Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit is data recovery software capable of recovering files lost due to accidental deletion, system crash or corruption. Supporting over 550 file types.

Recoverit, from software maker Wondershare – best known for their Filmora video editing software – also comes with a free plan; however, its data limit might limit this option.


There can be numerous reasons for files to become corrupted or missing on a computer system, whether accidentally deleted by mistake or compromised by malware infection. Therefore, having the appropriate tools such as Wondershare Recoverit available at hand is crucial – this software enables you to recover lost or damaged files easily while providing powerful capabilities to recover them quickly.

Recoverit stands out as an invaluable data recovery solution because of its versatility in recovering files such as photos, videos, documents, emails, audio and more. Recoverit’s capability even extends to recovering deleted or corrupted files which were once considered unrecoverable by other tools – making it ideal for quickly recovering crucial information quickly.

This software supports numerous devices and file formats, such as hard drives, external hard disks, SSDs, flash memory cards, DSLR cameras and dashcams. Furthermore, the file formats supported include DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPTX/PPTX JPG TIFF BMP GIF RAW VVI MOV AVI MP4 AIF WAV ZIP.

Recoverit’s ability to recover deleted, hidden, or corrupted files is one of its many attractive features, saving both time and effort in their retrieval from various locations – the Recycle Bin, your internal hard drive or even formatted disks!

The app is fast, too; in fact, it was the fastest recovery tool we tested. For example, scanning a four-GB USB stick took 14 minutes on Windows and nine on Mac; though speed may depend on system configuration and file size.

Though relatively expensive, Recoverit is an effective tool for recovering deleted or corrupted files. The program is easy to use and offers several scan modes; Recoverit can even recover them from various sources like NAS systems and Linux operating systems.


Wondershare Recoverit is a feature-rich data recovery program with fast data retrieval speeds and an enjoyable user experience, available across various platforms such as Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, Mac OS X and Linux. Providing access to thousands of storage devices including media deemed inaccessible – making it one of the most versatile recovery solutions on the market today.

Recoverit offers both a free trial version, as well as three plans: Essential, Standard and Premium. Each plan provides access to different features and can be paid monthly, annually or as one-off payments.

Recoverit software can recover a wide array of file types from different sources, such as empty Recycle Bins and lost partitions. Furthermore, Recoverit can restore files corrupted by viruses or malware as well as scan and retrieve data from RAID arrays.

Recoverit provides an effective means of recovering various types of files, but isn’t without its shortcomings. For instance, it cannot scan and recover Bitlocker-encrypted devices and sometimes reports false positives when scanning Bitlocker disk images. On the plus side, Recoverit offers something unique which few other programs can match: the ability to recover corrupted video files which makes it an invaluable asset to photography or web design agencies that regularly work with video footage.

Recovering files

Wondershare Recoverit is a robust and reliable data recovery tool that can assist in recovering files in various scenarios. Supporting multiple file types ranging from documents, videos, photos, audio and emails; retrieving lost data from various devices including hard drives to digital cameras to iPhones; providing non-destructive scanning that won’t further damage files or data during recovery process and boasting an intuitive user-friendly interface making the program user friendly enough even for people without technical expertise to use easily.

This software offers both quick and deep scans to accommodate various data loss situations. Depending on the size and speed of your device, scanning could take some time; however, once completed, select only those files you want restored before doing so to save both time and space on your device.

Once the scanning process is complete, Recoverit will list all recoverable files on a list for easy viewing and filtering by file type, date and size. Recoverit has the power to recover both lost and deleted files as well as those which have been corrupted or formatted; you can even preview each one before recovering them to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need!

Recoverit does a superb job of recovering files, yet its lack of customization options could prove frustrating for some users. These include not providing the ability to save scans or search specific files. In addition, the program does not feature its own built-in help guide; rather it links directly to its online manual for guidance.

Recoverit is an ideal solution for recovering lost files on Windows computers, with its intuitive recovery process and rapid scanning speeds making it a great option for recovering accidentally deleted or lost files. Furthermore, Recoverit can also be used to recover data from external hard drives and digital cameras.

Customer support

Wondershare Software Corporation provides an array of digital tools and services designed to meet both personal and professional needs, such as video editing, photo recovery and data recovery. Furthermore, Wondershare boasts an expansive support center as well as providing free trials of its services so customers can test out what best fits them.

Wondershare Recoverit is an efficient and dependable recovery solution designed to restore lost files, photos, videos, emails, documents, emails that have been corrupted by malware or viruses and more. It boasts an excellent success rate across multiple devices and storage media – perfect for businesses or individuals who depend on digital data for business or personal reasons alike.

Advanced technology makes this recovery service unique, enabling it to retrieve more files than its rivals and recover even corrupted videos and photos that have been lost or deleted, thanks to a patented device and video fragment stitching recovery technology that restores even severely damaged files. Furthermore, its compatibility with all major camera brands allows it to restore Ultra HD and 4K videos.

Recoverit’s website hosts many positive customer reviews from those who have used the program to restore their files. Many are deeply touching accounts of precious memories being recovered as well as ease-of-use reviews regarding installation and use.

Wondershare Recoverit stands out among competing solutions because of its ability to recover encrypted and password-protected files, external hard drives, flash drives, as well as download it and install on computers from its company website at a discounted price. It can even be bought as retail packages available with discounts off.

Recoverit can be extremely useful for recovering data, yet it still presents some drawbacks. Most importantly, Recoverit may occasionally corrupt recovered files; though this occurrence is rare it should still be taken into consideration when using this program.

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