X Mouse Button Control

X Mouse Button Control

X Mouse Button Control allows users to map keyboard keys or functions directly onto mouse buttons, as well as creating application-specific profiles to alter mouse behavior when working with specific applications.

This free program is ideal for gamers and others seeking to optimize their computer’s full potential, yet lacks tutorials and additional assistance for some users.

Keyboard Shortcuts

X Mouse Button Control is an advanced mouse customization tool that unlocks the full potential of multifunction mice equipped with multiple buttons and programmable scroll wheels. This free program enables users to bind mouse buttons for different tasks, redefining how they interact with the computer. Furthermore, context-sensitive functionality means a button’s behavior may change based on what window or application it’s being used within.

Users of XMBC can utilize its functionality for various functions, including copying text, launching programs and maximizing windows. Furthermore, the software allows users to assign shortcuts for certain keystrokes, create multiple profiles and even introduce fourth and fifth mouse buttons into video games that don’t natively support them. Furthermore, up to 10 different button configurations across “layers” can be set using either mouse buttons themselves or hotkeys; users have complete control of which configuration they switch using either directly the mouse buttons themselves or hotkeys!

This program boasts an easy-to-use and understand interface, making it suitable for most users. The main window shows all available mouse buttons with drop-down menus detailing what actions can be assigned to each one. A list of’mapping commands’ displays tasks currently assigned for up to nine mouse controls and allows users to select among these options; though certain features are only compatible with certain operating systems.

Software that automatically activates certain profiles when your mouse enters certain programs or windows can be an enormous time saver, yet some users may find its lack of an instructional guide limiting. Still, this program can make all the difference in providing a custom experience tailored specifically to each user.

Custom Mapping

While X Mouse Button Control can be an invaluable asset for users seeking to expand the functionality of their mouse, its complexity may prove intimidating for newcomers. There are over one hundred actions available which you can assign to any one or more mouse buttons or scroll wheels.

Some actions performed with X-Mouse Button Control include shifting or combining buttons; creating timed functions based on how long you press and hold down buttons; sending custom keystroke sequences; and even launching specific applications. But this is just scratching the surface! There is so much more X-Mouse Button Control can do for you!

The software also lets you easily create multiple profiles that you can switch between at any time; even creating profiles to customize how your mouse behaves within particular applications or windows can be done quickly using hotkeys.

Setup for this free tool is straightforward, although some knowledge of its many functions and button combinations will be necessary to maximize its benefits. There are various online resources such as Cannibal Haire’s YouTube video which may prove helpful; otherwise, X Mouse Button Control may provide more control of your mouse than most competitors; whether that means extra gaming advantages for gaming or simply greater freedom with computer mouse usage, this free tool could prove indispensable – for more information visit X Mouse Button Control official website!

Global Changes

X Mouse Button Control provides users with the power to customize the behavior of their mouse buttons and scroll wheel. Users can make global or program-specific changes that apply regardless of what application is running – this feature is particularly helpful for multimedia or gaming apps that use mouse functions differently when running, yet then return back to regular behavior upon closing them out.

The software also features various customization features, including changing cursor speed and mouse hook settings. Simply select an option, press your button/mouse key to activate it, and press again – making this program highly configurable and giving users more control of their computer!

Recent upgrades to XMBC have seen numerous upgrades and updates, such as adding de-bounce/throttling settings for tilt wheel, being able to change keyboard shortcuts that disable it, and providing an option to show or hide toolbar. Furthermore, support was added for Windows Vista sidebar as well as scrolling messages, making the program especially helpful on systems with higher-resolution displays.

Bug fixes included correcting issues whereby pressing the mouse button would prevent the application from showing the appropriate message when enabling or disabling simulated keyboard clicks, as well as issues wherein settings were lost after rebooting and could not be loaded after logging back in. In addition, this new version of XMBC now supports using “WAITMS:x>-y>” SimKey tags to create delays between repeated keystrokes – ideal for creating long sequences of simulated keystrokes.

Changing Profiles

X Mouse Button Control is an efficient button mapping tool with many applications. This freeware program allows users to create application and window-specific profiles to change the behavior of mouse buttons, scroll wheel buttons and keyboard shortcuts – using hotkeys or mouse buttons, they can activate these different settings when needed.

The program also offers various methods for sending keystrokes to specific buttons, including when the mouse button is pressed or released, when held down, cording (combining button presses to perform multiple commands), cording-in multiple commands at once) or cording out. Furthermore, X Mouse Button Control includes additional features which make it suitable for all levels of users.

One of the great features of X Mouse Button Control is its USB compatibility, enabling users to take their personalized set-up with them from computer to computer – an invaluable feature when sharing PCs among family or working in multi-user environments.

However, switching profiles in X Mouse Button Control may be time consuming if you have many. Learning its functions takes some getting used to, but overall X Mouse Button Control provides excellent mouse management options. Downloadable from Softonic’s page here (4.0MB install file size); once installed you can access it from your system tray.

Lack of Tutorials

X Mouse Button Control is an incredibly flexible program, enabling users to make full use of the functions available through mouse buttons while also expanding those functions to other parts of their mouse (such as scroll wheels). Unfortunately, however, its interface may be daunting to newcomers, as there are no tutorials or additional help provided for new users.

Although most users should be able to quickly understand the fundamentals of software quickly, any further assistance can be found through various resources like user guides or forums if needed. Although initially frustrating, most newcomers should eventually adapt.

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