Wondershare MobileGo Review

Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is an advanced software suite designed to seamlessly link mobile devices with computers. Users can transfer multimedia backup files and perform advanced tasks such as rooting devices, clearing junk files and restoring backups.

All features are neatly organized and straightforward to access, including phone transfer backup transfer root manager RAM cleaner and speed booster component.


Wondershare MobileGo is an all-inclusive tool designed to facilitate the management of multimedia files and documents on smartphones and tablets. Through its synchronization function, users can effortlessly transfer information between devices as well as create backup copies. Furthermore, this program enables them to manage messaging apps and games as well as real-time notifications with an intuitive user interface.

MobileGo allows users to regain access to data that was lost by accident or software updates, even if deleted accidentally or intentionally. It works by connecting to a device’s memory and reading its contents, whereupon it identifies file type and location to automatically restore on another device without users needing to search or download again.

MobileGo is distinguished by its centralised storage system, enabling easy management of music and photo libraries. Users can add new items directly into their library with one click; users can also easily display all current content. Furthermore, MobileGo lets users export or import songs in various formats.

App Manager provides Android users with an in-built feature to keep an eye on all of their applications and delete any that no longer serve their needs. Furthermore, this program can boost device performance and free up extra storage space by clearing away unused applications from your phone or device.

The program helps users transfer data between devices by synchronizing all contacts and messages on a computer with all devices connected using Wi-Fi or USB cables; any duplicate accounts can then be removed instantly. Whether connected through Wi-Fi or USB cables, users can connect their device using either cable; in both cases the program will recognize its connection automatically and display all elements on screen for display; it also offers specific tools to perform tasks such as one-click backups, deduplications, SMS sending etc.


Wondershare MobileGo for Android offers more than just sync/backup capabilities – it provides various tools to assist with managing your smartphone such as file manager, music and video player, image viewer and duplicate finder. Furthermore, this software suite also facilitates syncing iTunes files onto an Android device.

The program’s backup functionality enables you to easily transfer an exact copy of your phone onto a computer by connecting it via USB, providing invaluable protection in case you lose or switch devices. It also comes equipped with a restore option in case some files were deleted accidentally.

With its integrated file manager, this application enables easy file transfer between PC and Android phone using drag-and-drop functionality. Cloning Android devices is also possible – great for those worried about data loss! Plus it works with most major file formats, while its media converter renames files accordingly!

One of the best features of this program is its ability to quickly backup an Android device with just a few clicks, saving all your contacts, SMS messages, apps, photos, videos and music files. Restoring it afterwards couldn’t be simpler: all it takes is connecting it back up with your computer and following its prompts!

Use this tool to easily transfer any type of file between Android devices, SD cards or any other storage devices and computers, videos and music in compatible formats for Android phones or other media players, text messaging directly from within the program and more!

This app also comes equipped with its own search engine that can identify all of your favorite music and video sites as well as YouTube and other popular online streaming services, download apps from Google play as well as file-sharing websites, rename files within folders and communicate with other programs.


Wondershare MobileGo is a comprehensive mobile phone manager software solution, enabling you to transfer media files between smartphones or tablets and transfer media files between them easily. In addition, its advanced tools offer you additional ways to clean out junk files preform health checks as well as play mobile games on a larger screen with this tool. Lastly, Wondershare MobileGo offers features capable of backing up and restoring content as well.

The app boasts an intuitive and straightforward user experience for even novice users, making navigation simple. It displays all files stored on your device neatly organized so it is easier than ever to locate what you need quickly. In addition, advanced features such as One-Click Backup, De-Duplicating SMS Manager Install Apps Import from Outlook and Data Erasers make life even simpler!

One of the key attractions of this app is that it works seamlessly on both Android and Apple devices, enabling you to perform difficult tasks more efficiently with touch based devices, like moving large quantities of files at once or making instant backups.

As soon as your device is connected to the program, it will recognize it and display all available backups that can be restored back onto it. Simply choose which backups you would like restored and the software will begin the process of doing just that on your smartphone or tablet device.

As soon as the process is completed, you will see a message on screen reading “Restored successfully.” You now have access to all files from your previous backup – making this functionality especially helpful if you accidentally deleted a file or lost your phone.

This program also features other useful functions, including the ability to organize music and photos into folders with titles and descriptions for easy management, easily adding or deleting items from them and moving files between your computer and mobile device with ease. Furthermore, there’s even an inbuilt YouTube and MP3 downloader!


Wondershare MobileGo is an advanced Android/iOS phone manager software that allows users to effortlessly transfer or backup all important files and documents on an Android/iOS phone, quickly and effortlessly. Packed with features like file manager, audio/video converters and an extensive Android/iOS utility kit which enables users to take backups, restore data in new devices, root their devices, delete unwanted apps and much more, Wondershare MobileGo makes life simple for its users.

This program’s primary window displays all the essential things from your device in an easily understandable hierarchical format that makes locating what you’re searching for quick and painless. All files stored on your phone are organized into distinct tabs for quick reference – such as music videos photos documents contacts. With such easy organization it becomes very straightforward to quickly find anything necessary!

Another key benefit of this program is its capability of quickly and easily importing/exporting all files at the same time from or to your PC, Android device or iOS device. This feature makes this program particularly helpful when backing up or transferring music files, movies, videos or other media to PC or other devices; you can even manage all contacts and text messages efficiently through it; viewing SMS directly on PC is even possible!

Wondershare MobileGo is equipped with an effective file cleaner to remove junk files and perform health checks to optimize device performance and free up space on your device. Furthermore, it gives you access to playing Android games on a bigger screen by connecting your mobile phone or tablet with PC.

This program also lets you create, edit, and delete ringtones, playlists, and themes for Android or iOS devices. Audio/video converters make file conversion a snap if required while its de-duplication feature identifies duplicate contacts that need merging into a single list – an ideal feature for those managing multiple email accounts at the same time.

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