X Mouse Button Control

X Mouse Button Control is an application that enables you to utilize your mouse in more ways than its basic point and click functionality. You can create different profiles with customized button configurations for specific applications or games.

This free utility offers an expansive list of commands you can assign to mouse buttons, including classic copy-and-paste operations as well as more complex ones like split, merge and other more intricate processes. However, no tutorials or guidance for novice users exist within this software package.

Key Mapping

Most mice or Human Interface Devices (HIDs) come equipped with software from their manufacturer that enables users to remap button functions and settings. But what if you want to use your mouse in other programs beyond gaming with different settings for each program? X Mouse Button Control offers you that functionality.

XMBC is a freeware program that enables you to manage button and scroll wheel settings across a variety of programs. Furthermore, its context-dependent capabilities allow for changes to take effect instantly; so when mouse pointer passes over one application function can be assigned directly to another one without switching applications!

This program has a straightforward, basic user interface with few graphics or colors; yet, it’s simple and intuitive to navigate. Checkboxes, drop-down menus and other controls allow for customization of settings for each profile; while changing mouse pointer behavior such as left/right clicking or rotating wheel to any side is also supported by this software.

While the program’s vast list of actions to map to mouse buttons and scroll wheels can be extremely helpful, its extensive customization list may be overwhelming for newcomers to this kind of customization. Some functions rely on keyboard shortcuts which may not be allowed due to Blizzard games’ ability to automate sequences of keystrokes – it is therefore essential that research be conducted beforehand in order to know what can and cannot be rebounding key combinations.

Once you get used to using X Mouse Button Control, it can become an invaluable asset in making your computer more user-friendly and flexible. It can replace keyboard hot keys with mouse clicks, apply different functionality to specific windows or applications – such as YouTube videos – by remapping button functions so they continue playing when clicking middle mouse button rather than stopping at end of clip.


Though XMBC provides excellent utility, many modern mice now come equipped with built-in software that makes the experience simpler – for instance Razer’s gaming mouse software provides profiles and features similar to those found in XMBC; similar programs exist for Logitech hardware as well.

Acclimatizing to the simplistic interface of XMBC may take some time, but once familiar it’s relatively straightforward. With multiple checkboxes, drop-down menus, and other customization tools available you can tailor XMBC specifically to meet your needs.

One of the distinguishing features of XMBC is its support for layers. These sub-profiles allow you to tailor the mouse button’s behavior depending on its context; for instance, you could set one for when working in certain programs and another when browsing websites, with each profile featuring its own set of mapped keys and actions that activate when appropriate circumstances arise.

In addition to profiles, XMBC supports multiple mouse and keyboard shortcuts that enable quick switching between configurations without having to remap every button every time. Its system tray icon displays the current layer being activated; you can switch layers by clicking on its icon in your Windows desktop’s notification area.

Once you’ve found the settings that work for your setup, XMBC will save them as a profile so they can be applied whenever a specific set of mouse buttons is being used. This feature is especially handy if sharing your computer with others; this way, your customized settings won’t accidentally get altered by someone else!

Softonic offers the 4.0MB setup file to download for XMBC for free, which should install on any PC running Windows 2000 or later. Once it’s been installed, it will open your browser to a thank you page after completion; or alternatively you may download its source code in case you wish to continue developing the project yourself.

Mapping Commands

X-Mouse Button Control can create profiles to allow users to assign different functions for clicks of their mouse button clicks, making this ideal for gaming or anyone wanting to customize the functionality of their mouse buttons. Selecting one from the main window activates that configuration whenever your button is pressed within an application or window.

To add functions to buttons, just choose an action from the list and enter it in the text box that appears on screen. This process is very user-friendly as the program provides previews of each action so you can make the appropriate selection easily – this feature makes creating complex macros much simpler!

Another amazing aspect of this software is that you can set mouse scroll wheel commands. This feature is especially convenient if you use mice with scroll wheel buttons; up to nine different actions for the scroll wheel can be selected so you can create custom combinations of clicks and movements that carry out certain tasks efficiently.

Users can utilize X-Mouse Button Control to easily create application or window specific profiles, making X-Mouse Button Control particularly helpful when playing games that do not natively support extended 4th and 5th mouse buttons. You can also use the application to change mouse behavior when hovering over specific windows such as system tray or YouTube videos; and even simulate keyboard sequences using this application.

One drawback of the program is that it may take some time to navigate all of its customization options and find an optimal configuration, and more guidance would have been beneficial in this regard. Instead, users may seek assistance through its Wiki or Forum dedicated to it.

Overall, X-Mouse Button Control is an outstanding program that can improve the functionality of your mouse in many ways. Although initially it may seem intimidating to learn, the benefits far outweigh any initial difficulties.


X Mouse Button Control offers a number of settings that allow users to tweak the tool to fit their needs. Users can change what a button does when it’s clicked, whether or not it registers a double-click and more. The program also lets users create multiple profiles so that they can quickly switch between different button configurations when using a specific application.

The tool has a number of other features as well, including the ability to ignore rapid button clicks and the option to de-bounce, which allows users to configure the time that it takes for the button to register. This can be useful for older mice that may have a micro-switch that is prone to bouncing, or for gamers who want to have an extra level of precision when playing video games.

The program also allows for the option to rename mouse buttons or even change their function entirely. This is particularly useful for gaming mice, where the default binds can be cumbersome. The tool can even alter the scroll wheel so that it works differently depending on what application is being used.

Users can also change the speed at which a scroll wheel re-adjusts based on how quickly or slowly the mouse is being moved. This is an important setting for gamers, who can use the feature to make their games more responsive, but it can be a bit overwhelming for non-gamers, who might find it difficult to adjust to such a drastic change in scrolling behavior.

Unlike many other similar tools that are available, X Mouse Button Control is completely free and does not contain any spyware or malware. It also does not require installation and is designed to work with a wide variety of mice, including both wireless and gaming-grade models. It is also compatible with the latest versions of Windows. Compared to similar options like Tweak UI, XMBC does not have as many settings but is still a good choice for those looking to customize their mouse. A few drawbacks to note are the lack of support options for this software and the fact that the forums available for this tool are not very active.

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