Wondershare PDFelement Review

When your work becomes compromised due to text documents that do not retain their format after conversion or crucial information disappears, this handy program offers a solution.

Modern in design, this software places all of its primary functions near where they’re needed on its home page and editing window.


Are You Searching for PDF Form Builder, Text Editor and Page Replacement Tools? PDFelement may be just what you need! With its user-friendly interface and straightforward operation, PDFelement makes creating PDF forms, editing text and images or replacing pages easy and affordable. In addition to improving document quality by correcting typos or adding paragraphs, formatting text changes its font size/color combination and underlining or highlighting text, as well as text to image conversion features; its PDF Form Builder lets you collect data through fillable PDF forms while OCR feature transforms scanned documents into searchable searchable ones; additionally password or encryption features ensures protection on files if needed.

PDFelement stands out from other programs by offering its features as one package and more affordable than leading branded products. Furthermore, its latest version boasts an improved interface designed to make it more user-friendly while eliminating clutter that plagued previous editions of itself.

PDFelement makes combining multiple PDFs easy by simply clicking the Combine PDF button on its home page. In addition, this app supports splitting, rotating, extracting and deleting pages within PDF documents as well as supporting various file formats such as Word Excel PowerPoint PPT JPG TXT BMP GIF RTF HTML etc.

Merge PDF documents easily while also reordering them with just a drag-and-drop, replace selected pages from another PDF file with those from this one and edit specific parts of it quickly for time-sensitive situations.

PDFelement’s searchable text tool makes locating any keyword within a PDF document and changing it easily possible. Furthermore, its picture insert or remove function allows you to quickly insert or remove images, rotate, crop, or adjust image opacity as necessary. Plus, its built-in PDF reader makes viewing documents on mobile devices simpler!


Wondershare PDFelement is one of the premier online PDF solutions currently available, offering users a powerful set of conversion, annotation and OCR tools. Its intuitive interface and feature set make managing workflows effortless for beginners as well as experts alike, while its wide range of file formats makes working with any kind of document effortless.

This program facilitates the creation of PDF documents from Microsoft Word documents and image files, as well as converting existing PDFs to various file formats. With OCR technology included, scanned documents can also be transformed into searchable PDFs that can be combined or split to add pages back in. Furthermore, this tool can encrypt, compress and add watermarks to PDF documents for additional protection and watermarks.

Wondershare PDFelement offers an outstanding template selection, from professional to academic designs, for creating resumes, cover letters, study planners, certificates and contracts – plus you can even convert PDFs to PowerPoint presentations that could come in handy during business meetings or university lectures!

PDFelement provides an invaluable highlight and strike through feature that makes highlighting text easier, especially in contracts where specific terms must be highlighted and identified. PDFelement also features other annotation tools which are extremely beneficial when working with large documents, including adding stamps or using its distance measurer tool.

PDFelement makes it possible to add and edit tables in documents easily. The software supports several standard table formats including HTML, RTF, and EPUB; you can also use it to insert images, links, page numbers and dates, add page numbers and dates as well as create electronic digital signatures – a handy feature when needed!


No matter your file consolidation needs, this all-in-one tool can help make them fast and simple. Not only is it capable of shrinking file sizes for easier storage and transport, it offers numerous other features including organizing, converting, OCR recognition, filling out forms electronically signing documents electronically plus its user-friendly interface makes it user-friendly for both beginners and experts. Plus there’s always free trials available so users can test before committing.

Wondershare PDFelement makes merging multiple PDF files an effortless process that only takes a couple of clicks to complete. Simply launch it on your PC and click the “Combine” option available on its homepage; once uploaded, a window will open where you can upload all the PDFs you would like to combine and select any pages that need merging before clicking “Apply”. To complete the merge process successfully.

As soon as merging is completed, your combined PDF document will appear in a new tab on your screen. Here you can drag and drop page thumbnails to rearrange them; or use this same method to split into separate PDF files.

This program can also be used to generate PDF documents from scratch. You can add images, links or text into the document and customize its background and colors; plus it’ll even adjust itself automatically according to its size!

Wondershare PDFelement software also boasts the capability of password protecting PDF documents so no one can modify or delete them, which can be especially beneficial if they contain sensitive data. In addition, files can also be encrypted to keep their security safe and prevent anyone from reading your confidential files. Plus, Wondershare PDFelement works seamlessly across most Windows, Mac OS and iOS platforms allowing for effortless collaboration on any platform!


Wondershare PDFelement offers an all-in-one PDF solution with tools for creation, editing, conversion, annotation, signing and more. Designed to be easy-to-use yet powerful enough for even novice users and professionals alike. Among its many features are OCR functionality as well as PDF forms and electronic signature capability for documents signed electronically; additional organizational tools including merging/splitting/rotating tools can help optimize documents before sharing online; compressed PDF documents make them smaller so emailing or sharing is more feasible as well.

Along with converting PDFs into other file formats, this software also enables you to upload and store files online – making them accessible whenever, wherever they may be stored – making sharing files with friends or colleagues simple via sending links; additionally you can customize privacy settings and access controls as desired.

To share files, just right-click your file menu and choose “share”. From here, there will be several options available to you – sending by email, uploading it to a secure cloud server, sharing on social media platforms etc. Additionally, password protection and customized permission settings can be set in place to safeguard your files.

Another excellent feature is the ability to easily create PDF documents from scratch. You can do this using any images or text found on your computer, then print your documents using this software. The PDF editor offers various editing features including strikethrough, underline, highlight text as well as stamps that allow for customized annotations and distance measurement tools that help determine object dimensions within documents.

Wondershare PDFelement offers an impressive set of features and is an economical alternative to more costly alternatives such as Adobe. However, its trial period is limited and subscription is required in order to access its full range of features; customer support may take time responding.

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