Wondershare TidyMyMusic Review

Wondershare TidyMyMusic is an all-in-one program to help you organize your music collection. Using it, you can fix mislabeled songs, download album artwork and lyrics from albums you already own, as well as remove duplicate tracks.

Acoustic fingerprint technology allows it to identify missing information like artist name, track info and album art; then embeds this corrective data directly into the actual file so it will sync seamlessly across devices.

Fix Mislabeled Songs

Wondershare TidyMyMusic can digitally “listen” to your music collection and automatically fix missing or inaccurate data within iTunes and local song files. Furthermore, it can find album art for every track and embed it directly into an MP3 file so it stays updated regardless of where your songs reside.

This all-in-one solution is user friendly and requires no prior experience to operate, boasting an intuitive user interface. Simply select audio tracks you wish to have fixed and click Identify; using its advanced acoustic fingerprint technology, the software quickly recovers missing music details such as artist name, track title, genre, lyrics etc for each song quickly and completes any gaps that exist on each track. Furthermore, duplicate song titles will be detected and removed to free up space on your hard drive.

Utilizing an advanced algorithm, this program will use sophisticated detection technology to quickly find any duplicate songs in your iTunes library or local folders and present them to you in separate entries so you can choose whether to keep or delete either version. This is particularly helpful if you store similar songs for different purposes – for instance in both iTunes and your folders.

TidyMyMusic can automatically search and replace missing ID3 tag information with that gathered from online sources; or manually edit as required. Furthermore, TidyMyMusic scans files to locate any associated artwork. If none exists yet, if not available it will find suitable images for them as well.

Once this software has identified your entire iTunes library or a custom selection of songs, it will provide a list of any music tags that require fixing, applying or editing. When satisfied with its results, clicking either Apply to save changes or Delete to discard them is all that is necessary – both options being available on Windows and Mac operating systems and featuring a 30-day money-back guarantee that respects privacy.

Find Album Artwork

As an avid music collector with a vast digital collection, you understand the importance of having an organized library. Nothing ruins playlists quite as quickly as tracks labeled as “Unknown Artist” or Track 01″, yet Wondershare TidyMyMusic provides the solution. Utilizing advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology it makes easy to identify and replace mislabeled songs, including artist name, genre information, album art images and lyrics – as well as auto updating all their ID3 tags simultaneously saving valuable time!

This program can detect duplicate tracks in your music collection and quickly delete them, saving storage space on your hard drive and providing other helpful features to enhance and optimize it.

Organising your music collection can be an exhausting task, with duplicate files becoming difficult to keep track of over time. Wondershare TidyMyMusic provides an all-in-one iTunes library cleaner and music organizer solution, capable of clearing away duplicates quickly with just a few clicks.

TidyMyMusic can assist in finding album artwork for all of your music files, giving your collection an attractive aesthetic. This feature is particularly helpful when collecting music from different sources like CDs or radio.

If a song’s original album artwork is unavailable, this software will search its database of cover art for an appropriate alternative and add it as part of your audio file and embedding MP3 tags allowing for easier transfer across devices while keeping updated information available.

Manually organizing music files is often an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Wondershare TidyMyMusic uses advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology to efficiently repair missing or inaccurate music information quickly – no more searching through iTunes libraries for tracks with names like “Unknown Artist” or “Track 01”. Once fixed, music information becomes embedded within MP3 files so they never change again – making synchronizing your digital collection with multiple devices a straightforward experience.

Embedded ID3 Tag Information

An organized music collection is essential to enjoying your audio experience, and tracks with incomplete or inaccurate metadata can quickly derail playlists. Wondershare TidyMyMusic makes fixing this easy: using its advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology, it identifies songs in need of better metadata and embeds this data directly in each song so it syncs easily to players and mobile devices.

This program works with nearly any audio file format and Windows operating systems, and helps find meta-information for videos. Furthermore, it acts as an all-in-one media program allowing you to download, record, convert, burn DVD and edit videos – even scanning iTunes for missing tags! In short, this unique solution provides many unique features making it an excellent alternative to MP3 id3 editors.

Apart from fixing the ID3 tags of songs, this software also makes it possible to download album artwork and find lyrics automatically. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for those of all skill levels – making quick work out of even large music libraries!

Music libraries can quickly become overrun with duplicate tracks that share a similar name or artist, creating confusion when organizing playlists as well as wasting storage space. Wondershare TidyMyMusic makes getting rid of duplicates effortless while freeing up hard disk space on your hard drive.

Wondershare TidyMyMusic stands out as an effective solution for completing iTunes metadata efficiently and easily, offering both a free trial version to test before purchasing, as well as being cross-platform compatible (it works equally well on Mac and PC), with missing metadata search capability for podcasts, non-MP3 formats and even missing metadata detection capability for non-iTunes music formats – an essential solution for anyone wanting to declutter their iTunes library!


If you enjoy listening to streaming music online and wish you could save it as MP3 files for use on your own music player, this software makes this possible. Utilizing proprietary technology, it records audio from streaming media sources while remaining compliant with copyright laws while maintaining original quality content.

This program also helps you easily and quickly remove duplicate songs in your library, freeing up much-needed space on your hard drive. Working quickly and efficiently, it makes this task quick and straightforward – compatible with iTunes as well as many music file formats including MP3 and AAC formats.

TidyMyMusic can also automatically clean up the song information in your iTunes library, eliminating unhelpful tags such as “Unknown artist” and “Track 01”. All corrected information becomes embedded within actual files to stay with you when syncing to other devices.

One helpful feature is being able to download album artwork and lyrics for your music, making them easily available when needed. Plus, this software will even help find any missing lyrics so that you can join in singing along without searching online for the right words!

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is an invaluable tool for maintaining an organized music library. With features like fingerprinting, album art retrieval, duplicate detection and removal capabilities and its duplicate detection/removal abilities, Wondershare’s Streaming Audio Recorder helps ensure an impeccable digital music library.

Software available on both Windows and Mac operating systems makes this product an attractive option for users from either platform. Plus, its user-friendly design enables anyone of any experience level to quickly get up and running with it.

This software is completely malware-free and offers new users a risk-free trial period before purchasing their license from the company’s website. Furthermore, their customer support staff are available around the clock should any questions or issues arise; and iTunes compatibility makes this software ideal for Windows and Mac users alike.

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