X VPN Review


X VPN offers a user-friendly client for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, with terminal command line support for Linux terminal command lines and router coverage for everything else. It can run simultaneously on up to five devices at the same time; once that limit has been reached you must change your password and log out from all other accounts before continuing using X VPN.


X VPN promises to keep your personal information private and safe by offering bank-grade encryption of 256 bits, plus an auto kill switch feature which automatically cuts off internet connectivity if the VPN service becomes inoperable for any reason. Furthermore, no browsing histories or traffic data is collected or tracked and compatible devices such as computers, smartphones and Smart TVs as well as various payment options including cryptocurrency payments are supported.

XVPN does a fine job at protecting your data, yet could be more transparent about its protocols. It makes a point of advertising its nine different security protocols but fails to explain their differences or describe each individually – instead simply referring to them as “Protocol A,” “Protocol B,” etc – making it harder to gauge whether this service truly offers high levels of security.

Another issue is XVPN’s servers located in countries which do not respect copyrights, which can become an issue when downloading games, movies or other content which infringes on someone’s intellectual property rights. We tested this by connecting to one of their Frankfurt servers and downloading torrents – unfortunately the speeds we experienced were very slow.

The company does not provide much detail regarding their privacy policies, such as its FAQ page which addresses commonly asked questions; however, most articles written are written in broken English and few are actually recommended for streaming or torrenting purposes. Furthermore, none of their servers or protocols were specifically mentioned as suitable options so customers must experiment to find the optimal one for themselves.

Finally, this service does not offer free trials for PC or mobile apps but does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, they do record your email address, registration information, subscription status as well as your device type, network type and iOS and Android Ad ID numbers on mobile devices.


X VPN does provide decent speeds, though they cannot compete with premium providers. With an expansive server network and successful unblocking streaming services, they also do well at unblocking streaming services. Unfortunately, its security credentials remain dubious – its encryption protocols remain unknown, they log an excessive amount of data, and have connections to China – which calls into question their validity as an encrypted VPN provider.

X VPN stands apart from its competition by not imposing bandwidth limitations and disabling internet interfaces automatically when VPN connection drops, protecting both data usage and your privacy.

X VPN’s bank-grade multilayered encryption technology and selection of eight security tunnels further helps protect users’ privacy by bypassing firewalls and filters both at work and abroad.

The X VPN app is easy to set up on a variety of devices, from Windows, Mac, and Android phones to Linux terminal command line terminals and browser extensions for Chrome browsers. Plus it features an auto-connect feature to automatically connect you to a server in your best location as well as kill switch protection and no logging policies for added peace of mind.

However, X VPN does not support torrenting which is an essential aspect for some users. As a result, you won’t be able to download copyrighted games, movies and music using its free version; additionally it limits you to 500MB per month with no option for customization and does not permit changing any settings; for this reason you may wish to purchase an upgraded subscription via Github to overcome these restrictions.

X VPN offers a selection of payment methods, from major credit and debit cards to cryptocurrency payments for added anonymity. Furthermore, an extensive help center with guides to set up and troubleshoot their service as well as live chat Monday-Friday is also provided; however we noticed that responses often appeared like they were translated through Google, making them difficult to comprehend.


X VPN’s easy mobile app enables you to easily connect to servers with one tap. Its comprehensive list of servers by country and city makes it easier to locate ones compatible with streaming platforms; gaming servers; video streaming; as well as gaming and video streaming servers can all be found here. In addition to its comprehensive Settings page, which features your preferred protocol selections as well as creating exclusion lists of apps you do not wish to use while connected via X VPN are also provided here.

X VPN’s app is free to download, yet requires a subscription for full functionality. Unfortunately, its website doesn’t mention any money-back guarantees; however, they collect email addresses, phone numbers, registration data, device type/os information as well as connection timestamps/error reports/useage in the past month – along with your personal data such as emails/phone numbers/registration etc.

X VPN boasts many features that make it an attractive choice for anyone searching for a fast and secure connection. Its servers are spread worldwide to provide lightning-fast connectivity; data encryption protects privacy; dedicated streaming server dedicated servers provide unrestricted streaming access while eleven protocols optimize speed optimization – perfect for anonymous web browsing!


X VPN provides several pricing plans. Their free plan offers limited data usage while their paid plans provide unlimited bandwidth and other features. In addition, there is a 7-day money back guarantee and multiple payment methods including credit/debit card payment methods or cryptocurrency.

X VPN also offers a robust affiliate program that enables users to earn commissions by referring new members to its service. With comprehensive instructions and tools at their disposal, this affiliate program makes promoting it simple but ethical – complying with any laws as you promote it or face legal consequences.

X VPN’s expansive server network makes maximizing your Internet experience a breeze, offering servers in over 50 countries at generally outstanding speeds. Furthermore, this service works across numerous devices: desktop clients for iOS, Windows and macOS are supported while there’s also an Android and iOS mobile app as well as reliable customer support that’s always helpful and prompt in response.

X-VPN’s pricing structure is highly attractive. Its rates are lower than many other VPN services and they don’t impose any bandwidth limitations with their premium package. Plus, their free version for mobile devices offers the opportunity to experience this service before making a commitment.

X-VPN stands out from other VPNs with its wide variety of platforms and strong encryption, in addition to having a kill switch that disables Internet interfaces when your VPN connection drops. Furthermore, its large number of locations and P2P support make X-VPN an attractive option; but keep in mind that not all VPNs provide equal features or levels of security – especially if you need something that can bypass censorship or unblock content.

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