Wondershare MobileTrans Review

Wondershare MobileTrans is one of the most complete and secure phone transfer tools on the market, enabling users to transfer data easily across various devices – even between iOS and Android platforms.

This device supports the transfer of 17 different forms of data such as photos, videos, documents, messages and contacts and can backup and restore iCloud data.

Backup & Restore

Wondershare MobileTrans is an effective data transfer solution, supporting over 6000 smartphone brands and models and helping users transfer various files between smartphones. Capable of moving up to 18 file formats between smartphones, including photos, videos, songs, notes, contacts, messages and other important documents like WhatsApp chats/messages as well as those of popular messaging apps like LINE/KIK/VIBER chats this tool also offers users backup/restore capability for backup/restore of WhatsApp/GBWhatsApp chats as well as backup and restore capability of WhatsApp chats/messages as well.

Additionally, this tool allows users to easily back up and restore data stored on Google Drive, making it simple for them to retrieve all their information should their smartphone be lost or they accidentally delete files. Furthermore, it can transfer playlists between various streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer, with support coming for more platforms soon.

This application is user-friendly and compatible with numerous smartphones, as it enables users to back up and transfer iCloud data between devices – particularly helpful if switching between iPhones and Android phones. In addition, this tool makes transferring music or video files from a computer to any supported device easy.

To transfer data, connect both source and target devices to your computer, select which files to transfer, and click “Start.” The process should begin automatically and complete in just minutes; you will also be asked for a destination folder for the exported files so it is easier for you to organize and find them later.

Wondershare MobileTrans has a useful feature that allows you to securely erase your old phone before selling or recycling it, to ensure all of your personal data has been safely deleted before someone else gets their hands on it. Overall, Wondershare MobileTrans is an exceptional tool with simple use and reasonable pricing for its features; additionally they have included a 30-day money-back guarantee in case any user is dissatisfied with it.

Cross-Platform Transfer

Wondershare MobileTrans is designed to ensure a smooth transfer from an old device to a new one, helping protect and preserve all the personal files stored there. From photos, videos, music files, notes, contact info, call history logs, SMS texts messages and app preferences – every file on a phone holds immense personal value that cannot be overlooked when making a move from one phone model to the next.

This program can transfer up to 18 types of data between phones of different models or platforms, including contacts, photos, videos and messages. It also backs up an individual device before restoring them when lost or damaged – an invaluable feature should yours go missing or malfunctioning. Thanks to its reliability and user-friendly interface, this solution makes an ideal solution for individuals upgrading to new devices or simply backing up existing content.

Not only can this software facilitate direct phone-to-phone data transfers, but it can also backup files onto computers or third-party cloud storage services. Users can select what data to backup before the program automatically creates an encrypted file with its own unique password which will be sent directly to their email.

Wondershare MobileTrans’s most distinguishing feature is its support of various popular music streaming services, enabling users to easily transfer playlists between platforms with just a click. This offers significant advantages over competing programs which typically can only transfer music files between devices or to online storage services.

Wondershare excels at developing utilitarian apps that seamlessly fit into everyday user workflow, including its MobileGo desktop app for managing Android devices and Dr. Fone for recovering deleted files on an iPhone. Their reputation in the software industry speaks for itself; MobileTrans is no exception: users can download it from its official website for free; its home screen features four large buttons which allow phone-to-phone transfers, backup restorations, phone backups and old phone content erasure.

One-Click Transfer

Wondershare MobileTrans is a program that can assist users in moving all sorts of files between devices, regardless of the operating systems installed on each phone. Users can create backup copies of files and messages stored in MobileTrans and restore them as needed.

This software can help move a wide array of file types, such as photos, music, documents, contacts, text messages and apps between multiple devices easily and quickly. It works by automatically identifying each system on each device before automatically moving their contents to their appropriate destination on each new device – the entire process can be completed with just a few clicks!

To fully leverage the features of any program, it is necessary to have a solid grasp of its functioning. The main screen of the program consists of several sections. The top part displays device names and models while the bottom half shows all available transfer methods – users can click to select which option best matches their preferred transfer method.

Once they have chosen their option, the user can connect both phones to a computer using USB cables. The program will recognize each device and display them on-screen; once connected they can select which data they’d like transferred by checking off each box alongside each file type.

Step five is to press “Start Transfer”, which will initiate the transfer process and once complete, both phones can be disconnected from their respective computers and used independently again with all their data still intact. This data transfer should take only minutes allowing users to begin enjoying their new phone without loss.

One drawback of this software is its requirement of entering developer mode and activating USB debugging for use, something most users won’t want to do if they are unfamiliar with this process.


Wondershare MobileTrans is an incredibly secure phone to phone transfer software designed to protect the data that is transferred. Utilizing state-of-the-art security measures compliant with industry standards, Wondershare MobileTrans safeguards your information against unauthorized access, loss, or corruption during transfer. In addition, its alert feature ensures you will always know if an event of data protection occurs – or is about to.

One of the key advantages of phone to phone transfer software is its compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices – eliminating system compatibility issues and making file movement between two operating systems much simpler. Furthermore, this software creates backup copies of files you wish to transfer so they can easily be restored later with one click of a button.

This software can move a wide array of data types including contacts, photos, call logs, music, videos, messages, documents and apps between devices. Furthermore, it can back up and restore iCloud data onto another PC or Mac before moving it onto a new device – and help restore an iPhone to an earlier backup without performing a factory reset!

This feature is an invaluable asset to those transitioning to a new device, saving both time and effort by quickly moving their data across. Plus, iPhone Backup & Restore also allows them to keep an unlimited backup copy.

By using this tool, you can transfer your WhatsApp chat history between devices – an invaluable feature when switching phones or needing to keep important conversations or reminders for yourself.

App is available on both iOS and Android, with limited contacts being free to download for use; if your plans involve managing more than that, however, purchasing the full version is required.

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