Wondershare TunesGo Review

Wondershare TunesGo is an iTunes alternative that makes life much simpler for you. It allows you to transfer files easily between devices and convert non-Apple format songs and videos for use on Apple iDevice(s).

Additionally, this application features some exclusive extras that you won’t find elsewhere: rebuilding music libraries, fixing missing tags and covers for songs, rooting Android devices.

It’s easy to use

Wondershare TunesGo is an invaluable tool that allows users to bridge the divide between iTunes and Android devices. It lets users transfer music, files and media between platforms as well as delete duplicate ones if necessary. Furthermore, it makes organizing music libraries simpler with playlists for songs and albums of your choosing, import audiobooks and podcasts directly onto Android devices, as well as create playlists highlighting favorite albums and artists.

TunesGo offers another useful feature on iOS devices: fast and efficient backup of other types of data. It can export music, videos and files directly into iTunes folders or external drives – as well as contacts and SMS text messages exported in Vcard, CSV or Outlook Express formats – plus it boasts an inbuilt contacts editor which lets you make edits to individual contact info or search for duplicates.

This application offers an attractive design reminiscent of iTunes, and is compatible with iOS 5.1 and later. It supports various audio and video formats as well as detect when an unsupported format exists so it can convert the file to an Apple-optimized version that’s more likely to play back on an iDevice.

TunesGo is an official program developed by a respected tech company and can safely back up and restore content without compromise of security on iOS devices. Plus, it even repairs them!

To use TunesGo, connect your iDevice via USB and open its program window. In the left column of TunesGo’s program window, click either Music or Videos to select content you would like to copy; alternatively you can also choose specific files or albums for copying with custom backup paths available. When all is said and done, TunesGo will begin transferring items back onto PC/iTunes for you – once complete you’ll have access to them on all iDevices!

It’s free

Wondershare TunesGo is an iTunes alternative that offers greater flexibility when managing the contents of an iOS device. The program can transfer music, videos, photos, contacts and messages between your iPhone or iPad and computer or vice versa – also providing comprehensive backup solutions for all of your files.

This program boasts an intuitive interface, enabling users to connect devices quickly and manage data efficiently from a central hub. Utilizing it is much faster than iTunes; no long synchronization processes await your approval! Furthermore, the program supports various media formats and even converts them so as to match up perfectly with mobile device requirements.

This program can be used to easily download songs and playlists from popular online music and video websites like YouTube, Vevo, SoundCloud, MTV and Dailymotion. Furthermore, it offers high-quality audio recording capability as well as the creation of mobile phone ringtones. Furthermore, you can organize your music library by creating folders and subfolders and importing and exporting MP3 tracks as needed.

One handy feature of this application is its ability to identify duplicate files and delete them from your mobile device, saving space while helping you clean out your library. The app is intuitive for beginners and compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and iOS operating systems as well as iTunes 10.6 or later versions.

This free tool has been thoroughly evaluated by experts, making it safe to use. Additionally, it offers additional tools such as photo editing and message management; plus root Android devices to remove ads that come with certain apps on the device. Perfect for anyone wanting a straightforward mobile lifestyle management solution–an alternative to iTunes which may be confusing–this program can be downloaded directly from its official website for quick installation; once complete you can begin using its services immediately!

It’s safe

Wondershare TunesGo is an all-in-one solution designed to transfer music, videos, playlists, iTunes media files, photos and other contents between iOS devices and Android phones. Users can also manage music apps, photos and other contents all in one convenient location – free to download and use with no preinstalled applications or bloatware making installation or uninstallation simple and safe with support for many iOS functions.

Transfer songs between your computer and iPhone/iPad easily, building a new library while maintaining existing collections. Plus, this tool also serves as a backup solution, allowing you to backup files and restore them later when needed. With its user-friendly interface and ability to create playlists based on mood or genre preferences, this software makes music management simple!

Wondershare TunesGo is an incredibly safe and powerful tool for safely transferring photos, contacts and files between iOS devices. It enables you to create folders and albums as well as add photos directly into a gallery; transfer video/audio content between PCs/OS X/iOS devices; backup your phone at any time for later restore; as well as perform regular data backup/restore tasks for both devices simultaneously.

TunesGo can serve as an indispensable companion to iTunes, providing it with additional functions not available through its official counterpart. TunesGo can repair music tags, erase duplicate tracks, fix issues with iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices that iTunes cannot recognize, and repair other tasks not done by iTunes itself.

TunesGo is an effective and secure program used to transfer music between computers, iOS devices, and Android phones. With TunesGo you can transfer your favorite tracks quickly and effortlessly between all these platforms without losing quality or data – saving both time and effort in the process! Additionally, TunesGo makes managing your music library simple: backing up/restoring files; organizing playlists; as well as many other handy features which make life on mobile easier for you.

It’s fast

Wondershare TunesGo is an impressive program that makes it simple and secure to transfer and backup all the media files on an iOS or Android device to one central platform, create backup copies of photos automatically, convert new media files that you add into it directly onto an appropriate format for transfer, as well as delete duplicate music and video tracks to free up space on your computer.

TunesGo provides an intuitive user interface that enables you to view all the content on your devices from one window, with a search function to quickly find what you are searching for. In addition to media management features, TunesGo can backup other forms of data like contacts and SMS messages; quickly transfer music between computers; or backup and restore contacts and SMS messages on devices.

This program comes in many languages and supports numerous platforms – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android are among them – ideal for older computers and laptops that lack significant CPU or RAM resources. Furthermore, its top-notch performance without lag or slowdowns makes it highly compatible with an array of audio/video formats.

This software makes managing your mobile phone easy, enabling you to transfer songs and make iPhone ringtones with just a click. Furthermore, it features repair labels and deletion duplicate tracks capabilities; plus an option for backing up all iTunes libraries directly on PC if they become corrupted; its speed and reliability make it an excellent solution for users frustrated with iTunes’ synching restrictions; thus providing another great alternative when it comes to managing music and videos!

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