X Mouse Button Control

X Mouse Button Control gives you the flexibility to quickly customize mouse buttons and scroll wheel for specific applications and windows, using up to five layers of button configurations activated via hotkeys or mouse buttons.

This freeware tool allows you to change nearly all aspects of your mouse, enabling you to perform various functions with one click. Furthermore, it can remap keyboard keys and simulate key combinations.


X Mouse Button Control is an innovative program that empowers users to reconfigure the mouse button settings. It comes packed with features designed to suit both casual and professional users alike; such as being able to map keystrokes and mouse buttons to different functions; creating program or window-specific profiles; saving and restoring desktop icon layouts, simulating keyboard input (including macros); as well as simulating keyboard input ( including macros).

User experience when using this program is generally straightforward as its interface clearly displays all functions that are available. Unfortunately, however, its minimalist approach to its interface may prove boring for some users; to access it simply right-click your system tray and select “Activate Layers.” Furthermore, users can create and install language packs which they can use to customize their interface further.

This program can be used to remap the default 4th and 5th mouse buttons as browser actions or keyboard commands such as back and forward, map functions to scroll wheel scrolling including copy and paste and set windows into order, lock workstation, capture the active window etc. Furthermore, numlock state can be ignored, debug logging enabled etc.

Highrez Mouse Manager is compatible with all kinds of mice, both wired and wireless, on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. No drivers need to be installed for it either; 32-bit and 64-bit support are both provided without additional costs or downloads required for configuration programs provided with some high-end mouse devices. Its developer, Highrez Software Company has been around since 2001 – giving this program credibility as an alternative option that’s free and uses minimal system resources.


X Mouse Button Control is an application that enables users to remap the buttons on their mouse in order to add extra functions and features. It is particularly helpful for gamers looking to customize and enhance their gaming experience, but business professionals and other users could also benefit from using it in their work processes.

With X Mouse Button Control, users can create multiple profiles which they can toggle between using mouse buttons or hotkeys. Each profile can have unique button configurations that are dependent on which application or window is currently open; plus this program even changes scroll and tilt wheel behavior for applications or windows that don’t handle these controls properly.

Users of X Mouse Button Control can adjust the number of times that any particular button is activated before it locks, as well as alter cursor speed and horizontal/vertical sensitivity settings. Furthermore, an overlay for chord/button held actions can be refreshed at regular intervals; furthermore the program can even simulate keystrokes for added efficiency and time savings.

Logitech and Razer mice are compatible with this program; however, some require special drivers in order to be recognized by Windows. If this is the case for you, try installing the XMBC dll which works on both 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms.

X Mouse Button Control is compatible with all editions of Windows — XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 — as well as supporting Microsoft H-device protocol, making it useful for people using multiple USB mice on different computers. However, please be aware that this version of the software has yet to be optimized for ARM processors.

XMBC can also be installed on several other operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X, and works with both wired and wireless mice – as well as video games that require specific mouse configurations. Furthermore, it can automate tasks such as opening/closing web pages and turning up/down volume when playing music.


Comparative to similar programs that provide similar features, X Mouse Button Control is relatively cheap and free for as many uses as necessary. This makes it an invaluable asset to those needing to customize their mouse buttons for specific uses.

Most often, many individuals find their computer mouse buttons challenging and difficult to operate easily and comfortably. Thanks to programs such as X Mouse Button Control, users can quickly and efficiently change various button functions so that they work best for them – this feature is especially helpful for individuals who do a lot of gaming or work on their computers in a tailored manner. Typically these types of programs require purchasing an expensive high-end mouse – however this won’t be the case with this program!


Your computer’s mouse is an indispensable tool that does much more than click and scroll. With the X-Mouse Button Control software, you can customize numerous aspects of it to better meet your needs and increase efficiency in work or gaming sessions. For instance, you can set up profiles called layers with specific sets of mouse button actions, change mouse sensitivity levels as necessary, simulate keystrokes, etc.

This program is free and available to Windows computers, making it simple and quick to download and use on all types of mice, from wireless and gaming models to those without wireless capabilities. Furthermore, most versions of Windows are supported and it’s an easy installation and use process; additionally you can even activate specific profiles via keyboard shortcut.

At first, X-Mouse Button Control may seem intimidating due to its complexity; however, the help file provides guidance on how to navigate and set up different profiles. Once familiar with its interface, however, you can use it to increase mouse efficiency in any program or game.

One of the wonderful aspects of this program is that it allows you to remap buttons on your mouse for actions such as launching programs, controlling volume levels and disabling screensavers – this feature is particularly helpful when playing games which require specific button configurations. Furthermore, X-Mouse Button Control also lets you create custom mouse cursors which can be displayed in games or applications.

Use X-Mouse Button Control’s macro feature to automate complex tasks and save time during daily activities by creating action sequences that run automatically when certain conditions are met, such as time elapsed or cursor position change. Automating complex tasks allows you to save both time and effort.

If you want to download X-Mouse Button Control, start by visiting its official website. There you’ll find links to various download sites where the latest version can be obtained; additionally there is support for multiple languages and you may even contribute your own translations! Alternatively, there may be other similar software such as KeyTweak or Mouse Jiggler available that allow for button remapping such as KeyTweak or Mouse Jiggler that may provide alternative solutions.

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