential privilege determination errors from different reviewers.

Wondershare MobileGo proved significantly faster in de-duplication tests compared to RefWorks and EndNote in terms of speed – being able to delete exact and close duplicates in less than three minutes for mobile. RefWorks took nearly four hours, while EndNote took up to eight.

No matter your device needs, this application is an indispensable asset in optimizing its performance or purging out junk files. With just one tap you can declutter and scan for any additional files taking up space on your phone.

Send SMS

Wondershare MobileGo is an all-in-one Android management software solution, featuring various tools that enable you to perform specific tasks. These include backup your device contents, transfer multimedia files between PC and phone and manage apps; as well as offering advanced functions like one-click root access for greater functionality and improved performance.

Supporting both iOS and Android phones, Phone Transfer can help you easily back up and restore iOS devices, free up space on your iDevice, transfer music videos photos contacts SMS documents between computer and phone or tablet and run Android games seamlessly without restrictions on desktop computer or play them online without restrictions or limitations.

To get started with the app is straightforward; all it requires is connecting your device using either WiFi or USB and authorizing access. After connecting, the app will prompt you to enable USB debugging on your phone; after doing so, the software will begin scanning and importing all your data.

Simple Transfer makes transferring any kind of data between devices and PCs simple and efficient, from apps, catalogs, SMS messages and backups of apps or catalogs with one click to easily recover lost messages and contacts on the go. Plus it lets you edit files between folders on both phones or even laptops!

Import or Export from Outlook

Wondershare MobileGo is an Android manager that allows you to transfer music, videos, photos and more between your phone and PC easily and safely. Plus you can back up files and take advantage of other features. Available as both a free download for Windows PCs or as an in-depth Pro version for Macs with a 15-day free trial period to try out everything MobileGo offers!

This app provides a smart and simplified solution for managing both iOS and Android devices (Tips for switching safely phones). With one click you can backup and restore files in one go; transfer data between iDevices; clean up your iDevice; export or import contacts from PC; send SMS from PC; manage music videos photos documents etc and more!

Use this program to easily transfer contacts from Symbian or Microsoft Outlook phones or email accounts onto an Android phone, making life much simpler for anyone who prefers Outlook as it’s much quicker and simpler than using Gmail to manage contact lists.

Are You A Media Enthusiast? You’ll appreciate this software’s quick and easy access to all of the music on your computer, enabling you to select tracks to rename, set as ringtones or simply listen to on-the-go. Plus, this program will find duplicate entries so you can remove unnecessary duplicate entries in your contacts database!

The Super Toolkit section of the program gives you access to backup and restore apps, download files in batches, find tools to repair corrupted files, back up all or selected apps and more. Furthermore, it provides an overview of both internal and external memory of your phone so you can monitor how much space media takes up on either side.

Import or Export from Live Mail

Wondershare MobileGo is a program that allows users to easily synchronize their computer with Android devices. This enables them to back up and transfer multimedia files, music, photos, contacts and settings as well as recover any that have been lost due to system updates or virus attacks. Additionally, Wondershare MobileGo offers users a feature called Data Retrieval to recover lost information in case it has been erased accidentally during updates or attacks on either system or device.

With its user-friendly interface and tool to quickly clear junk files and perform health checks, Android Manager makes maintaining one’s Android device much simpler. In addition to helping keep it healthy and organized, it also enables wirelessly instant connectivity without using USB ports for connections.

As well as giving access to core system files and allowing users to modify their operating system for optimal performance, the app allows users to create text messages on a PC screen and send SMS directly from it, import contact data from Outlook/Windows Address Books/Cards, merge duplicate contacts together as well as download/upload files using simple drag and drop functionality.

Manage their apps, media files, text messages, call logs and storage space efficiently with this tool. Find apps you wish to install and delete unneeded ones easily while keeping an eye on how much space movies and photos take up in their device – as well as check battery levels and monitor app notifications on desktop computer screens!

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