X Mouse Button Control

X Mouse Button Control is an application that enables you to alter how your mouse behaves, including making global or application-specific adjustments when needed. It offers global settings as well as application-specific changes that only activate when that program is active.

Button chording allows users to send custom keystrokes when buttons are clicked, as well as supporting features specific to particular versions of Windows like Flip 3D in Vista or ModernUI/Metro in Windows 8. It even can support features unique to certain operating systems, like Flip 3D in Vista and ModernUI/Metro in Windows 8.

It allows you to remap your mouse buttons

X Mouse Button Control is a free program that enables you to remap your mouse buttons and scroll wheel for different purposes than their default functions. Depending on your needs, this may mean opening and closing browser tabs, switching applications, simulating keystrokes or simulating keystrokes – increasing productivity by performing common tasks with just a press of one button.

This program also features several advanced features, such as global hotkeys and button chording. These advanced features allow you to execute complex commands with just a single mouse click – especially helpful if using a gaming mouse with multiple buttons and features. Furthermore, the program makes backup and restore of mouse profiles easy, making transferring them to another computer or recovering them after reinstalling Windows easier than ever before.

XMBC stands out by offering application-specific mouse profiles. This enables you to assign different settings for different software applications and ensure that the mouse works optimally in every situation. Furthermore, up to five layers with distinct mouse configurations can be quickly toggled with hotkeys or mouse buttons; furthermore it’s also possible to create context-dependent profiles which change functionality depending on which window or application it’s in – such as changing scroll wheel functionality when in media player windows or system trays.

XMBC provides an impressive variety of configuration options, but the interface may be challenging for novices to comprehend fully. Experienced users may benefit from trial-and-error to make the most out of this tool. While XMBC can be beneficial in various situations, users should keep in mind that not all mice provide equal functionality – for example some may contain extra buttons or features not supported by the program; and mapping buttons that do not correspond with real mouse buttons would likely prove futile.

It allows you to make profiles

X Mouse Button Control is an outstanding tool for PC users looking to tailor their mouse button functionality. With global hotkeys and application-specific mouse button configuration options, as well as backup/restore of settings capabilities allowing you to transfer or recover them after reinstalling Windows, this software is reliable for most users. Plus it is regularly updated and compatible with various mouse models; making this software reliable choice.

X Mouse Button Control makes creating multiple profiles for every application, window, or game simple. You can assign custom functions to mouse buttons – such as copy text quickly – or change what double-clicking does. Or even create profiles where certain mouse buttons open specific folders or launch specific applications – automating repetitive tasks while decreasing keyboard shortcut use can improve productivity significantly.

Razer and Corsair gaming mice offer built-in button customization programs; however, they may be limited in options or may not provide all the functionality you require. XMBC provides a free alternative that gives more power and functionality – ideal for users who require their mouse for work as well as gaming purposes simultaneously.

At first, the XMBC user interface may seem daunting; but once you become acquainted with it, it becomes simple and user-friendly. Furthermore, its extensive user manual will teach you all of its shortcuts and options; making this an invaluable resource for families or groups sharing computers together.

XMBC is available for free download on any Windows computer and runs with minimal RAM usage – perfect for those with limited resources. Unfortunately, however, this program does not include password protection or auto save settings upon browser or application close-off.

It allows you to map keys and functions

X-Mouse Button Control offers more than the ability to remap mouse buttons; it also features keyboard shortcuts that mimic keystrokes, global hotkeys for activating actions or commands, macro creation features, and macro editing features to enhance workflow efficiency and increase productivity when working with programs that require different mouse button configurations. These features make life much simpler!

One of the most useful features is creating application or window-specific profiles, which activate automatically when you move the mouse pointer over certain windows, apps or games. This makes switching profiles quick and effortless by eliminating manual activation via hotkeys or mouse buttons.

As soon as you start the program, a text box will pop-up with instructions on how to add custom keys and functions. Typing in a command and hitting enter will do it; depending on its function it could shift or combine mouse buttons, send custom keyboard shortcuts or key sequences, launch applications or simply shift. There are approximately 100 actions you can assign per mouse button.

Navigating software may take some time, as it is full of options and menus. But the user-friendly interface makes navigation simple, while all functions are clearly explained. Furthermore, free updates by its developer ensure it will function properly on your computer.

As an advanced user, you have the capability of customizing the mouse buttons beyond just clicking or double-clicking. They can be set up to launch programs, muffle sound and turn off screensavers with just one button press. Furthermore, your scroll wheel settings may also be changed for optimal use.

X-Mouse Button Control is a comprehensive mouse customization tool, enabling you to do almost anything you can imagine with your keyboard and mouse. It boasts an extensive list of customizable functions and mouse buttons, and works seamlessly with various types and models of mice; even those not compatible with supporting 4th/5th mouse buttons!

It allows you to change the behavior of your mouse

X Mouse Button Control gives you the power to modify your mouse’s behavior by adding custom keys and functions to its buttons. This enables you to add functionality that would otherwise be unavailable, such as mapping mouse clicks to keyboard shortcuts or trigger commands, or personalizing its button functions for specific applications or windows – something especially helpful for games that do not natively support mouse buttons or have limited buttons available.

The software can be configured to work with any type of mouse, including gaming mice and wired computers. As well as remapping mouse buttons, it can also be used to create global hotkeys which trigger specific actions – for instance changing scroll speed or triggering macros – or save and restore mouse profiles so your settings can easily move from computer to computer.

Users can create application-specific profiles for their favorite software programs, enabling games and desktop applications to use mouse buttons differently and increasing overall productivity. Another helpful feature is being able to add delays between mouse button clicks – perfect for gaming or automating repetitive tasks.

This freeware program can be easily installed in just a few steps, its small installation file requiring minimal space on your hard drive. Once it’s up and running, click its icon to launch it; from then onward, it’ll run every time your PC reboots itself!

X-Mouse Button Control is designed for advanced users who wish to expand the capabilities of their mouse beyond simply clicking and pointing. It offers many features and can be daunting for newcomers unfamiliar with all its options, though most find this tool straightforward with practice and instruction from online resources regarding different functions and their respective buttons. However, because no tutorials or additional help are provided with this tool itself, newcomers may require searching online for more information regarding each function’s corresponding button(s).

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